I play almost nothing but Lucian. Let me help you build him right.

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A Mana Potion

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With the itemization changes, a lot of this information is outdated. Read Crimsoncore's Lolking guide and the last 20ish pages of the thread for the most current information. Coles notes version though:

CORE: BF sword rush into LW/GB, then finish IE and BoTRK. 5th slot defense item or either PD for sustained auto attack dps, or BC for ability damage and burst. Replace boots with Zephyr if you got a PD.

If ahead, finish GB before LW. Finish BoTRK before IE against a super tanky team.

Final Builds: (remember BF sword is rushed but not completed until after the GB/LW).

1) GB/LW/IE/BoTRK/PD (replace boots with zephyr or Trinity)
2) GB/LW/IE/BoTRK/BC (dont replace boots, not enough MS).
3) GB/LW/IE/BoTRK + Defense Item (dont replace boots)

Typical Build Order:

1-2 doran blades --> BF sword --> Brutalizer + vamp --> LW ---> GB --> IE ---> BotRK ---> PD/BC/Defense.

Vary your build order based on the game. GB can be rushed after a BF sword if ahead, BoTRK before IE against a heavy tanky team, if you know your getting a PD then you can grab an earlier zeal and sit on it etc. Lucian is very adaptable, abuse that.


I have been playing a hell of a lot of Lucian since his release, obsessively so, Diamond ranked or otherwise. I have experimented with just about every damn item on him with varying success, and I figured I would impart some of that knowledge to Lucian lovers and newcomers to the champ alike.

Let me just preface that Lucian is NOT your standard ADC, and playing him as such with the same build you would on the others will merely gimp you in the long run. Think Ezreal and the discovery of his "blue" build. Hardly standard, but fit him and his playstyle well....too ****ing well. Lucian is kind of similar in that regard, building the standard is sub-optimal. Lucian mixes the playstyle between Graves and Ezreal, throwing down heavy burst where appropriate, whilst weaving around the battlefield like a mini artillery gun, dipping in and out with skillfull use of his rotations and passive proccing on vulnerable targets, and a well timed ult (changes depending on engagement circumstances) to augment him from a safe distance. A well played Lucian will rarely sit in auto attack range and fire away for more then a second at a time, unless you have no cooldowns up and it is safe to do so. So, knowing that, what stats does Lucian need to do his job and excel?

Stats Lucian Loves (Tiered for relative order of important in most games):

1) Raw AD
2) Penetration
3) Attack Speed
4) Movement Speed/Cooldown Reduction
5) Crit Chance/Lifesteal

1) Raw AD: He is a burst caster, like graves. Straight AD greatly boosts his Q, which scales very hard, along with his passive, W, and Ult. You will be using every part of his kit in all fights at all stages of the game, your first priority should be building a strong damage item so they matter.

2) Penetration: Again, not only is he a burst caster, but without penetration, nothing you do will touch anything remotely tanky come mid game fights when the bruiser has left his 20 minute island, along with their tanky jungler who somehow matched your teammates solo lane cs and up 5 kills. Both of them will want your nuts, and, like any good lucian, you will be casting and weaving autos inbetween casts, but if you have no penetration, neither your spells nor autos will hurt enough to discourage them, and they will bend you over and have their way with you, without fail.

3) Attack Speed: Your abilities have cooldowns, and if you aren't helping anyone attacking like you took lessons from karthus. Not only that, your ult scales well with it, and to ignore it will hamper your ult to near useless levels. While attack speed is not your primary focus, you still need to get it in convenient places wherever you can.

4) Movement Speed/Cooldown Reduction: If Lucian relies on kiting and weaving autos inbetween abilities, this should be a no brainer. Movement speed makes it easier to kite and stick to targets, especially since your Q and W have cast animations, keep up or stay away from targets whilst ulting, and get your abilities off CD faster, which means more dashes and more passive enhanced autos.

5) Crit Chance/Lifesteal: You need them, and every build should have some of each, but neither are your main focus. Lucian Spends the majority of his time casting with passive enhanced autos inbetween, with a 3 second channeled ultimate. Unlike most ADC's whom come mid-late game straight up auto to the exclusion of most of their abilities, Lucian is casting very frequently, and crit chance/lifesteal gives no benefit to anything save his passive. So no, you should not build a 90% crit chance Lucian, nor more than one lifesteal item.

