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DnD Alignments for LoL Champions

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I think Morgana might fit into chaotic good or chaotic neutral, because she seen as a freedom fighter by some. Only the angels (those she is fighting against) see her as lawful evil.

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How the hell is Udyr chaotic good? Seriously, the guy is a wild beast in a human form, he lived in a forest for years and killed every hunter that happened to wander in, and chased off everyone else. Not exactly chaotic good behaviour.

Not to mention his lines: "We will not pity the defenseless." and "Their death only feeds our rage."

Udyr is true neutral AT BEST.

no way true neutral. Chaotic neutral.

Everything past this is referring to sans' alignment list, as that one is more comprehensive:

As others have said, Koggie would be by a conventional alignment system true neutral, the same way that a carniverous plant would not be evil. We can't really assign him sentience. He's hungry --> he eats things. It's not so much he hates things---> he eats them. The former is neutral, the latter is evil.
I don't really buy Lux as neutral good. She does what Demacia said. Demacia's actions might be, by your standards, good, but that doesn't mean SHE is good, yes? Although her actions might be good, the motivations are not. A deeply evil character might incidentally make 1000 people's lives better by murdering a dictator, but if he does it because he wanted the dictator's money it's still evil. Lux might perform good actions, but it's not because she wants to be good, it's because she wants to be Demacian. Lawful neutral feels much more appropriate to me: She doesn't care about good or evil as long as it follows the "law".
Although that might be slightly over-interpreting the judgment.

I don't understand Ezreal as being Chaotic Good. He hates noxus, yes, but that's not in and of itself a good act. I mean, what do we really know of him? He hates noxus and he's an archeologist. Chaotic, yes. Good? Dunno.
Same with Anivia. Your only evidence for her being good seems to be her friendship with... two users of ice. What do we have besides that? Cold, unapproachable, retreated to the mountains. She's portrayed as being a wise oracle like creature. That's not really indicative of goodness.

stopping there for now. my 2c on some of the placements. I dunno, it's tricky. I mean, a lot of the noxian champions are pretty clear alignment wise. Almost everyone else is flirting with neutral if not openly embracing it. Or at least that's what I get. The problem is... opposing evil is not remotely the same as being good. Like, this setting seems to be openly embracing http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlackAndGrayMorality

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Sans Etiquette:
Figure I'd throw in my own opinion...
Lawful Good:

Xin Zhao (Agreed)
Soraka (Agreed)
Kayle (Agreed)
Garen (Agreed)
Galio (Agreed)

Neutral Good:

Teemo (More chaotic good as he is said to go out kill enemies of his city by himself)
Sona (I'm unsure of Sona as her motives are unclear to me)
Irelia (Agreed)
Nunu (Agreed)
Lux (Agreed)
Heimerdinger (Agreed)
Blitzcrank (I would say true neutral as he simply just wants to fit in)
Corki (Agreed)
Anivia (Agreed)

Chaotic Good:

Ashe (Agreed)
Kassadin (Agreed)
Ezreal (Agreed)
Master Yi (Yi lives by a code so he is lawful, chaotic people abandon such codes)
Tyrndamere (Agreed)

Lawful Neutral:

Zilean (Agreed)
Taric (Agreed)
Ryze (I would consider him chaotic neutral as he is willing to learn "illeagal" magic.)
Poppy (Agreed)
Pantheon (Agreed)
Janna (Agreed)
Alistar (Agreed)
Amumu (Agreed)
Jax (Agreed)

True Neutral:

Akali (Agreed)
Shen (Agreed)
Kennen (Agreed)
Nidalee (Agreed)
Malphite (I would consider him lawful neutral as he wants to see this world without chaos like his world)

Chaotic Neutral:

Twitch (Agreed)
Twisted Fate (Agreed)
Trundle (Agreed)
Rammus (Agreed)
Olaf (Agreed)
Evelynn (Agreed)
Fiddlesticks (I would conside fiddle to be evil as he will murder anyone who came too close to him, as well thrives on fear)
Miss Fortune (Agreed)
Gragas (Agreed)
Sion (Agreed)
Sivir (Agreed)
Udyr (Agreed)

Lawful Evil:
Urgot (Agreed)
Swain (Agreed)
Cassiopeia (Agreed)
Karthus (Agreed)

Neutral Evil:

Vladimir (Agreed)
Veigar (Agreed)
Morgana (Agreed)
Gangplank (Agreed)
Katarina (I would think he lawful for he service to Noxus)
Mordekaiser (Agreed)
LeBlanc (I would consider her more chaotic as she is the Deceiver and connot be trusted)

Chaotic Evil:

Shaco (Agreed)
Cho'Gath (Agreed)
Kog'Maw (Not evil, neutral as he doesn't wish the death of this world)
Malzahar (Agreed)
Dr. Mundo (Agreed)
Singed (Agreed)
Warwick (Agreed)
My opinion, too lazy to make a list & I agree with alot of these

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Malphite is definitely Lawful. From his lore: "At first outraged to be taken from the Monolith, Malphite quickly learned of this world's disharmony. There were those who sought to bring order out of chaos and it is they that summoned the rock-creature to aid them in this quest. It was a goal that Malphite could respect and one in which he could participate. Today he hammers those who would seek to upset Valoran's movement towards order, especially those that wield chaotic magic."

His whole reason for fighting is to promote order, so I would count him as Lawful Neutral.

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By the way, for those of you who don't play much DnD


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The Boz

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Are you sure Urgot should even have an alignment? What I gathered from his history and ingame voice and tone, he's a mindless fleshy/mechanical golem...

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Agrias Oaks

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urgot is definitely sapient/sentient still. Read his judgment.

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The Boz

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Oops, you're right. Totally forgot about that one.

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The TVtropes Character pages do have some alignments found here http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/LeagueOfLegends

Those posted.

The Ninjas are True Neutral, mostly because much like why 2E druids were TN, they would for similar reasons. LN could work on some... Kennen might even look CN to an untrained eye since he's so hyper.

Anivia is considered Lawful Good, she is definitely goodly, and wants to become an elemental protector of Runeterra.

Cho'Gath is Chaotic Evil... no question here.

Evelynn is CE as well, and I'd possibly agree. She could pass as NE if she revels in evil less so than chaos, and one may argue that she's dating the obviously CN TF, but CE people can go on dates.

Fiddle is CE by Tropes page... I'm not sure. He lives for terror, though NE could work.

Galio is CG, which could work if he has a Batman motif, though if he adheres to laws, he could be LG or NG too.

Gangplank is CN, interesting choice. He could be a greedy NE as well. He's too clever and calculative to be CE and last in power so long without supernatural.

Gragas is CN. He's a drunk, it fits his actions he might not even control.

Heimer is TN... I don't know how, as a scientist, LN could work.

Janna is Lawful Good... she does speak of harmony, and she does play a very helpful role, but LG might be a bit much. She WAS a thief in her youth was she not and by 2E standards, LG is not a Thief viable alignment? NG could work.

Karthus is Neutral Evil by trope page definition. Wont argue it. He's a Lichlike being after all and is greedy!

Kassadin is True Neutral. I can buy it, he wants balance above all else and null voidness... LN could work.

They call Kat CE, but NE seems much more to her greed.

Kayle is LG, though CG by old lore. As a judge of justice, yea. MAYBE she veers into LN territory.

Malph is LN and I can buy it.

Yi is also LN. I can see it as he is a Wuju law abider.

Fortune is CN, and sure. She's a flirty free spirit of sorts.

Mordekaiser is Lawful Evil, and as a Knightly sort, It could work. Neutral Evil could be passable, but nothing else!

Morgana is Neutral Evil, but to be honest, I'm not sure.

Mundo is Chaotic Evil but really, MUNDO GOES WHERE HE PLEASES!

Nasus is Lawful Good... I'd buy it, he wanted to stop wars from a land he helped maintain and almost killed a major traitor. His skills really betray his honor.
On Nasus, nobody has aligned him yet at all. Is he forgotten?

Olaf is Chaotic Neutral. He's a beserk viking archetype. Sure, why not!

Pantheon has Lawful Neutral/Lawful Evil, I'm split on it too. He is a soldier of discipline, but he is not above a slaughter.

Rammus is TN. He's an animal with no moral compass, undebatable.

Shaco is CE. Yes, a mad clown is almost always CE: ask Joker or Kefka.

Tryndamere is TN... well Berserkers really CANT be Lawful, but Tryndamere does want to rule a kingdom... it's hard to assess him. TN could work.

Veigar is Chaotic Evil, NE could work too however, it's hard to tell. He really says I AM evil, and NE can be seen as TE (True Evil) which he strives to be.

If I had time, I'd give more opinions.

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This thread is important and needs more debate.