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Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit

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Hello Developers of Mystery,

I've noticed a trend of PBE updates lately, all bent around the idea of clearly communicating to summoners what's actually happening during the game. I've seen Ahri's particles updated to reflect when she's dashing, Towers giving indicators of their range and agro status, and crowd control sprites letting us know why we can't move or attack. I feel that, heading in the same direction, bonus magic damage on-hit should be the next value challenged.

There are many number of different places where bonus magic damage on-hit can come from; items like 'Wit's End', 'Nashor's Tooth' and 'Lich Bane', the summoner mastery 'Spellsword', and countless champion abilities like Ziggs' passive 'Short Fuse'.

Since many of these are percentage based, I find it very challenging to understand how much more damage I'll be doing with my next basic attack. It isn't until I actually go in for the blow that I have my chance of seeing that value, but with so many numbers flying around the screen, I don't always catch it--not to mention your opponents have different values of resistances, so even then the damage output really isn't clearly communicated.

It would be nice if there was a simple value displayed right next to 'Attack Damage' on the bottom left of the UI. It could be in purple text and called something simple like 'Enchant Damage'. Even if the effect or ability was only temporary, like Zigg's passive listed above, it would still affect this value similarly to how Gangplank's 'Raise Morale' affects 'Attack Damage'. Then, when you see the number float above your opponents head after impact, you would see a single value accounting for all sources of that damage.

I feel that a change like this would help me understand what kind of DPS I should expect to have before I engage in a fight. It would also give me a better understand of the value of items like 'Nashor's Tooth' and when I should have them completed in my build.

Thanks for reading,