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What items would you guys like to see? (With Rules)

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Systems Designer


I'm curious as to what items would you guys like to see in game?

Let's lay some ground rules first. I'm not going to respond to your post unless it meets the following criterion:

1) You explicitly define what problem/hole in itemization that you see in our game, or explicitly list a few champions that will *most* synergize with it.

2) You list everything about the item: Stats, Gold Cost, Recipe, etc.

3) You explain why the item solves the problem that you defined in #1.7

For example (Not that I would actually put this item in game):

Problem: AoE CC-chains are too powerful in our game.

Spirit of Freedom:

Null Magic Mantle + 700 G

50 MR

Unique Passive: Each time you are stunned, feared, taunted, silenced or rooted, you apply a debuff on your attacker. This effect causes your attacker to deal 5% less damage for 8s. This stacks up to 10 times.

Explanation: If your entire team gets this, AoE CC's will cause the ones who used their AoE CC's to deal highly reduced damage for the remainder of the fight. So they get to choose whether to do high damage or AoE CC your team.


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Problem: Criticals hit too hard, once a ranged carry gets IE it's pretty much GG.

Negation of Power:
Heart of Gold + Thornmail + 650g

95 Armor, 250 HP
Unique Passive: Reduces damage of critical strikes. ( From 200% > 150% ) Only effective against ranged projectiles.

Explanation: Basically reduces, but does not completely remove, the effetivness of rushing Infinity Edge on ranged carries. I made it only against ranged because this item would be far too much of a hard counter against Melee DPS (namely Tryn and Yi)

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Senior Member


Problem: Spell vamp/survival does not exist, and caster DPS are begging for an item like this, especially casters that focus on spamming spells, Ryze and Cassiopeia come to mind immediately

Lachesis' Rule
Hextech Revolver + Chainmail + 700 G = total 2600 gold.

60 Armor
60 Ap
15% Spell Vamp
Unique Passive: On spell cast, gain 5% spell vamp. Lasts 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Explanation: The mages that desperately need survival like this are close in, high spell casting mages like Ryze and Cassiopeia, higher spell vamp numbers are needed to make it relevant, while the armor protects them from being melted by traditional DPS, while leaving them vulnerable to the burst and disables that should effectively kill them. (Tweaked numbers a bit to make this item more appealing for spellspammers)

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Senior Member


itemization hole:

hybrids are unable to build or capitalize off critical strike, as well as mages lacking a third multiplier for pure damage mages

Needlessly Large Rod(1600g)
+Cloak of agility(880g)
+Combination cost(450g)
=Warlock's Monocle(2930g)
This lens worn by a powerful warlock has powerful magnifying qualities, both for its users eyesight and their magic.
+80 Ability power, +20% critical chance,
UNIQUE passive: Increases all magic damage dealt by half of your critical chance percent.

the item provides a hybrid route to more champions by opening more options, making critical strike a stat that scales both sources of damage
inspired by the oracles cloak tried out a while back, this takes the idea, reduces its effectiveness and removes the random factor
it also provides further scaling for pure damage mages and opens a few item routes for them

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Senior Member


If you don't want to read, skip to "Items to fix"

My take on a problem I have with casters
I personally feel, especially given the current tanky meta game, that mages are in a very difficult spot; especially late game. The main problem I have with them is that a mage needs to have an insane amount of gold over the course of the game to stack the very large AP items. There two reasons for this:

1) Many skills do not scale that great with AP on certain mages (around 0.5 - 0.7 AP ratio)
2) Stacking MR is fairly simple to do. Given the tanky meta, having 80-100 MR is very feasible.

However, in general, this AP is hard to get because mages are squishy (by design of course) and in general have little defense, except possibly health from a rylais, RoA or Haunting Guise. Having so little defense they are generally reasonably easy to shut down (or easier than other characters). This is, again, by design as they generally have such massive damage.