Another very important aspect of item building is maximizing your power at every stage of the game. Item choice, timing of item purchases, feasability, and attention to game flow, your ADC playstyle and enemy composition is crucial for building optimally.

So without further ado, I give you Lucians Core Build, and build possibilities beyond it.


1) Doran x 1 or 2 (depends on laning situation)
2) T1 Boots
3) BF Sword
4) Beserkers Greaves OR Bloodthirster (Depends on situation)
5) Whichever you didn't finish last time
6) Brutalizer
7) Black Cleaver
8) Ghostblade
9) Last Whisper
10) Zephyr
11) Replace Boots with BoTRK/Second Zephyr/Trinity

Your first 3 completed items should be BT, Black Cleaver and Ghostblade, followed by Last Whisper shortly after. If you need a defensive item, grab it instead of a BoTRK, giving you BT/BC/GB/LW/Defensive item/Zephyr

I bet your wondering...omg, where is his Trinity Force? Wtf Ghostblade? Why Zephyr so soon? BoTRK? Well, allow me to enlighten you.


This is a BAD rush item on Lucian, bad bad bad. Building it piecemeal weakens your lane trading, offers zero sustain, is incredibly expensive, and does not offer enough even when completed for early engagements to warrant it. It might have a lot of stats lucian likes, but not enough in the right areas at the right time of the game. Not only that, but it does little to augments anything beyond his passive. All his abilities will be weaker...yet you need his abilities to proc the passive that you bought the trinity force for in the first place, see the problem? Not only that, but lucian will miss trinity procs due to the nature of his kit, especially early-mid game without any added CDR. He is actually a lot like graves early game with regard to cooldowns, and if you dont rush a trinity on graves, why the heck would you on Lucian?

A Lucian that rushes Bloodthirster will have more sustain, especially with his passive double dipping. His passive will be enhanced by Raw AD EVERY auto after a cast, last hitting is easier, you trade better, push better, kill better, your spells all hit harder (and you have to cast them anyway so its a win win) and your ult even rank one will do an almost noticeable amount of damage. You will also do more damage in early skirmishes, and you will do all that for a LOT cheaper. In short, if BT isnt your first major purchase, you are gimping yourself.

WTF Ghostblade?

Think about it for a second. It gives 30 AD, a whopping 20 flat penetration, 15% crit chance, and 10% cooldown reduction. To top it off, you get an active thats up for every engagement, giving a 40% attack speed boost and 20% movement speed boost. Do you know what that is perfect for? Your ultimate. Pop it anytime you would cast it, and watch as you gun down fleeing targets or pelt ones chasing you, and they cant catch up because your base speed is 30% faster for the duration. Plus, if you pop it before you ult, your ult gets the benefit of the 40% AS boost, adding extra bolts (and thus extra damage tacked on more quickly), with each shot getting that 20 armor pen, and BT enhanced damage. It is always up when your ult is up, and is THE perfect steriod for using it. If your ult is somehow down while your ghostblade is up, well, the active is still very, very nice.

Also....its cheap, easy to finish, and gives you what you need when you need it.


Why? Because by your third item brusiers will be showing their faces, armor items will be bought, and you need to be able to start shredding them ASAP. Your ult will do damage to them once you have it, and squishies will begin melting (and i do mean melting) with proper aim.


Unless you absolutely need your defensive item now, or the quicksilver active, zephyr is a fantastic next buy. It gives 25 AD, 50% attackspeed, 10% movement speed and 10% cooldown reduction. It also gives tenacity, which honestly, for someone like Lucian who relies on kiting, can be a lifesaver. It again, isn't too expensive, and truly makes your kiting and ult a force to be reckoned with. Plus your spells are up more often, which means more dashes and more auto weaving.


If you don't need a defensive item, replace your boots with BoTRK. Why? Because it out-damages Infinity Edge with this build, big thanks to Crimsoncore for the math on this one, who would have thought.

Essentially, once you have BT/BC/GB/LW, your build decisions will boil down to whether or not you need a defensive item at all, and if you do, how long you can hold off on it.

