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[Discuss] Shen and Rylais

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after merc treads / omen / FoN, its all pretty situational.
generally, my build:

ruby crystal
HoG and boots, first back (850ish gold)
if heavy ad team, chainmail, if heavy ap, negatron cloak
the other one you didnt get
Finish the item you got first (warden mail/fon)
buy giant belt
finish the other one
finish omen

really, depending on the situation, mallet and rylais are both acceptable choices past the core trio (merc/fon/omen). I prefer rylais personally.

If they are really heavy ad or ap, get thornmail or BV/qss/something mr, foregoing the fom/omen in that case


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well now i've tried your item combo a couple times, for some reason i always do much better when i start with a frozen mallet, then make a warmogs, then depending on the situation a thornmail, or something with a good armor rating, or i've even found that something with some extra ability points for my vorpal blade and feint works well if my team has been up on kills.

maybe i just need more experience with your item build to get the hang of it, but usually with the above build i can get a +5 or higher k/d, usually closer to +10.

i should add that i'm not 30 yet, and have absolutely no runes, and have been using all my masteries in defense so far (although i occasionally do a game with utility spec, and that usually works fine too), so that might be the reason my experiences have been different than what you're saying.