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Gold I ADC "Marksman" F/A

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Trashed On



I am a Gold I ADC, been playing for 2 years almost. Yes only being Gold I after two years is pretty bad, but I didn't start taking this game seriously till season 3. Although I am ready to take it to a new level of seriousness, I want a team that has regular practices and possibly tournaments. I mainly play Vayne, Trist. My play style is a farm till late game, but I will take any opportunity to kill their bot lane. I can make friends with most people, but if you aren't serious please don't even bother putting me on the team. I play everyday, most of the day. I live in EST available 5:00-10:00 P.M. will probably be on later than that, but not always. Add me in game if you are interested in having a new ADC added to your team.