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Lulu and Nocturne's Terror

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here it is! chapter 6 of Lulu and Nocturne's Terror!

Lulu and Nocturnes Terror, chapter 6, Teemo's Protective Defense!

On the edge, where Nocturne was blown out of by Soraka's attack, Lulu was pacing, back and forth, asking rapid questions to Soraka.

"Ohhhh... Ohhhhh....."

"What am I gonna do?! What CAN I do?! What will Pix do?! Asked Lulu.

Lulu began to sob, and sniffle. She continued until Soraka finally shouted,

"Lulu! You need. To calm. Down. Pix will be fine." Assured Soraka.

Lulu stopped her weeping as she tried to regain herself.

"Okay, lets think. He's heading for Bandle City correct?" Asked the Starchild.

"I believe so..." Said Lulu.

"Then why don't you go and rescue him?!" Pleaded Soraka.

"Are you crazy? Asked Lulu in shock. "I mean, sure I want to save Pix more than ANYTHING, but.... It took me a long time to travel from Bandle City, to Ionia. Almost 2 days!"Lulu said, sitting down on the edge of the Astral Grove.

Soraka sat down with Lulu, on the edge of the Astral Grove, and said,
"Well, yes. It is a long way back, but Pix is your best friend. In every match, Pix has helped you secure kills, assists, and stood with you always. Even when you were dead!

"Okay look, I cant force you to go back. Afterall, Nocturne is there. It would be tough." Confessed Soraka.

Then, Soraka devised a plan to make sure Lulu goes to Bandle City! Crazy, but maybe just crazy enough to work!

"Okay, then don't go." Soraka said, standing up.

"Its just a frightening, Eternal Nightmare, in your home, terrorizing the ones you love, and hold dear."

Lulu then flashed a mad face towards the sky, in the direction Nocturne headed out on.

"Like Veigar, Rumble, Tristana. And don't forget Teemo."

Lulu gasped, growled, then screamed,

"I'm going to Bandle City! RIGHT NOW!" Lulu said, standing up.

"Soraka, I have to go." Lulu said turning to the Starchild.

"Ha ha! Go get 'em Lulu!" Cheered Soraka.

Lulu looked off into the distance, then, as quick as a wink, she jumped down to the ground from the edge of the Astral Grove. And ran as fast as she could, all the way to the other end of Ionia! She ran and ran, with a mad look on her face. Having finally reaching the end of Ionia, she quickly jumped into her balloon, and made her liftoff, making her way to Bandle City, to save all the Yordles, Teemo, and rescue Pix!

Meanwhile in Bandle City, Teemo was in his house, coating his darts with poison from the Kumungu Jungle. It had been almost 2 days, since Lulu's trip to Ionia.

"I hope Lulu's okay" Said Teemo with a sigh.

Teemo slammed his blow dart tube on the counter.

"Ugh... who am I to wear a sad face?! Lulu'll be fine. I mean, that girl is a bit perky, but she wont give up. Ha ha! thats for sure!" Said Teemo with a jump in his step.

".......And i'm talking to myself...."

Then, Teemo saw a blackish figure appear outside of his window. Teemo ran to grab his telescope from his room. After looking all over for it, Teemo found it under his pillow. He ran from his room to the front door, and swung it clear open. He opened up his telescope, and aimed it at the blackish figure. As the blackish figure got even closer, Teemo got a better look at it. After realizing what, or better yet, WHO the figure was, Teemo gasped in horror.

"Oh no!" Said the scared Swift Scout.

Teemo ran to the middle of the Town Square, trying to warn everyone, he finally shouted,


All the Yordles quickly turned to Teemo, turning their heads in confusion.

"Okay everyone, the Eternal Nightmare has come!" Warned Teemo.

Huh? Wha-? What does he mean? I don't know. What? asked the Yordles.

Tristana, the Megling Gunner, peeked from around a corner, facing Teemo, wondering why Nocturne was here. Trsitana had a small child-like figure, had short white hair, had sky blue skin, carried a big canon launcher. She had a light suit of armor on, and wore goggles on the top of her head. She and Teemo have a very friendly relationship. Tristana then popped out from the corner, and said to teemo from afar,

"Why would Nocturne come here?"

"I'm not sure." Teemo said in response. "But Lulu said that she-"

Random Yordle:" Lulu? That other Yordle that we banned a long time ago?"

Teemo rolled his eyes, and said with annoyance,

"Yes. But as I was saying, she told me about her encounter with Nocturne in the Glade, just a few days ago.

"Wait, wheres Lulu now?" Asked Tristana.

"I'm pretty sure shes in Ionia." Teemo said in hesitation.

"What?! Why is she in-"

Tristana's sentence was rudely interrupted as the sky turned red, and a evil voice came from the sky!

"All Alone......"

All the Yordles, except Teemo and Tristana, screamed in terror, and ran in panic as Nocturne gained so much movement speed that he was going 226 mph! He was dashing directly at Tristana! Teemo then quickly pushed himself and Tristana down.

"LOOK OUT! Screamed Teemo.

