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@ricklessabandon, My Thoughts on the Ahri Changes

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I decided to go ahead and make this a new thread because I am pretty sure the other thread has devolved into something unproductive and uninteresting between only a few people. I think (hopefully) in this thread I'll be able to give a new perspective and be able to cut through a lot of the noise surrounding the Ahri nerfs. I also don't think anyone is talking clearly about what they see or feel in the PBE, so I would like to push that topic further.

Fortunately, and many thanks to Riot, I was granted access to the PBE the other day, and I was all too eager to try out the new Ahri. Ahri has been one of my favorite champs since I've started playing LoL, and pretty much she is the reason why I fell in love with this game in the first place. Much like everyone else, I was distressed to hear about her proposed changes for 3.13.

Now, initially my thoughts were she would be relatively useless since quite a bit of her damage is being gutted, but now after I have played her for a few games on the PBE, I am more happy to say I like the changes in place.

There are things I do not like about the changes, but likewise there are some things I certainly do like about the changes. Before I continue further, I want to clarify that partially one of the reasons why I feel like this change is not too bad is because it feels like a buff to Assassin Ahri, the style I prefer to play. I do not mean to invalidate the opinions of Mage Ahri players or disparage them, but that style of play is very boring to me. I prefer burst-heavy assassins than anything to do with kite/dps champions, hence why this account may be biased in favor of the changes. Again, before you start massively downvoting for no reason, remember this is just an opinion.

Anyways, I'll just list what I think about the changes.

The Good

- The charm amplification is great. There is nothing more satisfying than chunking some in lane with a proper E>Q combo harass, or managing to burst down that charmed opponent in a teamfight. The visual for the buff is also very helpful, both for Ahri and whoever she is playing against.

- I thought the damage nerfs to W would be off-the-wall insane, but they're actually not too bad. There have been only a handful of time when I have seen the W not get as much damage as I wanted, and those times were when I was trying to farm a minion waves with a Q>W.

- Her new passive is excellent. I definitely noticed a change on that. In early game, it is a bit weaker than her current one, but from mid-late game, when you get some AP behind you and throw a fully charged Q into a minion wave, the healing is much better. I really like this change.

The Bad

- Ahri's Spirit rush indicator is not so great. It's barely noticeable to you, and I barely notice it on the enemy Ahri. Only when I remembered to look for it did I see the thing, it's so white you can barely tell. I'm not sure if that change is necessary.

- Ahri's charm, while I enjoy the damage amplification on it, costs a bit too much mana. I understand the goal of making it a higher risk/reward skillshot, but the nature of charm makes it more than a "catch your opponent out and harass" tool. It is an escape, a cc, a potential delay on a jungler gank, and a standard "gotcha" move. It has many more uses than just lining up shots for damage: with this in cosnideration, I think it's mana costs need to once again be reduced. I did not spam charm in-game, I used it as I normally would - harassing the enemy laner and preventing certain jungler from getting to me. I definitely noticed the mana cost increase as I was OOM quite a bit more than usual. This is not a good thing if Ahri players are forced to only use charm in certain situations for specific purposes; it cuts off a lot of gameplay options that were once available to Ahri.

- Spirit Rush damage is a bit underwhelming. Personal opinion, but I think it could use another slight buff. Having to use all 3 charges to take down one enemy, just like I stated with charm, cuts off a lot of Ahri's gameplay. It limits her in terms of what she can and cannot do with the enemy, (i.e. 2 ults in and 1 ult escape is much harder to pull off now, even though Ahri's ult is a fantastic escape,repositioning tool). Basically, with these nerfs in place, I feel like if one does not use all 3 charges for damage and decides to use 1 charge to either escape or reposition in a fight, they will be sacrificing power which prevents them from picking up a kill. I am not sure if this is what you intended, but I do not think this is a good idea to have in place. I think it guts a core part of Ahri's gameplay.

Overall though, after playing her, I feel better about the changes and I like the direction Riot is taking with her. It may just be that it feels like they are buffing Assassin Ahri, my favorite playstyle, but nevertheless I do not believe the nerfs are as devastating as the community makes them out to be.

- She's still a good champion.
- She's still got damage.
- She's still a great assassin.

Call me optimistic or silly or whatever, but this is how I feel. Hopefully I offered some decent feedback, I'd like to play her more on the PBE and continue to collect information.