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[Guide] Annie, Horrible urning death

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The first item I buy is the Regrowth Pendant. This allows me to take the occasional attack and lane longer. Later, I build this into a Philosopher's Stone.

With Annie's range, you can effectively harass most champions without really being in danger. Meaning as long as don't do something stupid ("Hey guys, I think they're in the bushes. Imma check!" ... *You have been slain!* ), you shouldn't be taking very much damage during the laning phase. While there are a few exceptions, this makes a Regrowth Pendant a waste of money. 2 health potions will cover you fine.

You may be tempted to buy Kage's Lucky Pick or Rush Catalyst the Protector, but survivability is extremely important early game. If your HP is regenerating faster than the enemy can take it down ...
Catalyst will provide the same benefit, just in large bursts instead of a slow trickle. In addition, Catalyst will refill your mana, and give you extra health/mana to survive attacks/harass longer. Coupled with the above comment, the only time you're going to be losing a lot of HP is if the enemy manages to get in a good position to gank you, in which case no amount of health regen is going to help.

Once your Stun is up, just save it. Don't use it to harass the enemy. Use her auto attack. Saving your stun for a crucial point to use it is a great idea to save yourself, save your team mate, or capitalize on a gank.
There's some truth to this, but it needs to be said that a good Annie player isn't going to sit on a stun when it's costing them gold and letting the opponent farm. Most opponents are smart enough to stay away from Annie when Pyromania is up, so unless you're facing really aggressive opponents that you feel you need the panic button for, most of the time you're better off just burning the stun and building another.

Order of abilities:
For the most part I have no problem with your ability list, but seriously, throw a level of Molten Shield in there earlier. My first three levels are usually Incinerate, Disintegrate, Molten Shield.

Yes, you fall slightly behind in the damage you're doing, but Molten Shield lets you charge your stun up faster, provides just a touch more survivability, and it also makes killing jungle creeps a lot easier. Which you should be doing--Annie can solo the golem any time she has Tibbers up, so do it.

Personally I think your item build is terrible, but it does have some merit behind it, so, hey, opinions. The main thing is I think you're not getting any real benefit out of the Philosopher's Stone when Catalyst ends up filling the same role but better. Then later on Catalyst can build into Rod of Ages or Banshee's Veil, making it the more efficient choice.

id agree on all but dfg. dfg isn't that good no matter when you get it. i only upgrade it for the slot. overall, dfg is barely a good idea but it's just a pain in the ass to use so i don't think it's worth getting very early.

DFG is my third item--and it probably doesn't need to be third, but it's an extra nuke (pain in the ass? Hit 3, click enemy. Not hard.), it's a decent chunk of ability power, and it's cooldown reduction. Yes, please.

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I agree with Fireseal

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I've fooled around with Annie for as my primary character for a few months now, and this is what I've come up with and prefer it over every other item build I've seen:

Mana Sapphire + 2 health pots first.
When you're completely out of mana, or dangerously low on health after using the 2 health pots, go back to town and get Catalyst.
After Catalsyt, go straight to Sorc Boots.
After Sorc Boots, I get DFG.
After DFG, finish up RoA.
After RoA, go Void Staff. I never really had a game last long enough after the Void Staff, but would probably get Banshee's Veil/Zhonya's depending how the game is going and what I'm up against.

As far as Runes, I do magic pen in red, magic resist in yellow, and flat cd reduction in blue. A lot of people fight me on CD runes since you are already capped on CDR with DFG (15%) Utility Talents (9%) Golem Buff (25%). But golem isn't always up, teammates could be getting it, opponents could be getting it, it might be too dangerous to stray away from the team... I'm still undecided on what the optimal blue runes are for Annie. Definitely 6% CDR for people who don't believe in DFG. Mana regen seems ok, but the only time I'm ever out of mana is after blowing my load in a lot of team fights, and by that time I'm usually low on HPs too so I usually B to base.

Anyway, I'm not really amazing, but I've had a lot of fun with Annie for a long time with this item/rune build and usually fair pretty well.

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Missed out getting my favorite yesterday, so I gave this guide a shot.


Worked quite well. I'm going to have to play Annie more often.