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[Guide] LeBlanc, Death At Any Distance

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Guide is based on LeBlanc of patch v1.0.0.108 on Summoner's Rift.

Masteries 9/0/21

Runes Marks: Magic Penetration, Seals: Mana Regen per level, Glyphs: Mana Regen per level, Quintessences: Flat Health

Summoner Spells Teleport & Flash

Skills Max R > W > Max Q > E > Max W > Max E

Start with Amplifying Tome + 1 HP Pot
- Boots of Speed
* Mejai's Soulstealer
- Rylai's Scepter
- Sorceress Shoes
- Rabadon's Deathcap / Zhonya's Hourglass / Banshee's Veil
- Void Staff

What to expect with LeBlanc?
She's a very reactionary type Caster and has to be played moment by moment to achieve the best results and the player must be capable of reacting to slight mistakes by the enemy and be able to coordinate forced attacks when a situation arises where she can take out the enemy without her and the team dying (such as tower diving a half health player for free if they stick around too long). Also it is expected that the player can judge distances with her quickly as one of her key aspects (which is why I named my guide for her "Death At Any Distance&quot is that she can do damage from literally mid tower to middle of the center lane almost instantly and the damage she produces can be enough to kill many mid champions.

Her only real weakness throughout the game are fighting Ranged AD and late game against tanky champs.

Passive - Mirror Image: LeBlanc splits into 2, the real her and a cloned version that doesn't deal damage. The only way to utilize this passive really is to continue auto-attacking so the opponent must choose a target to continue attacking. Then just wait for CDs and explode them up or run away.

Q - Sigil of Silence: Single Target, first hit "marks" the target with a Sigil for 3.5 seconds. Hitting the same target with another ability silences them for 2 seconds and deals bonus damage. Max this first, poke with it at level 9+, snipe people by comboing with R.

Cooldown: 6 seconds
Mana Cost: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90
AP Ratio: 0.6 + 0.3
Damage: 1 70 + 20 / 2 110 + 40 / 3 150 + 60 / 4 190 + 80 / 5 230 + 100

W - Distortion: LeBlanc's built in Flash, second skill to max. Doesn't go through thick walls, but everything else should be fine. Use it sparingly unless you're either safe to harass, committed to killing someone or you want to farm a large wave. Otherwise Distortion is best saved for defensive purposes.

Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 seconds
Mana Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120
AP Ratio: 0.6
Damage: 1 85 / 2 125 / 3 165 / 4 205 / 5 245

E - Ethereal Chain:
Skill shot that has a slight delay before firing off. If it hits, it slows and the target and the range of the chain extends about 20% further than it's casting range. If the chain stays attached for 2 seconds, it'll snare the target for a certain length of time.

Cooldown: 10 seconds
Mana Cost: 80
Snare Duration: 1.0 / 1.3 / 1.6 / 1.9 / 2.2 seconds
AP Ratio: 0.4 + 0.4
Damage: 1 40 + 40 / 2 65 + 65 / 3 90 + 90 / 4 115 + 115 / 5 140 + 140

R - Mimic:
This is what makes LeBlanc a killing machine. It gives her already strong skill kit it's versatility. Level this skill at 6, 11 and 16 with no exception. When you first start learning how much damage LeBlanc can do, just spam it along with Q and R for pure damage. W and R are for escaping or chasing a really low health champ that you feel can be killed with Q, E, Q. Lastly E and R will just take dying to learn when to use it, there are a few specific situations like killing Tanks or Melees where E and R can be more effective than Q and R, mainly so you can survive or to provide CC so your team can focus the target.

