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What items would you guys like to see? (With Rules)

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I was wondering what if there was some item that could allow the champion to not lose stacks when they die:

Elixir of preservation
Causes the champion to not lose any stacks upon death
-Lasts like any other elixir(4 minutes) or when the player dies.
-Costs 350g
-Could be a yellow potion with a yellow aura

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So is riot still reading this thread or not? If not, mabey its time to close it.

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The tenacity items outside of merctreds need small unique actives the.

Spell blade could help multi target damage
Dagger can help single target damage
Miricle can be team support

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I seemed to notice a lack of mana-regen items for AD champs. Outside of Tiamat (which I never see used) and Manamune (which is only really used on AD champs who spam a lot of spells [I can think of Ezreal among the more prominent ones]) There aren't really any options for AD champs to have mana sustain. The main option if you were desperate would be Nashor's Tooth but if you don't really need the AP and/or aren't an attack speed based AD champ (like Talon) then you can't really use that either.

I thought a good idea would be to have an item that has mana steal similar to lifesteal only that you gain mana instead of health. If it's damage, rather than auto attack based like Kassadins W, proc'd it would help champs who either auto attack for damage or use AD burst.

Champions I could see it helping would be burst champs like Talon

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Problem : There isn't a good solution for boots in the end game, where if the match goes on for more than 40-50min. boots are the cheapest item u have by far.
Solution :

I like the idea you have here although I think it needs to be tweaked. Spell vamp instead of CD reduction would be nice on boots. Upgraded boots just seem like a great way to go.

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Problem: Lack of Early game items, particularly defensive items.
Solution: More Doran's Items

Cost: 475 G

Doran's Cape
+20 Magic Resistance
+100 Health
+8 Health Regeneration

Doran's Amulet
+20 Magic Resistance
+100 Health
+5 Mana Regeneration

Doran's Crown
+3 Gold per 5 Seconds
+100 Health
+ 5 Mana Regen

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I Want to see No more life steal item and the item whit it must be unique
or no more life steal at all
trynda whit no life steal = good
trynda whit life steal = op
My opinion sorry
(and thx you have nerf phantom, and some life steal item but it stack so it not ok) (speel vamp got onli 2 item onw for mage and one not good for full mage. and they are unique) (i never see a mage whit too much speel vamp)
life steal too op.
thx for patching life steal riot (it better then dodge whit onli ninja tabi)

to remplace it put a mana drain item

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Something that evolves from Malady.

At present, Malady isn't even really a situational item that you pick up when you need MR Pen/shred, because mages get MR Pen from a (slightly ridiculous) number of sources (Boots and Voidstaff are usually enough to deal with what MR there is, except for super MR heavy champs, who're sacrificing their tankiness vs AD for it, and then it's the ADC's job to deal with them).

I would suggest adding an item that does the following (Layout shamelessly ripped from the OP).

Problem: The "Malady" item is a mid game item that does not fare well going into lategame, and is thus never really bothered with. It's use is extremely niche, as Attack Speed + Ability Power isn't used often (though Warwick and Teemo use it to decent effect)

Plague (better name needed):
Malady + Blasting Rod + 500 G (this comes out to 3185 GP, but numbers could be tweaked around.)

+70 ability power
+50% attack speed
Unique Passive: Your basic attacks deal 25(+0.25 AP) bonus magic damage and reduce magic resistance by 6 for 8 seconds (maximum 4 stacks).

Explanation: This item now scales into late game, and is a better option for mages, as it gives more AP (a whopping 91 AP after death cap) while also giving their basic abilities some bite (and not in the way that lichbane does). The AP scaling might need to be tweaked slightly (possibly down to 0.2)

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I Think this would be a great idea

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I was wondering if you'd seen either of these threads, and your thoughts on them?

There's been a ton of threads and talk about itemization going into S3.
People say we need better CDR options.
People say we need better items for Assassins.
People say we need better gp5/Support item options.
People say we need a jungle overhaul.

Let's look at what we HAVE right now:

Items you can buy with starting gold:
  • Faerie Charm
  • Rejuvenation Bead
  • Cloth Armor
  • Boots
  • Meki Pendant
  • Brawler's Gloves
  • Null-Magic Mantle
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Long Sword
  • Dagger
  • Amplifying Tome
  • Regrowth Pendant
  • Vampiric Scepter
  • Doran's Blade
  • Doran's Ring
  • Doran's Shield
  • Ruby Crystal
Only the bolded 3 items are really bought as first items outside specific champs. There are mainly 3 reasons for this:
  1. They leave money left over for pots/wards
  2. They offer more early game survivability/sustain
  3. They build into items we will be getting very soon into the game.

