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[Major] Plenty of bugs to report

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Senior Member


1. Chat doesn't work. NOW IT DOES
2. Invitation is out of the screen which make you unable to accept or decline. NOW IT DOES WORK.
3. You can't look at your offline friends
4. You can't scroll the bar in view notification
5. Match history doesn't show up.
6. My ranked league look like this http://puu.sh/4YFfz.jpg
7. Can't look at description of mastery.

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Truong Nguyen



8.Spectate live is bugged
9.Only show one rune page and it's also bugged http://imgur.com/mGsqXaZ
10.You can't look at your champions page in your character page
11.Champion video is broken(smaller) and champion page is bigger than usual http://imgur.com/Gf7gzD0
12.Item sets is broken http://imgur.com/40pFiLv
13.Notification does not work
14.You can't message to others in your friend list