"UGH!" Said Tristana.

As Teemo quickly turned around from where he and Tristana lay, he saw Nocturne speedily rush past him. With something in his hand. But it didn't look familiar.

"Umm... Teemo?" Asked The megling gunner.


"You can let me up now..." Said Trstana.

"Huh? OH! Sorry!" Said the blushing Teemo.

Tristana got up and brushed herself off, and thanked Teemo for saving her.

"Okay, enough playtime!" Said Tristana, loading her cannon.

Nocturne turned around from where he had landed, and charged demonically at Tristana. Tristana looked at him, grunted, and shot massive waves of cannonballs at Nocturne, but he easily dodged them all. Tristana, not noticing she was using, ALL her cannonballs, she clicked her gun rapidly, wondering why anymore cannonballs wouldn't fire!

"Uh-oh..." Said Tristana.

Nocturne was about to drive right through Tristana when suddenly, Teemo's balloon came as fast as lightning, and smashed right into Nocturne, flying him backwards!

As Teemo and Tristana watched the hot-air balloon smash right into Nocturne, they quickly saw Lulu jump out of the balloon basket!

Lulu reached her hands into the air, doing a victory-landing pose.

"Ta-da!" Said the cheery Lulu.

"Ha ha! Nice timing Lulu!" Answered The Scout

"Nice shot as well...!" Said Tristana, looking at Nocturne's unconscious body.

As Nocturne rose from the crashed balloon, Lulu turned around to find Pix, struggling in his hand.

Nocturne:" (pant, pant, pant, pant,)

Lulu stared at Nocturne, and said,

"Alright Nocturne. Gimme back Pix!"

"Hmm? Ha ha ha! As if! I wont give you compassion, like you do with everyone! This little insect is mine now! And I'll never let you have him! Correction, It! Nocturne Taunted.

"Give him back...." Quietly Lulu said.

Lulu was scared because she had never been in a battle without Pix with her. He was her support.

"Like I can't see the fear in your eyes." Bellowed Nocturne.

"This THING is basically your life force. You can't fight without him. And we all know thats 100% true!" Nocturne said.

"Plus, if you DID fight me, I would kill you easily. Insect, or not."

Nocturne readied his blades as he finished his sentence, showing that he would fight.

"What's wrong with you?!" Screeched Lulu.

"Hmm?" Asked Nocturne in confusion.

"Why do you find happiness in the pain of others?!" Asked Lulu.

" ...... Okay. Allow me to explain. Yordles, Noxians, Demacians, even Ionians have nightmares. And with each nightmare they have, I get pleasure! This pleasure causes me to grow stronger."

"I-I don't understand...." Said Lulu.

"(growls) Like I said before, you Yordles are a disgrace to all existence! But, I will explain. Remember that nightmare you had a few days back?"

"(gasp) How-how did you know?!" Asked the surprised Sorceress.

"Wow... I'm the Eternal NIGHTMARE!" Yelled Nocturne. "I know every dream, day dream, fantasy, and nightmare you've ever had!"


"Face it Fae Sorceress,"

Nocturne flew right in front of Lulu and began to push her with every word.

Nocturne:" Because. You. Are just. A little. Imbecilic. GIRL!"

And with that final word, Lulu went Splat into a big mud puddle!


"Your nothing..." Taunted Nocturne.

Lulu sniffled and cried a weak sob in the mud. Lulu was rather sensitive.

"DIE!" Nocturne Bellowed.

Before Nocturne could kill Lulu with his metal claw blades, a MASSIVE barrage of poison darts fired at him, and stunned him. When he tried to work against the poison, and said,


Nocturne saw Teemo, and Tristana with their cannon, and blow dart tube. As Teemo and Tristana helped Lulu up out of the mud pit, brushed her off, and aimed their weapons at Nocturne. Soon Lulu aimed HER staff at Nocturne too.

" So your going to fight me? The three of you? Me? Ha! You think it'll be that easy?!" Gloated The Eternal Nightmare.

"......Ugh, whatever, lets just start shooting!" Tristana Beamed.

"Ha ha, very well. This'll be rather enjoyable!" Again, Nocturne gloated.

They readied their weapons, flashed mad faces, and charged at each one another. Bandle City's most fearsome battle, was about to begin!

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General Pancakez

Junior Member


I like it, it is childishly easy to follow with showing what everone says, my 3 year old took an interest in it more then me though.

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I like it, it is childishly easy to follow with showing what everone says, my 3 year old took an interest in it more then me though.
ty, and I hope you're REALLY liking it. P.S: tell your little bro I said hi! hehe

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Hey guys its me csdogminny. I'm here to say that i'm sorry. The next chapter of Lulu and Nocturne's terror, wont be posted for a little while. sorry for the inconvenience.

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Okay everyone, BIG NEWS!

The newest chapter of "Lulu and Nocturne's Terror" will be posted soon. About a week. YAY!

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Lulu and Nocturne's Terror
Chapter 7: The Quest Into The Void

The three Yordles stared into the Eternal Nightmare's evil eyes; each of them waiting for someone to make a move. Ignoring the silence, Tristana spoke up.

