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What items would you guys like to see? (With Rules)

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EDIT: 12-21-2010, not so you'd really notice it

Well, I had a long-winded post a few days ago that failed to stimulate a single reply's worth of conversation, so I won't assume my ideas are supercool. I also find that most of my ideas stem from a necessity in the item catalog itself rather than filling a champion-based void.

A recurring trend of mine is that I find it vexing when a non-legendary item, especially one that costs <1,000g, builds only into one other item. In turn, I have specific aims for the 5g/10 items and Emblem of Valor.

1.) Frozen Heart (remake)

* Heart of Gold only builds into one item, Randuin's Omen
* 2 Cloth Armors + Glacial Shroud is a bulky recipe, much like the old Zhonya's Ring recipe of 3x Blasting Wand.

Heart of Gold + Glacial Shroud + 550g (3,100g)
225 health
450 mana
77 armor
UP: 25% CDR
UP: Reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%.

Through this remake, HoG now has two build paths and the recipe for Frozen Heart is now only two items. It also opens up the possibility of mana-starved tanks leading with HoG + Catalyst instead of reflexively rushing a RoA/Randuin's.

In addition, magic-leaning tanks with longer cooldowns such as Cho'Gath, Singed, Amumu, and Alistar make better use of the large boosts to mana and CDR, hopefully making this an appealing choice vs. Randuin's Omen.

In addition, reducing the armor on Frozen Heart from 99 to 77 establishes Thornmail as the absolute +armor item.

2.) Essence of Life

Spirit Visage is too good on non-mana champs with innate healthregen, such as Garne, Vladimir, and Dr. Mundo
Philosopher's Stone builds into one other item
Chalice of Harmony builds into zero other items (!)

Philosopher's Stone + Chalice of Harmony + 550g (2,240g)
35 Magic Resistance
25 healthregen/5
20 manaregen/5
UP: 1% increased healthregen per 1% health missing
UP: 1% increased manaregen per 1% mana missing

This is my favorite item because lore-wise, when I had thought of "mixing the Philosopher's Stone into a Chalice of Harmony causes a reaction that creates the Essence of Life," well, it felt right. Clearly, to prevent the regen-tank metagame from running amok, this item wouldn't be able to coexist with Spirit Visage. That said, I would rather see this item in the game over Spirit Visage.

It's not going to make your heals stronger, but it lets you heal people besides yourself more often.
It's not going to save you from being focused down by a group, but if you're fleeing at low health this might prevent a death.

3.) Executioner's Calling

Executioner's Calling...no one is using it right now, ever. I believe the active component deters usage since it requires too much concentration/aiming in combat. A passive based off critical hits would be weaker (since you can't create it at-will) yet easier to manage while making the resulting synergy appealing in its own right.


Executioner's Calling (remake)
Brawler's Gloves + Vampiric Scepter + 600g (1,500g)
+18% Critical Strike
+15% Lifesteal
UNIQUE Passive: On hit, you cause 4 damage per second for 8 seconds.
UNIQUE Passive: On critical hit, inflicts target with Grievous Wound, causing 50% reduced healing for 8 seconds.

I wanted an item that serves as a counter to heal-heavy teams. With this item, a successful critical hit in combat punishes a reflexive heal(s), thanks to the Grievous Wound. There wasn't much reason to change the numbers of anything else as the passive it what enables the most reaction, both in-game and during patch discussions - at one point in the past wasn't EC a gigantic shutdown on healing in general?

EDIT: Removed Xypherous's Xiphos, but still demand royalties if that item name ever goes live.
4.) Spellthief's Switchblade


Kage's Pick builds into only one item
Haunting Guise builds into only one item
AP-based melee champs only have Lich Bane to promote attacking

Kage's Lucky Pick + Haunting Guise + 550g (2,800g)
250 health
50 AP
UP: 25 Magic Penetration
UA: Your mark an enemy champion with a Spellthief's Mark, which drains 20% of that enemy's Ability Power and adds it to your own for eight seconds. 60-second cooldown.