I think this list should be evaluated based on these 3 factors and expanded/changed/revamped in some way. There are many cheap items, but only 3 viable first items. That's sad.

Secondly, gp10 items:
  • Avarice Blade (750gp)
  • Kage's Lucky Pick (765gp)
  • Philospher's Stone (800gp)
  • Heart of Gold (825gp)
These are mainly used on support characters and other characters with unsteady, unreliable or underwhelming farm income. (Junglers)
Of these Philo stone and Heart of Gold are mainly seen. This is not surprising. Again, both items provide early game sustain/survivability. To be useful they need to be fairly inexpensive, as gp10 items take some time to really 'kick in' (20+ minutes). Also, these 2 items build INTO items useful on support characters.

Kage's is often built on mids and sometimes on support that benefit from AP, but this is mainly because it build INTO very good items later and why not start with it to reap a little extra gp10?

Avarice blade? Almost never. It provides no benefit to your early farming, as the crit chance it provides is minimal, and unreliable, and as most early game harass is skill-based, doesn't help that either. Also, it only builds into 1 item, Youmuu's, which on most characters who's build it, they'd rather get brutalizer and just farm for money.

We REALLY need Riot to refocus on WHO is building these items and WHY.
They should remain cheap, or possibly even get cheaper. Maybe there should be additional options. Like perhaps a more mana-heavy version of Philo stone. And gp10 items should ALSO focus on building into items that would be appropriate on a support character (or MAYBE a jungler).

Next, CDR:

It's easy to sort these items into categories. CDR items for Fighters, Mages & Supports. ADCs don't get any.

Frozen Heart (Glacial Shroud)
Lord Van Damm's Pillager
Randuin's Omen
Spirit Visage
Stinger (maybe?)
Brutalizer (Youmuu's)

Athene's (Chalice)
Elixir of Brilliance
Mejai's (LOL)
Morello's (Fiendish)

Shurelya's Reverie
Soul Shroud
Zeke's Herald

Ionian Boots
Nashor's Tooth

Figthters have many more options than mages here, and non-mana-using/needing mages have NO options. (outside of Elixir) This may be by design, but seems unusual. Also, many of the options listed have clear drawbacks, such as usual recipes, high prices, or unfocused stats.

Take Randiun's or Zeke's for example. Randuin's provides only minor CDR, is reasonably expensive, yet build from a gp10 item? Perhaps the gp10 is to offset it's cost for junglers? It seems unusual that a support would take this item. Zeke's provides tank and CDR and a useful aura, which seems great for a support...but the stats (atk speed & lifesteal) don't benefit almost any support very much, though at least it's fairly inexpensive.

Going to Nashor's tooth, we see an item that at first glance looks great; it has huge CDR, decent AP and mana regen, and awesome AS buff. It's an item that seems to synergize well with hybrids, which are lacking itemization...but it conflicts with itself. Most skill spammers will like the CDR/AP/Mana, but most AA characters will want the AS. Finding a character that benefits well from all parts of Nashor's without favoring another item over it is tough, and sadly Stinger, which is a GREAT advanced item, builds into no other legendary items (PLEASE?).

CDR items should be more focused towards the champions that use them. Van Damm's Pillager is a step in the right direction, imo. CDR should benefit skill spammers the most, though not all of these are mana-users. So there should be a variety of mana and no-mana CDR items that work for either AP or AD champs, as well as ones focused for low-income supports and junglers.

One final note to rule them all:

Personally I think all basic items should build into at least 2 clearly different options (that work for the types of characters that would buy that basic item), unless there is some specific reason otherwise. (Doran's)

I think all advanced items should build into at least 2 clearly different options (that work for the types of characters that would buy that advanced item), unless there is some specific reason otherwise. Good reasons not to would be for items that are a trade off - a more powerful early/mid-game item that has no follow-up. There aren't really any of these in the game at the moment that I can think of. The stackables SOMEWHAT fall into this category, but that's a different trade-off (trading kill-based leveling for upgrading through shop), and they're basically troll items anyway. (Which I don't know why you'd include in a game you don't want ppl trolling in...)

