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Suggestion for Amumu

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I think it would be Amumu would be even more fun to play if we was more kamakazii and more of a baby.

Here's what I mean.

I think his Q ability should be reworked. Right now its pretty much the lamest ability in regards to keeping your char alive. With soooo many items designed on how long of a streak you can keep going and over all not dieing amumu seems to be counter productive.

But what if Amumu was truly a needy child. Who latched on to you and made an empathetic link. You feel sad for this crying mummy... and share its pain. Amumu latches to a target (dealing damage) then imoblizes them (like a stun but without interupting casting or auto) and any damage done to amumu is done to this targted person as well (done back in a graduating percent. maybe 10-20-30-40-50 *big I know but just saying numbers*) Amumu's effect last for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 secs or until he moves outside of mele range of the target.

I think that with a slight buff to his early game would make him a fun guy.

Blitz crank wants to pull you into HIS turret. Now amumu wants to pin you near your turret. If you are going to make opposites make them play opposite too.

While I am here.

Making his Ult smaller with a far smaller cd would make him more vialbe imo.
Another rework could also go to his toggle. It would be interesting if it were a stack. Crying attach one stack per second to an aoe. After five stacks the opponents take a burst damage. They can't handle the sadness and eventually it over whelms thems making them "burst" out into tears. You could make it real fun and have it aply a slow with the burst and get a debuff where if they have emotionally been ruined by his despiar in the last six seconds then they retain a stack. Making it easy to get the next one. Plus his banadage to chase you down. oooooooo

Sure he has no run away. And tantrum is only fun if you get hit, but people won't want to smack you when you are latched to their friend. But he can hurt you and chase you down. I think these changes would give him a two-three kill ratio each death in the right hands. Making it in the end worth it to do those suicides.

*Not even towers can save you from the dreaded mummy!*
*fountain kills*