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Was Kicked out of Game, No Reconnect when I log back on?

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Junior Member


So I was playing an ARAM, suddenly my ping went to 500, everything paused, and my screen said attempting to reconnect.
I log out, and try to log back in.
When I log back in there is no "Recconect to game"
It's the normal lobby screen, In my match history there isn't that game, and no loss prevented. It took me like 1 minutes to log out and in so the game SHOULD be still going.
I don't even know what's happening

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Platform Engineer


If there was a crash on the game server, then this could happen. Server crashes are fairly rare compared to client crashes but they do happen now and then. If the game still hasn't shown up in your history, it probably never will. Sorry! I'm not an expert in this area but I think when that happens the game results are not reported back and it doesn't count as a win or a loss.