tyndamere spin

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ok want some thought on this guys

tyndamere spin the ability to go through any walls, snares, trees, base lips, and mosty anything from where he wants to go.

So tell me this why? no other person can get out of snars,walls bass lips trees but people that have a flash ability or shako but with him he can do it what was it every 20 sec's now im not saying its op im just saying its kinda a little much for a abilty that he can do every 20 sec's.

he mainly use's it to clear creeps and thats awesome but have it as a escape ability is kinda off.
i mean can any other char get out of a snar or go physically through the cryohoenix wall.

im not ranting on how g*y it is i really dont care if it is op i have no problems with op char's

like to see some input on this guys.

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It's his only means of escape outside of his ultimate...leave the poor guy alone.