Allows magically-inclined attackers to punish enemy champions wantonly stacking AP. Draining AP only inhibits offensive output from a single enemy champion so I don't find 20% to be fantastically OP at face-value. Would be immediately useful on Vladimir.
Added: Can we get a list of hybrid champions? I'm not too familiar with said list offhand, but in some cases (Katarina, Akali) all of their output is magical, so they don't really need both kinds of magic penetration.

5.) Phantom Dancer (remake)

3-to-1 recipe
Lack of unique effect at high price-point

Avarice Blade + Zeal + 550g (2,495g)
+35% Attack Speed
+25% Critical Strike
+15% Movement Speed
UP: ?????

Phantom Dancer is the least-revered upgrade of the TriForce items because it doesn't have a unique benefit that other champions can utilize. E.g., any champ with tons of AP will want a Lich Bane; any attack-happy champ that with unreliable CC wants a Frozen Mallet. The problem here is I can't discern a useful, offensive unique passive that meshes with the stat boosts - I had 15% Double-Strike but I forgot Yi has an animation for that; I can't rationally expect Riot to program the same animations for 65+ champions.

6.) Stark's Fervor

Emblem of Valor builds into one item
Healthregen is a defensive stat on an otherwise offensive item

Vampiric Scepter + Recurve Bow + 750g (2,150g)
20% Attack Speed:
20% Attack Speed
20% Lifesteal
Reduces the Armor of nearby enemy champions by 20.

Emblem of Valor removed from the game.

I never understood the presence of an Healthregen aura on such an offensively-minded item Remaking it with Vampiric Scepter/Recurve Bow allows us to shunt the low-synergy healthregen aura from both Emblem (now-removed) as well as Stark's.

7.) Wit's End

Stinger only builds into one item
Wit's End is untouched at high levels of play

Stinger + Null-Magic Mantle + 690g (2,150g)
40% Attack Speed
12% CDR
30 Magic Resistance
Unique Passive: Physical attacks remove up to 42 mana from the target and deal additional damage equal to the amount of mana removed.

Who can use this: AS-based champions looking for some overall utility besides raw attack speed.
Nashor's Tooth + this Wit's End = 37% CDR
A bit of parallel structure, as Bloodrazors are AS/Armor while this is AS/MR
Although the stats are approximately the same, the manaburn/AS synergy is evident. Part of me thinks Wit's End is underrated like Atma's Impaler, in that their uniques are amazingly cost-effective while not being absolute game-changers.

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Many people are arguing that tanks lack proper itemization against heavy magic damage. In the early game this obviously isnt true. You got the Spirit Visage, the Aegis of the Legion, and buying indegredients (Negatron cloak, HP items) that will reciped later is perfectly fine. In fact, there should NOT be more effective items that counter mages early on.

However, in the late game (not every game of course, i mean those games that you play against noticable magical damage only), this IS a problem. Many casters can reach very high AP values, and deal tons of magic damage due to low cooldowns or high ratios. Also, with "Archaic Knowledge" mastery and the Voidstaff, they shred through more than half your magic resistance anyway.

The most effective Solution still is to stack Negatrons and Health, but that feels really unsatisfying because a 740 Gold item is not what you want to have in your inventory late game. Also, at this point, you dont want to farm a Warmogs fed, you want your damage dealers to get the creeps, and you will follow their steps to keep them alive.

You can of course upgrade the Negatrons (48 MR, 740 gold). Lets see how that works out:

-Force of Nature gives you an additional 28 MR for 1870 Gold. While the the movement speed is always welcome, it is so underwhelming for those who seek MR and dont want to invest 1500 Gold into HP regenration.

-Banshee Veil gives you an additional 2 (two) MR for 1975. At least the flat health supports your aim, but as a tank you dont need the spellshield. Overall nice item, but still not really doing what we wish to do (and CAN up to the point where our inventory is full of Negatrons, a Giant Belt and Boots).