Need Defensive item? Y/N

If Yes, and Need it now? : BT/BC/GB/LW/Defense/Zephyr
If Yes, but not immediately: BT/BC/GB/LW/Zephyr/Defense
If No: BT/BC/GB/LW/Zephyr/BotRK

Again, thanks to Crimsoncore for the math, especially behind BC v LW first, and the math behind how good BoTRK is as a final item (but horrible to rush)

***Here is an Interesting TidBit***
Riot Disabled Sword of the Divine's active for Lucian's ult (the ONLY ability in the game coded in this manner) to prevent abuse cases. With Ghostblade you gain almost half that for 4 seconds (instead of only 3, more leeway with how fast you activate your ult), along with 20% movement speeds, with NO downsides when it is on CD. Think about that for a minute


1) Rush BT, Not Trinity
2) Brutalizer --> BC --> Ghostblade --> LW rounds out your core
3) Zephyr/BoTRK/Defensive item for your last 2 slots.
4) Stop rushing trinity force
5) Utilize Lucian's whole kit with proper itemization, maximize his potential with a better build.
6) I play Lucian nonstop
7) I hope you learned something
8) Lucian is not weak, Lucians ult only sucks at rank 1 with no items. It is a late game monster.
9) Check out Crimsoncore's Guide, as well as his posts, it has all the math you need to back our findings up


Feel free to ask questions or discuss, or add me in game to chat/play!!

Adding all Lucian Lovers, free of charge!


2/23/2014: Ghostblade used for the first time on Lucian in LCS play today by Imaqtpie (BT -> GB). Stomped hard, is this the beginning?

3/07/2014: Ghostblade built again by Imaqtpie in LCS Coast vs. Dig! Ghostblade Lucian finally seeing competitive play

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Brent Rambo II

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Where's your IE

Man, you guys must really hate IE

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Looks good. Seen more of Lucian lately, now that people have stopped trying to rush Static Shiv on him.

Disagree about that ult though. Never seen it for any good use. Easy for a tank to block, and being one-direction Lucian has to blow flash every time someone moves slightly out of range. Even if it did damage, it's still one of his major flaws.

EDIT: Ouch, downvotes. Must be those terribad Lucians that now realize the siliness in rushing static shivv.

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Originally Posted by Brent Rambo II View Post
Where's your IE
Originally Posted by Brent Rambo II View Post
Where's your IE
Usually never have a chance to build it the majority of games. If I were to build it at all, it would be in Lieu of a defensive item. Most games end by the BT, GhostBlade LW core. Lucian Does not benefit from being a straight auto crit attacker like most ADC's, because he is constantly casting, he generally has time for one auto between casts, and each cast, pauses him with animations, not to mention his ult being a 3 second channel. He is one of the few or only where IE is niether core nor priority 90% of the time.

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In terms of the zerk greaves before BT, is that before even components?
Just asking because while I agree with BT and zerk being high priority, I'd been building D.Blade -> BT (if not BT then Vamp + basic boots) -> Vamp+boots/BT whichever you didn't get -> BT -> zerk.

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Well I rushed BT on him back when everyone was rushing bork. Your build seems reasonable. I've built triforce and it hasn't done much for me.

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Baron Perenolde

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I've been liking rushing BT into Trinity Force, followed by Last Whisper. It's worked for me so far, but is Trinity Force really that bad of a purchase on Lucian? It just gives so many stats he finds useful.

I'm not downplaying your build; I'm just a bit skeptical on the Ghostblade rush.

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The McSmashy

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Generally I go BT, TF, LW on Lucian and it works great. I agree that TF first is terrible, but TF second seems to work really well. The Sheen procs are nice, especially because by the time you've finished your TF you've got your Q maxed and your E halfway there at least, meaning you've got plenty of abilities on the short cooldowns needed for it. Secondly, 200 mana is HUGE on Lucian, he has a pretty small mana pool for his ability costs, I've had supports engage on enemies seeing I'm at over half mana, except my max mana is only 400ish and my Q costs 110.

TF first is a trap, TF second is amazing.

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Nah man you can only build the one ADC build Adcs have, cuz ADC builds.

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I wouldn't go and say Trinity Force is bad, just circumstantial. It's loaded with a plethora of stats and effects that he likes, however they aren't priority to his scaling.

Though I've never considered Ghostblade on him. I'll start trying it, thanks for the tip.