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[Guide] LeBlanc, Death At Any Distance

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grabbing tears or AA for leblanc is such a waste of space and money. if you have mana problems its because you doing it wrong. first off dont harass early, whats the point in doing so? level up to get the big dmg.

another problem with this guide, why max out Q first? i always start with W, then Q then back to W. basically i max out W first with Q second and grabbing E at lvl 5. sometimes ill take E earlier if i have an arrangement to gank. by maxing out W first and foremost, you are lowering the time it takes to cooldown. i think thats more important than a Q being maxed out. and it only takes one Q to prepare the silence.

mejai's is almost always a must (for me that is, she's currently my main, i know exactly what to do to kill everything). early and mid game everyone is a squishy. you will get kills. if you arent, you should try somebody else. i go legendary almost every game. according to my rank stats it says 10/2/8 in almost 70 games i think. the second item is ALWAYS deathfire grasp. this extra nuke just makes her sooooo much more deadlier and it gets more powerful with each kill/assist thanks to mejai's. any squishy dies instantly with a DFG active which i have under 1 to command it, then Q > R, sometimes the enemy dies so fast that i wont even get a chance to do W or i do but ends up being a waste since they dead. and sometimes they may have some MR, thats fine, you still have W then E to snare, Q will cooldown by then to use one more time

where's my survivability you may think...i start off with boots and 3 health pots, im going straight to my core build. after boots, its mejai's which i save enough before recalling, also a few extra bucks for some health pots. ALWAYS buy health pots, saves time and keeps you in the game. and if you are wise with your mana, you may not need those pots. after mejai's its the fiendish codex starting with meki pendant. this converts into DFG in time...then i work on a giant belt for rylai's or if they all suck i could just go into WotA. all that massive damage she does, some spell vamp doesnt hurt. or maybe an abyssal specter. if there's a karthus in the game, im going for hourglass which active is only for him.

as ivetold ppl in game, i personally think leblanc should ALWAYS have cleanse. i do cleanse/flash combo. thats 3 flashes with a cleanse. no wonder i rarely die.

Morello's Evil Tome <<<<<<< DEATHFIRE GRASP.

i almost never buy deathcap. she doesnt need it.

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Only Annie HD

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Due to the fact that she does so much damage with her combo, what I see my brother doing all the time is sitting in a random bush and just waiting till the poor jungler or a laner grabbing buffs runs through to her, LB blows them up and returns to lane. =D

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Just want to +1 that this guide is pretty sweet - definitely turned my Leblanc game around.

I don't see any mention of Fiendish Codex or Morello's Evil Tome - I'm wondering if that was an oversight, or you don't think the cdr is worth the money, or you don't like paying for the mana regen that comes with it...?

The reason is really that I haven't updated my guide in awhile. At the top of it states last updated v1.0.0.108 and we're about to hit 116. 111 was when Morello's Evil Tome was introduced into the game and the subsequent patches afterward continued to nerf Deathcap by raising it's price making it not as good as it used to be.

If you've followed the posts in my thread, I stopped playing LeBlanc because this guide was made during the period where bruisers were dominating the game and they continued to dominate months after I stopped and I was tired of all the "ideas" other people had about how to play her because I just simply disagreed with playing LeBlanc as a super Glass Cannon while building tear and rushing dfg so they could dominate even more early game when she didn't need those things to still dominate. Her biggest problem was she was bad late game and Archangel's Staff or DFG didn't help that. However since bruisers are starting to get nerfed, she looks playable now and I would adjust my build with her.

I would probably play with Morello's Tome replacing Deathcap to see how that flows, but I find the CDR is more important early and I'd rather have Rylai's first instead. It's tricky simply because you have to make a choice depending on your style. CDR lets you do different combos that are more efficient and effective, however it's easier to kill you. Whatever though, I haven't played her in months so I'd have to sit down and re-evaluate how I play her now.

another problem with this guide, why max out Q first? i always start with W, then Q then back to W. basically i max out W first with Q second and grabbing E at lvl 5. sometimes ill take E earlier if i have an arrangement to gank. by maxing out W first and foremost, you are lowering the time it takes to cooldown. i think thats more important than a Q being maxed out. and it only takes one Q to prepare the silence.

W lets you survive early on so that depends on your style. If you front load AP over survival items because you want to run Cleanse/Flash, that's cool, it's an alternative style to playing her. I don't do that as I build her to be a level 6 assassin that kills people and gets way ahead by basically crushing every lane with Teleport and dashing between lanes with W. The whole point of maxing Q isn't for silence at all, it's to basically combo someone to death in under a second.

If you read through my guide, I know I don't specifically write it out in the combos which I guess I should If I revisit the character, but I essentially always state that you need to be aware of how much damage you're doing. Maxed out Q first will let you bomb people early on with R when they don't invest in MR and basically punishes greedy play heavily by letting you drop people that are hovering around 85-90% health in 1 combo. That's how I played her since more damage on Q means more damage on R.