"This is taking too long."

She readied her canon and as quick as a wink, charged it for a gigantic blast!

"Ready. Aim. Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shouted Tristana.

The canon fired a massive explosion right at Nocturne’s heart.

"What?! No! AHHHHHhhhhhh......" Nocturne screamed.

Tristana had blown Nocturne right into the Glade!

"I guess I did it too hard." Tristana said with a smirk.

"Oh no! Pix!" Lulu screamed, suddenly her eyes full of tears.

"Lulu? What’s wrong?” asked Teemo.

"Nocturne still has Pix!" she shouted.

Lulu ran as fast as she could into the Glade, ignoring Teemo and Tristana's warnings. She bolted until she came to a small grassy chamber in the Glade. There was Nocturne, leaning against a tree.

Lulu bravely walked up to him and said, “Alright Nocturne. Please just give me Pix back.”

Nocturne was seriously injured. Never had he had been damaged that bad before. And by a Yordle. Could he have misjudged them?

"Ugh......No.......Never........I WILL KILL YOU NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! And if it means to do something so drastic, then so be it!” Nocturne bellowed with obvious pain.

"What?!" Lulu was taken aback. She instantly put back up her guard, scared of what Nocturne could mean.

"Watch as I disappear with your best friend forever!"

Then, a sudden faint glow came to Nocturne. Lulu was astounded to see that it was the little light that she had seen a few days ago! Then with a hard grunt, Nocturne grabbed the light and shoved it inside his chest! A few seconds later, Nocturne had begun to glow. Brighter and brighter with each second that passed. Then suddenly with a blinding flash, Nocturne disappeared. The Glade was quiet and where he and Lulu’s best friend once stood, was nothing but an impression in the grass.

"Pix? Hello? Pi-ix?!" But he was gone.

Lulu, not knowing what to do or where to turn, ran back to Bandle City. Teemo began to cry as soon as he saw Lulu’s face, knowing full-well that something had gone terribly wrong in the Glade.

"Lulu! Oh my gosh.....What’s wrong? Where’s Pix?" Teemo said, not really wanting an answer.

"Oh Teemo! He took him. He took Pix!”

"Well where did he go?"

"I don't know...."

Teemo knew that Lulu needed to sit and rest. “Let’s go to my house.” He said hoping he could get her off her feet before she fainted.

As the three slowly walked to Teemo's house, Lulu cried all along the way. Once inside his house, Teemo gave Lulu some hot cocoa and asked her to tell them what happened in the Glade.

"Well, you see-" started Lulu.

As Lulu told the story, Tristana, nor Teemo could understand what she was saying about the little light. She could barely get through the story, sobbing with despair. Tristana sat beside her, holding her so that she did not feel as sad. Behind the tears, Lulu managed to thank her.

Seeing Lulu in tears fueled the fire of Teemo’s eternal hatred for Nocturne. He stomped over to a small cabinet in his kitchen.

"Teemo? what are you doing?” Asked Lulu, sniffing and wiping her eyes.

Teemo pulled out a dusty old map, and laid it on the table.

"I've been keeping this for a special occasion. And well, this is special to you Lulu." Said Teemo.

Tristana looked at the map and when realizing what it showed, exclaimed "Is this a map of the Void?!"

"It is." Said Teemo.

Lulu got up from her chair and reluctantly asked, "Teemo, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying, Nocturne thinks he SO clever to just disappear, but he underestimates us Yordles. I think THIS is where he took Pix."

Tristana asked, "Why would you think that?"

"I don’t know. It just seems like a place a nightmare would go." Answered Teemo.

"Wait, Teemo. What does this mean? Are you suggesting we going to the Void?!" Asked Lulu.

"Yes, we are!" Said Teemo.

"But Teemo." Tristana cautioned, "The Void is a place between dimensions. How are we going to get there?”

"Simple. We'll just ask a certain scientist for help." Teem said with a smirk.

Lulu then said in excitement, "Are we really going to get Pix back?!"

"Count on it Lulu!" Teemo said with a wink!

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Hey guys, csdogminny here. I just wanna say hi.

Do you guys like my story so far?

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread.

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Junior Member


I actually really like this story. Guess its from me reading a lot of romance manga, but I kinda hoping noc and lulu end up together. But that's just me, love the story keep it up

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I actually really like this story. Guess its from me reading a lot of romance manga, but I kinda hoping noc and lulu end up together. But that's just me, love the story keep it up

Aww, well thanks. It really means a lot to me that people actually like my fan fiction.

I should have the next chapter up soon. Until then, keep readin'

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Hello readers of Lulu and Nocturne's Terror.

Csdogminny here. I've had some free time, and I decided to read over my first chapter, and I've made some grammar changes to the first chapter. I'll see what I can do about the others. I will try and edit them all with better grammar. However, if you don't want me to edit the others, leave a comment in the thread.

Here's the link to the edited chapter


Let me know what you think, and good luck, and have fun on the fields of justice!