-Abyssal Scepter gives you an additional 22 MR for 1910 Gold. This is not a real tank item in the first place but rather a hybrid one, but for this purpose it is still doing great compared to the other options if you can use its other stats at least a little bit (Hi Garen..). That alone should show the lack of an item filling this role.

Additionally, none of these items is worth stacking as they all got uniques.

So the item that League of Legends is currently missing should do well against late game casters while not beeing too effective beeing rushed, causing imbalance due to totally faceraping casters.

Champions: All Tanks.


-Negatron Cloak (740 Gold)
-Ruby Crystal (475 Gold)
-Recipe Cost (1600 Gold)

Total Cost: 2815


+50 MR
+300 Health
Unique Passive 1: Increases your magic resistance by 20% (similar to Zhonyas Ring effect)
Unique Passive 2: Whenever you receive magic damage from an enemy champion, that champion is silenced for 0,5 sec. This ability has a 4 sec cooldown (for each enemy Champion individually) (will talk about this at the end)


This item is effective against heavy magic damage dealing teams, but is not worth until in the late game. This is because its recipe cost is very high, and is therefore difficult to get rushed. It also offers a percentage bonus to your MR, meaning it also gets more effective when purchased late.

It is perfectly viable vs. extreme team compositions (or extreme differences in the individual enemy player performance) that result in tons of magic damage. It is weak against physical carries, which typically become stronger late game. These points result in this item beeing a counter to one-sided damage.

Some words to the Unique Passive 2: I felt like this item should have a high combine cost to not get rushed easily, but at the same time the the combined item should justify the combine cost, so this got added. It is a strong ability vs. caster and especially AoE stacking teams (which all deal magical damage except maybe sivir). which is another problem, and i felt it would be a nice chance to fill that role too. Im not a design expert, but i think that it could be possible to solve both these problems in this item, although i want to emphasize on the problem i wrote about in the beginning.

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Issue 1: Characters who use both AP and AD are limited in late game itemization and tend to have to pick between the best items in both categories. They struggle in particular to get penetration.

Jester's Capp - The Brutalizer + Haunting Guise + 478g (3300g)

250 HP
30 AD
40 AP
UNIQUE Passive: 15% CDR. +20 ArPen. +20 MPen. Your basic attacks and spell damage deal an additional 5% true damage, based on how much damage they dealt.

Yes, the title's a pun on JesterCapp. Not sure where I got this idea. Anyway, the stats don't actually look all that high on the item, but it would actually greatly increase your damage due to the passive that basically gives him a half-strength Corki passive, lots of CDR, and lots of penetration. The true damage can be mitigated through resists, because, unlike Corki's passive, it calculates off how much damage you did rather than how much damage you would have done had there been no resists.

Issue 2: There are lots of mid tier items that seem to exist only to build into another level above them.

For this, I'm going to remake an item:

Tiamat (remake) - Pickaxe + Pickaxe + 400g (2350g)

50 AD
UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks split upon striking, dealing 75% damage to their original target and 50% damage to the next closest enemy within 450 range. If the attack does not bounce, it deals 100% damage to its target.

I hated the regen tacked onto Tiamat. It never made it appealing at all. Hard to make the AoE useful without making it OP. I'm not so sure it's a good idea to have an item that actively gimps your single target DPS without having anything to do about it... perhaps it should be an active, or even a toggle? Might also be OP as a range extender.

My item idea, then:

Ebonmaw's Wing - Stinger + Tiamat + 200g (3690g)

40% ASPD
50 AD
UNIQUE Passive: 10% CDR. Your basic attacks split upon striking, dealing 80% damage to their original target and 60% to the next closest enemy within 450 range. If the attack does not bounce, it deals 100% damage to its target.

This item is weird. It might be OP, it might not be. It's very expensive so it might be hard to justify slotting this in at any point. I think the effect itself is very strong - a potential 40% DPS boost, albeit unfocused. Could also be very powerful with abilities that apply on-hit effects. Same issues with Tiamat on splitting and range.