The rest of your post is rather janky though. One of the main reasons I stopped playing LeBlanc was because Mejai's feels like a core item and hence makes her less viable in ranked play. Stomping people is fun in Normal, but you can't rely on Mejai's in ranked especially as you rise in ELO. I don't have much fun playing ranked anyways though, but I have experience there to say it doesn't work well if everyone just plays super cautiously and doesn't make that early game mistake that basically catapults you into being an unstoppable ganking monster. If you can't get 8 stacks of Mejai's before 20 minutes, you're not going to get 20 on your own, and it's even worse when you're the only person capable of killing anybody on the team. It happens in ranked a lot where if you're playing LeBlanc, you might be doing well but you're going to hit a wall where your team just blows and you can't do anything anymore. You can't build stacks and you can no longer kill people the way you should.

Another thing is you mention Abyssal Scepter, however Abyssal Scepter just simply isn't as good as Void Staff for LeBlanc. There are cases where I will throw out Q > R and the opponent is just too far out of range for my Abyssal Scepter to even do anything, it's not worth it to me.

If I get bored of the newer champions (Renekton, Brand, Nocturne, Rumble, Monkey King, etc) I might revisit and revise my guide, but I just don't feel like it's worth it still. There are simply better champions that are currently more fun and less hassle to play that scale better into the late game. You can't carry a bad team to victory by yourself with LeBlanc because late game her killing power dies so if you can't win due to snowballing early, you're screwed unless your team magically gains some IQ above 80 and stops being completely useless at the end.

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Very well done and quite thorough. Awesome

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I have updated my guide after playing around with the new items. The short of it is pretty simple:

Death of Zhonya's Ring The 2 items that came from Zhonya's item is so good that I really feel like they make a few items pretty obsolete for LeBlanc. Guardian Angel and Abyssal Scepter feel very pointless now since Zhonya's Hourglass does give you quite a bit of survivability while keeping your damage up and even though I found that Rabadon's Deathcap can't replace LeBlanc's dependency on Mejai's, it does amplify LeBlanc's strength by a whole lot.

Mejai's Dependency With the new items, I basically tried to break my feeling of need for Soulstealer, but what I found was that my damage just wasn't good enough without it. I was getting tons of kills and owning as usual, but when I hit around level 14-16, I just couldn't finish people. It was extremely annoying and sometimes it even led to me staying longer than I needed to in situations that could have been finished much faster if I had just gotten Mejai's period.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity I like the new boots, it's very interesting, but after using Sorc Shoes for so long, the benefits of these boots don't actually make it a viable alternative outside of a few team composition reasons where they can fare better than simply doing more damage with Sorc Shoes.

Conclusion The Mejai's revelation alone has made me feel like her AP Ratios are just too low and need a solid boost next patch or LeBlanc really will be unviable. She takes a lot of skill to use, but there are easier to use champs that can deal better damage late mid game and forward while still being useful in other ways before then.

Basically without Mejai's, I will go 6+ kills, 0 deaths and a bunch of assists up until mid game or late mid game, then I will just hit a roadblock and I just can't keep up anymore. My damage output is too slow in a lot of cases where I end up dying before I can output the needed damage to secure more than 1 kill or to help my team even get those kills. I simply just get chased off because my damage isn't strong enough and staying until I can do enough damage to be worth my weight has a good chance of me dying to secure a few kills for my team (which honestly is worth it if I win the game because of that, but I'd rather survive while doing the same thing and Mejai's allows this if I can build and maintain stacks).

I find this info and the guide in general to be very accurate. I have so many games with completely dominant mid games only to roadblock in late game because their team has 2+ tanks that are good enough to shut me out. The squishies stay back having learned their lesson in mid-game and unfortunately unless your team can still account for this or their team screws up, you're probably going to lose. Its sad that in early game I can be just utterly dominating a Brand all day in mid with no deaths and multiple kills on side lanes and making him play super passive and then at level 18 all he has to do is stay behind Alistar and he'll contribute more than I can. LB is in serious need of revisitation to scale her better in late game without overpowering her in early mid. Like you said, maybe Riot doenst care to do that even. In team games perhaps its less of a problem since they know to push towers but in solo, its just one big giant gank fest which is great until level 18 and the game is lost decisively. But in team games, the tanks are smart enough to shut you out late game anyway so again, the game's either won in mid/mid-late or not at all.

100% agree on items too - Rylai's is a crucial item. I personally avoid Mejai's because I don't think im good enough yet to really take advantage of it. Having said that, i typically have games where it would have been useful, lots of 6-0-5, 16-5-10 and so forth so 20/20 hindsight there.

I'm not a level 30 yet though or ranked player so my experience is obviously not the same as Siky's and Fckman's. I guess I'll have to try forcing myself to get good with mejai's and consider working in DFG to see the difference with/without it.

Great guide and insights