Tenacity items also fall into the 'no follow-up' category, but these are mostly wretched items no one buys. One of the only reason merc treads are so popular is because who in their right mind would handicap themselves with a mediocre advanced item that can't be upgraded when I can just get that stat on my boots? In short - make better tenacity itemization and it'll open up more boots options...or just give all Teir 2 boots tencity and get rid of the **** tenacity items.

And finally, any legendary item should clearly fit the itemization needs of the sorts of characters who would buy the constituent advanced and basic items. There's nothing so silly as going "I'd really like to buy item A, but it only builds into item B, which is worthless to me." Very sad.

Tiamat has a few really awesome things going for it!
  1. It gives non-AoE abiities and AA's AoE (Nasus Q clears entire minion clumps in one hit!)
  2. It stacks!
  3. It gives the most AD per GP of any item (50AD for ~2k gp? AWESOME!)
  4. It gives a little sustain on top of all this.

Yet, Tiamat is still considered a non-viable troll item for several reasons:
  1. It's sustain is only really enough to be good in the very early game...when other items take precedence over it in build
  2. It's AoE is TINY (185 diameter, meaning ~92.5 range from initial target)
  3. If you build it too early you'll 'incidentally' push your lane, leading to much lulz for the enemy jungler
  4. It doesn't build into anything for late game.

The core of my idea for Tiamat is this: Who would WANT to build Tiamat if it was 'fixed'?
  1. Single-target junglers looking for clear-speed sustain for early game
  2. ADCs/Bruisers with no AoE looking to push hard mid-game
  3. ADCs/Bruisers looking for extra AD/AoE for teamfights mid/late game.

Why doesn't this work out?
For 1: Junglers need a good item with strong stats for the early game that they can quickly build, like Wriggles. Ideally something that helps sustain and jungle clear. This seems like what Tiamat can already do...but it's 470gp more than wriggles for less sustain and marginally better/worse clear enhancement depending on the jungler. It gives more AD, again, but no armor. Also, none of its components are a good 1st item for a jungler.

For 2: At 2k gp it seems like it meets a good price point for a 2nd or 3rd item to help your champ push lanes when towers start falling and people start roaming...but again, a BF sword for ~400gp less gives almost as much AD and builds into items that a worthwhile later. Sure the AoE will help you push faster, but it's a dead-end! Also, it's sustain stats are now far outstripped by anything you could be building now (vamp scepter?)

For 3: For team fights the AoE is too small, and again, it doesn't build INTO anything. It's a 2k gp sink that is marginally useful in team fights, provides PITIFUL sustain, and ties up a slot as you then can't build anything with it!

  1. Change Tiamat's recipe to bring it's gp cost down slightly, and make one of the base items something most junglers will want (cloth armor would be ideal). A price point closer to Wriggle's would be most competitive.
  2. Slightly re-stat it to make it more viable for situations 1&2 as described above.
  3. Add something for Tiamat to build INTO late game that provides larger AoE and some slightly better stats. The upgrade should be fairly pricey to deter it from becoming a core item on any ADC.

Since boots3 and cloth5 are basically the only Jungle starts, perhaps something like:

Tiamat - 1900 (190)
Cloth Armor (300)
Pickaxe (975)
Regrowth Pendant (435)

+35 Attack Damage
+20 Armor
+20 Health Regen
Passive: Your basic attacks splash, dealing 50% physical damage around the target (35% for ranged attacks). (Splash would still be around the same: 185 diameter, 92.5 radius)

This still come in 300g more than Wriggle's but it also provides a good item for junglers that can/want to start regrowth. But it provides an option with significantly more AD for junglers that want one. Then to ensure it remains viable late game for those other situations...and if you're playing an AD-minded jungler, for you too:

Dragon Axe - 4050 (500)
(it's a name I thought up in like 5 seconds...blergh)
Tiamat (1900)
B. F. Sword (1650)

+90 Attack Damage
+30 Armor
+30 Health Regen
Passive: Your basic attacks splash in a larger radius, dealing 50% physical damage around the target (35% for ranged attacks). (Splash would still be a larger radius, possibly up to 400 diameter, 200 radius. I don't know how this compares to other AoEs. It would need to be somewhere between Tiamat's normal radius and the smaller spell-AoE size.)