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A champion who is similar to Ashe, and at the same time her polar opposite.

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Another massively rigged hero suggestion... joy...

Q - Rigged. Would be far too powerful in the laning phase, giving you a free hit on basically anyone in XP range from anywhere in XP range of the creep waves. If they so much as picked up the mana regen mastery, it becomes the equivalent of a ~15 dps DoT ticking on the enemy the entire time they're in lane at lvl1. At lvl3, it'd be around 20 dps, and so on.

W - Rigged. 850 range means you can shoot it as far as you can attack, and then an additional 250 radius. So this is essentially Morgana's AoE, but at less than half the mana cost and cooldown, and an additional on-application damage proc.

E - Rigged beyond belief. Combine E and Q together at lvl2 with an AP book, and they have the equivalent of a 22.5 dps DoT ticking on them for the entire time they're in lane AT LEVEL TWO.

R- This is just silly. Shooting this down the enemy lane would wipe out the next two creep waves, pretty much guaranteeing that you're going to push down that tower.

Slygoat obvious wants Q to be a harrassing skill (Viper style). If you can deal with viper, I don't see why you can't do it here.

Why would you want to waste a 150 cd ult killing creeps when W can do the same thing?

If a good player were to play this hero, he would probably max out W, farm like heck (Sivir style), and then carry the game with 2x items of everyone else. (unlike Sivir, this dude can actually kill champions). Harrassing with Q just doesn't look like a big deal in comparison.

The real problem of this hero is that the archer doesn't have the level of synergy Riot (Zileas) have say they want (works great alone and better together)
I don't think a 30% is good enough to make W, E, and R flow together.

A prison or wall doesn't seem to fit this hero conceptually so I have no idea how to create a CC that is both simple and unique to work in this case.