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Lulu and Nocturne's Terror

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Yada yada yada? What is this, Seinfeld?
Haha shu-up :3

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Lulu and Nocturne's Terror
Chapter 8
The Greed of Goodies

Lulu was sound asleep, the sun began to rise high in the sky. As she awoke, she stared at not-so-random tree, remembering how Pix used to sit on its branches. He was still gone and every minute that he was not by her side, she couldn't stop the occasional tear from falling.
The sun glowed as bright as a star birth. Lulu took one last stretch and slowly made her way to Teemo's house. He noticed Lulu happily skipping her approach, as he gazed out of his kitchen window, also in deep thought.

"Its like Pix never went away....." Teemo said in a soft voice, trailing off.

"What'd u say Teemo?" Asked Tristana. She was standing near him at the stove, baking pancakes.

"Oh nothing. It's just, how Lulu can still remain as happy as ever, even though Pix is go-"

Teemo's door popped open as the happy Yordle skipped right into the kitchen.

"Hi guys!" Lulu said with a smile on her face.

"Hey Lulu. How are you?" The Swift Scout asked.

"Pretty good" Lulu replied.

"You want some pancakes, Lulu?"

"Love one!"

Lulu snatched the pancake, and almost swallowed it whole, not even bothering with syrup.

"Haha. Hungry Lulu?" Asked Tristana with a grin on her face.

Lulu giggled and spoke to Teemo.

"Teemo, I have to ask: How on Earth are we gonna get to the Void? All you said is we'd ask a scientist for help."

"Exactly. We ask Heimerdinger for help. I'm sure he has one or two thingies in his lab to help us out." Said Teemo.

"Could Heim build something, like a portal to the Void, and not tell anyone? It would be the discovery of the century!" Remarked Tristana.

"C'mon Trist, you KNOW why Heim has never told us anything. He's one of those Yordles that just keeps creating and creating" Boasted Teemo.

"Hmm.....I know, but still"

"But wait, Heim lives in Piltover correct? How are we going to get there? Asked the Sorceress.

"Way ahead of you! The balloon is already up and running. All we need to do is hop in and we're off. Simple as that. Answered Teemo.

"Teemo, do you even know if Heim has one of those things? Even if he ever created one, I'd bet hes already blown it up." Tristana argued.


Teemo was speechless. He'd thought of everything for the the trip; Food, Water, ect. Though he never thought to confirm existence of a portal device. It's not like this realm has invented the phone yet, so communication was nil. Without hesitation, Teemo began to lie.

"Of course! I visited Piltover a few weeks ago on my way to the Kumungo Jungle. Heim showed me his inventions and how they worked. Teemo lied.

"Okay, so we're ready to go then right?" Asked Lulu.

"Looks like it. You ready Teemo?"


"Then lets head out!" Tristana said, smile on her face.

Lulu wrapped up the uneaten pancakes and stashed em in her pack. Tristana could make a mean pancake!

The trio walked out to Teemo's backyard, and Lulu had one last glance towards the Glade. Teemo and Tristana climbed into the balloon. Feeling a bit more hungry, Lulu ripped off a little piece of her pancakes and munched thoughtfully.

"Lulu? You coming?" Asked the curious Teemo.

"Hmm? Oh! Coming" Replied Lulu.

Lulu hopped into the balloon as Teemo reached for the release cord, a familiar voice shouted from afar.


"Huh?" Tristana asked.

"Soraka!" Lulu said, hopping out of the balloon.

"Hi Lulu" Said the happy Soraka.

"I just wanted to wish you luck on your trip. And take these in case you get hungry or need something sweet. But keep them to yourself!"

Soraka handed Lulu a big bag of baked Muffins, Cupcakes and other Pastries.

"Cupcakes! My favorite!" Lulu said excitedly.

"Haha. I know how you love them." Said Soraka with a joyful face.

"Well, I had better get going. It's a pretty long trip back to Ionia."

"Wait, you traveled here all the way from Ionia?" Tristana asked.


"Um. Okay...."

"Yup. Time to go. Bye Teemo and Tristana! Said Soraka, waving goodbye.

After Soraka left, Lulu knew just how lucky she was to have her in her life. She had more goodies than she could ever eat, but was grateful because no one knew how long the trip would be. And Teemo didn't really pack that much food.
Teemo let go of the cord, and the balloon went flying into the air as the three set off for Piltover.

Tristana noticed munching and chomping coming from Lulu.

"Uh, Lulu?"

"Humm?" Lulu tried to answer with a mouthful of yummy cupcakes.

"Noffin" Said the totally guilty Lulu. She kept the treats from Soraka a secret.

That was chapter 8 of Lulu and Nocturne's Terror! Sorry that it took so long. the next chapter WILL be posted shorter than this one took. Hope you guys like it! (Lulu's quite the little piggy huh? :3)

(if u wanna send me an email or something, heres my email ddress: [email]puppup012@yahoo.com[/email]

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Hello everyone! Jinxel (formally csdogminny) here, and I have big news. We are almost done with the next chapter of lant.

Hold ur horses, and I have even more big news!

If you leave a comment below, I will list a champion of YOUR picks, to be included in the next chapter! (not this one, but the next) So nows ur chance to show who you want in the story

I will take the most voted champion out of the picks. glhf on the fields of Justice!

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Cop of Piltover

Junior Member


Graves has a special interaction with nocturne. Maybe he could tag along as a gun for hire?

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Cop of Piltover:
Graves has a special interaction with nocturne. Maybe he could tag along as a gun for hire?
Oh! sounds good. Lets see if their any other suggestions. a few days after the nect chapter is out, is when we'll choose which one is in the chapter