This is the catch 22, given the current tanky meta, mages don't really have that much damage to write home about unless they have laned perfectly, got early kills and never died. IMO there is very little room for error with a mage, one mistake can affect you more than other classes.

Items to fix
This plan would be a new item which will build into another item.

Item 1: Enchanted Mantle
Cost: 435 gold
Stats: 30 Armor


Item 2: Cloak of the Wizard
Recipe: Enchanted Mantle, Blasting Wand, Amplifying Tomb, 1000 gold (total is 2730)
Grants: 45 Armor, 70 AP

This would allow a mage, should they choose, to start with a bit more physical defense early on with the Enchanted Mantle. Considering how important AP is, for dedicated casters armor is usually somewhat of a luxury. This however, would allow for a reasonable amount of armor with a reasonable amount of AP. Note this grants no health or other bonuses.

The idea is it should, in theory, make their laning phase stronger with armor and allow them to hopefully farm up their much needed gold easier.

Champion Examples
On champions like fiddlesticks, this would allow his ultimate to see somewhat more use as the physical carries would have a more difficult time bursting him down. Note that should fiddles still ult into a team alone, 45 armor is not going to save him from the insane burst he will receive and will still melt.

Nunu is another champion. Due to his tanky nature (he's even labeled with tank) would help him fill that role while still giving his spells some kick.

Possible problem champions
The first to come to mind, and I'm sure you all thought of this, is Cho'Gath. Cho doesn't have HP problems, giving him AP and a good amount of Armor in one go seems to be just too much for him in particular.

That's my lot for this, I hope people can offer constructive criticism.

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Senior Member


I am way too tired to spell my thoughts on this subject out coherently yet, but this is a fantastic thread. Thanks Xypherous, I heartily approve that you're soliciting input and the manner in which you're going about it.

I'll throw an item up tomorrow when I've had time to think about it. Definitely keeping an eye on this.

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Senior Member


Problem: Not enough cheap magic resist and health item

Heart of Silver
Ruby Crystal + Null Magic Mantle + 200g
5 gold per 10 second

Explanation: It is counter part of Heart of Gold to create high tier HP/MR item


Problem: Not enough late-game magic resist and health item

Morello's Hood
Heart of Silver + Spirit Visage + 800g
UNIQUE: Cooldowns are reduced by 18% and increases healing and regeneration on yourself by 20%.
UNIQUE Active: Creates shield, reducing incoming magic damage by 20% for 2 second + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic Resist. 60 second cooldown.

Explanation: It is counter part of Randuin's Omen

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This isn't a new item, so much as a graphic issue. If Last Whisper is now made out of a Pickaxe and a Long Sword, and doesn't give attack speed like a Recurve Bow, why is it still a glowy bow?

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Senior Member


This isn't a new item, so much as a graphic issue. If Last Whisper is now made out of a Pickaxe and a Long Sword, and doesn't give attack speed like a Recurve Bow, why is it still a glowy bow?

I believe they're putting in a new icon next patch

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Awesome idea. As for my suggestion, I think weird hybridization items would be a good place to start. Some more niche items like Hextech Gunblade.

Like the suggested Crit Strike AP (none exists) and Armor AP item (since there is only an Armor Mana item right now).

Next would be items that exist, but only fill a role with a certain type of Champion. Like another Move speed AP (since Lich only really works well with spammy casters who also use basic attacks).

I'd also suggest that every item that builds into something, build into at least 1 other thing. For example, Stinger should build into Malady. I mean they both require 2 attack speed blades, why not have one build into the other since Stinger only currently builds into Nashor's Tooth?

Also, another CC reduction or AoE nuke reduction item would be nice. And maybe a sustained caster DPS item that could help cut through tanks. Something like Deathfire that isn't so much up front damage, but better the longer the fight goes on. Giving casters a fighting chance against a lot of tanky Champs.

And finally, I'd suggest an item that has the name 'Stexe' in it. =)