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Amumu's Bandage Toss Hitboxes???

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I'm asking if it's intended to be that way, that if you bandage toss next to a minion , that it anyway gets bandaged?
It is really annoying, if your Toss hits 30degrees off the mark.
For example:
Enemy Champion is standing next to a minion and you would clearly hit him and he would die only by that.... but what happens? the toss suddenly makes a jump and takes the stupid minion Oo It is really annoying, when you're chasing someone through the jungle and you're about to stun him and what happens is that the wolves he's running pass get stunned Oo Even though they were like 2-3meters away from your Bandage line....
So what are the hitboxes for minions and champs?
From my experience i would say that minions and creeps got a huge hitbox in comparsion to champs....

The skill is really great and normally I always hit my target, but only because i learned to not try to stun someone near a minion.....
For your information I really enjoy the mummy and my winning rate is a little above 50% with it...So don't start flaming.

EDIT: Another funny case is when im standing myself next to a minion my bandage toss even hits 90degrees off the mark Oo and that is really ridiculous....

Thanks for listening....