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Heimerdinger's turrets

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Ok, i tried out the newly buffed heimer. He's really fun to play (to my opinion) and since i manage to play him in "high" lvl game. (My W/L ratio is goodly positive enough) i think he's not far from balance.

But, i think there is some tweaks to do.

->glitch, rocket's tooltips always stats "0" targets...
-> the stun from "grenade" is kinda random to my opinion. I don't know if it has anything to do with the AoE box, but even well placed, sometime it doesn't stun. (I have easy time placing amumu bandage toss for comparative measure)
-Could it be possible to make turret immune to AoE effect ? I do feel its lame that Karthus or anivia or any AoE hero just destroy all your turret in 2 spells from out of range...

->most important : Is it possible to have an auto-select turrets like annie's teddy with "alt" ? Well i do not count the number of kill i "miss" just because it's impossible to select your 4-5 turrets and make them hits the same target...OR change their target select so that they ALWAYS targets hero when they're in range. (Even tho in this case, if they are more than one, you'll probably still miss by dividing your atk power)

Suggestion are welcome.

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to get the stun, the enemy champion has to be hit directly in the middle of the AoE box. Basically, he needs to be hit with a direct hit from the grenade. Also making his turrets immune to AoE will make him too OP, although i agree that the turrets should have a little more resistance to aoe, especially Anivia's. Keep in mind that you have other abilities other than the turrets that are equally useful. I used to suck with heimer when i focused on leveling turrets and getting stuff like aegis to buff them. Eventually I changed my strategy and I started focusing on AP and the mini-rockets. Deathfire+mini-rockets+ignite works wonders. Now I'm getting legendary sprees and I'm winning more games. Turrets are mainly used as a fall back point for me now, not as my main offense.