There is another issue - you're paying a premium that might not have any effect a lot of the time. This really doesn't feel good. There is a balance issue - I believe the premium is more than worth the cost when you can use it, but when you can't... it probably feels bad to have the item. The original Tiamat suffers from this problem. Any ideas?

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1) You explicitly define what problem/hole in itemization that you see in our game, or explicitly list a few champions that will *most* synergize with it.

End game casters have a very difficult time to penetrate through health of an equal-gold amount of Magic Resist with the items in place right now. Magic Penetration is not rampant and they need more items to customize from IMO.

2) You list everything about the item: Stats, Gold Cost, Recipe, etc.

Recipe :

Needlessly large rod x2
Mana Crystal x1

Gold = 3600
160 AP
200 mana

The end result of the item would look like something around this :

Staff of the Primogen

Gold : 4200
160 AP
50-80 Raw Magic Armor Penetration
Reduced cooldowns by 10-15 %
10-15 Mana regen per 5 seconds

The reason i listed ranges on some stats is because in terms of balance, I'm not sure which numbers would fit it well, but you get the idea... =]

3) You explain why the item solves the problem that you defined in #1.

For example (Not that I would actually put this item in game):

The problem is unless casters in general get fed early game, they will be trailing in damage moreso against very tanky characters versus their melee damage counterpart. I'm quite unsure the item will solve the problem alone but it will be a start to actually aim for something potent endgame considering Zhonya's is VERY good but is quite a bit less expensive than Infinity Edge for the ultimate '' AP Damage '' item and does not really help go through these tanky characters that much.
Giving additional cooldown to me was necessary and that is why I added a Mana crystal to the recipe. We all know one of the big problem with casters end game is their cooldowns.

Since boosting AP numbers is IMO not the solution and giving insane Magic Penetration early game not viable either, I think this could help considering the cost of the item will not permit anyone to rush this and be able to be a one man army, beign a very glassy AP nuker.

It's not awesome, but it would fill all sorts of purposes.

Thanks for reading

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I think a Haunting Guise/NLR based High AP/Mpen/CDR item would be desirable. This would support basically every caster with more high-end itemization.

Haunting Guise(1485g) + Needlessly Large Rod(1600g) + 415gold=
Terror Mask (3500g)
200 HP
100 AP
Unique Passive:
30 Magic Pen
15% CDR

The item would give casters 3 damage increasing stats along with a tiny bit of survivability. Also provides a high-end magic pen and cdr item for all casters. The stat efficiency isn't high at all considering all the inherent synergy in the item comparable to that of an IE.

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1) there is no tanking option to get cdr+magic resist. Right now we have randuins and frozen heart for cdr+armor but nothing for mr, hoenstly there arent very many (banshees and FoN) real tank items for MR

currently there are many counters for tanks vs melee, Frozen heart and randuins slow thir auto attacks and provide armor/health this would give tanks an option to protect their team vs casters, the cooldown reduction is very important to have on high cd tanks,

2) (insert name here)
Kindlegem+ null magic mantle+ Negatron Cloak+700g (2690 total)
70 MR
300 Hp
+20% CdR
Unique active; single target 3 second 400hp magic shield. (60s cd)

3) it obviously has the CdR and the Mr that the tank is looking for and it helps him protect his team with the small shield for whoever needs it. Previously if you wanted good cdr on a tank item you would have to build a frozen heart or just the shroud neither of which would help you at all vs a caster heavy team, also usually tanks would have no way to protect their squishy allies from mages, in the similiar manner that randuins and frozen heart help against dps this would help vs casters.

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1) there is no tanking option to get cdr+magic resist.

did you forget about spirit visage? It's not a LOT of magic resist, but it's a fair bit, a decent amount of CDR and a generous portion of health as well as a health regen boosting passive.

It's not perfect for everyone, but it's there.

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I feel that Magic Resistance items for tanks is good, but not great, and magic resist itemization for supports is pretty limited:

Banshee's Veil is great, almost too much so, but if you need more magic resistance a second one is a poor choice due to the UNIQUE nature of the passive (that you paid a decent premium for).

