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[Champion Suggestion] GorGar the Gorilla

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i couldnt think of a good name so shush. name and visual design can be decided later.
for purposes of what I'm thinking of tho, it should either be really massive arms, or really massive boots. tho a Wrestler could work just as well.

what i REALLY want to bring to the game is a new form of champion rather than mix and match of skills.

I seek to input a champion that has a global cooldown.
this could probably be done in the way of energy, and having like 150 cost out of total 200, perhaps scaled down. but the idea behind this one is NOT combos /spammable skills.
i'm thinking along the lines of a 2 second cool down between any skill, and maybe 10 second between using the same skill again.

having said that, his skills should be interesting and useful. so here's what i literally dreamed up.

Q his basic skill. leaps over selected unit (ally/enemy/minion) and lands behind it doing medium aoe dmg. if the unit is an ally champion, damage increased by 10%. Range of attack is determined by how far behind ally champion at activation. therefore can be really close, or really far. therefore exceptionally tricky to pull off, but annoying/fun and useful. animation could probably be done with yi alpha strike to position, then landing downward strike.

W Passive: Increased Attack Damage; Active: Increased Mov Speed (or alternative, see below)

E Shove/Kick. pushes selected Champion (ally/enemy) forward a set amount. (i'm thinking the distance of flash or shadow dash). this could really be interesting as an initiator (shove karthus anyone?) or as a disabler (shove enemy nunu away) or as an escape mechanism (save someone else). needs to be in melee range to use of course.

R Ultimate. I had a few ideas but i think the one that fits best is an air toss. like pulverize, only single target, and they're in the air longer. effectively removes an enemy from game for 1.5 seconds with damage and short stun on landing. (not a long stun, maybe 0.5 seconds. this move just wouldn't be believable without it.)

Alternative ideas for W:
- i dont know the name of this move but i'm pretty certain its famous.
grab enemy, flip upside down, and slam head to the ground.
I'd say stun, but since we have that ultimate, i'll say slow. after taking that, you wouldnt be walking very fast anyways.

- basically a Singed copy. since its the same move though, i'd rather not use it.

This is the grappler/monk/wrestler I thought up. and frankly it's most note worthy skill is the shove. I think games could be made very interesting with that implemented XD

note: yes i know, extended team fights that last even a little long could have shove and air toss on them removing 2 of their players for brief bursts of time. that's the point.

the downside is he needs to be right next to you to do those, so you CAN run, bait him, focus him. (and there's a reason for my demand on global cool down on him)

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You have no banana or barrel skills? What kind of shady monkey business are you peddling?

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i dont want a new donkey kong but... maybe an gorilla tank could be work...