Force of Nature is also a great item, but doesn't really shine unless you have already purchased some health to get value out of the passive.

Guardian Angel feels good... late enough in the game after you are already tanky enough to feel threatening before and after you get up.

Aegis is... Aegis; great item, but if someone on your team already has one it is not very cost effective for you.

Spirit Visage is fantastic on either heal-oriented teams or on a champion that has decent self-heals, but doesn't really shine outside of those stipulations.

Quicksilver Sash has an extremely powerful active, but feels too niche. I originally thought about making a build up for this, but then I remembered how annoying the prevalence of Old Cleanse was, and I suppressed the thought.

Shedding Poncho: Null-Magic Mantle (400 gold) + (425 gold) = 825 gold

  • + 30 Magic Resistance
  • UNIQUE Passive: Reduces the duration of movement inhibiting effects by 10%.
  • UNIQUE Active: Removes all non-Crowd Control debuffs from your character. 150 second cooldown.

Paletot of Molting: Shedding Poncho (825 gold) + Philosopher's Stone (800 gold) + Ruby Crystal (475 gold) + 310 gold = 2410 gold
  • + 200 Health
  • + 42 Magic Resistance
  • + 25 Health regen per 5 seconds
  • + 10 Mana regen per 5 seconds
  • UNIQUE Passive: Reduces ability cooldowns by 10% and reduces the duration of movement inhibiting effects by 20%.
  • UNIQUE Active: Removes all non-Crowd Control debuffs from your character. 150 second cooldown.

Another magic resist and health item choice would feel really good for champions like Malphite or Galio. I'm aware that this item still has a "mana downside" for manaless champions like Garen, Mordekaiser, or Shen, but at max you are only paying for +10 mana regen per 5 seconds... hardly a waste of money.

Tanks and support already have broad cool down reduction itemization, but I feel that it should still be prevalent enough so that they nearly always hit 40%. Having little damage (though most tanks have decent damage) with large cool downs feels awful.

The first item would create a possible counter to low-level kill combos, if you feel that you need to start countering on item one, against people that rely on damage-over-time or healing debuffs. (Mordekaiser/Malzahar/Swain/Ignite/etc)

Not that I would like to see heal-comps spring back up, but it feels like Healing Debuffs counter Healing far too potently. This would at least allow you to combat the debuff itself if you chose to counter their counter.

And lastly, I like Philospher's Stone for laning on tanks, and although Shurelya's Reverie is a good item...build up choices are never a bad thing.

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Problem :
- Quicksilver Sash is a dead-end item
- Mercury Tread is the only viable option to counter cc and became a need rather than a choice
- Lack of Magic resist items with life for tanks
- Lack of End Magic Resist items for tanks without mana (losing mana stat from banshee veil)
- Lack of Support items


Froh's White Mantle

Recipe (total 3210 gold) :
Quicksilver Sash (1440 gold +48 Magic Resistance. Active : Removes all debuffs from your character. 105 second cooldown.) + Kindlegem (900 gold 200 Health. UNIQUE Passive: Reduces ability cooldowns by 10%.) + 640 gold.

Stats :
+48 Magic Resistance
+210 Health
UNIQUE Passive : Reduce ability cooldown by 12%
UNIQUE Passive : Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes by 25%.
UNIQUE Passive : Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes of nearby allies by 15%.
Active : Removes all debuffs from your characters (105 Seconds Cooldown)

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did you forget about spirit visage? It's not a LOT of magic resist, but it's a fair bit, a decent amount of CDR and a generous portion of health as well as a health regen boosting passive.

It's not perfect for everyone, but it's there.

its not really enough to be considered a tanking item imo, its more of a tanky dps item, pure tanks very rarely actually heal therefore the 20% bonus is wasted and the stats are rather underwhelming from a tanking point of view

although true that it does have some (if little) cdr+mr its just not defensive enough nor does it benefit your team as a whole