Cooldown: 40 / 32 / 24 seconds
Mana Cost: 100 / 50 / 0
Damage: 1 +10% / 2 +25% / 3 +40%

Marks 9x Greater Mark of Insight (Magic Penetration)
Seals 9x Greater Seal of Clarity (Mana Regen per level)
Glyphs 9x Greater Glyph of Clarity (Mana Regen per level)
Quintessences 3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (Health)

This rune setup makes it so you can play without being reliant on Golem Buff. This allows you to have mana for basically forever, the only thing stopping you is that you'll eventually run low on HP, but mana shouldn't be a problem which lets you spam Q all day long after the laning phase. Alternatively, you can try these other runes if you like to play more conservatively and don't care to poke as much:

Glyphs Greater Seal of Focus (Cooldown Reduction)

If you are more conservative, drop mana regen glyphs for CDR. It really depends on how aggressive you are and for me, I tend to like poking more with Q and that actually kills a lot of mana especially with a shorter CD. You will want to compensate by grabbing Banshee's Veil regardless of if you actually need it or not just for the sake of being safe and having that extra mana to cover less mana regen.

  1. 1/3 Deadliness, 3/3 Archmage's Savvy
  2. 4/4 Sorcery
  3. 1/1 Archaic Knowledge
  1. 1/1 Spatial Accuracy
  2. 3/3 Good Hands
  3. 4/4 Awareness
  4. 3/3 Meditation, 2/2 Utility Mastery
  5. 3/3 Quickness, 1/1 Blink of an Eye
  6. 3/3 Intelligence
  7. 1/1 Presence of the Master

1/3 Deadliness
Can switch to Cripple if you want to take Exhaust.
1/1 Spatial Accuracy If you prefer Ghost over Teleport, take Haste.
3/3 Good Hands For Teleport / Ghost, remove a point from Good Hands.
1/1 Blink of an Eye Pull this point if you aren't getting Flash, take Haste if you're getting Ghost or Greed if you're getting Exhaust or Ignite with Teleport.

Summoner Spells
Teleport I just really like this on LeBlanc, she is ultra mobile already and if you have wards up properly, you can basically be all over the map and scare people from trying to force fights where they'll come out with next to no health. She can clean up entire teams even if they have CC because of how fast her burst is. Also good to drop Junglers by warding early. I know most people don't like Teleport, especially on Casters, but I still think this is #1 for LeBlanc especially if you like to ward up most of the map.

Flash Nerfed again and again, but doesn't matter. People might disagree that 3 Flashes are overkill, but me? That's exactly why I get it, because it's overkill. Flash alone frees up W to do damage, W, R, Flash is crazy good for overextending a little bit or for dive nuking people in weird positions that are hard to escape from afterward when your W is down.

I love Ghost, just not on LeBlanc. She's a champ that jumps around a lot and the faster movement speed to me doesn't work for her because she just doesn't need it. What does Ghost offer than Flash doesn't for her? I would argue it offers less than Flash.

Ignite I think this is a bit pointless... if you don't want a combination of Teleport/Flash/Ghost, take Exhaust instead of this. Exhaust just has more utility now and on LeBlanc, you either need more mobility or more defense. More damage is a bit pointless since it won't help the only weak part of your game and that's late game.

Exhaust The new change to Exhaust is a bit disgusting. Honestly, it's not really there for the damage, it's there to guarantee you'll win against certain champs now (like any Ranged AD without Cleanse).

Everything else is pretty useless on her so don't bother. Cleanse might be okay, but you really shouldn't be in a position to need it unless you made a big mistake.

Skill Progression
Level 1-6 W, Q, Q, E, Q, R
Level 7+ Max in order: R > Q > W > E

There's no reason to deviate from this progression at all unless you're planning to gank at level 1 or defend your Jungler. Than you get E first and get W second, followed by 3 ranks of Q and finally R.

Q is your poke as previously mentioned, at level 9 it will hurt.

W is your Blink on a 20 second CD at rank 1 and 12 seconds at 5. Is there really a question as to why you rank this 2nd?

E gets ranked last because Q and W are simply more important than anything E can provide past rank 1. You really just need to have E before level 6 to have a slow/snare and something additional to activate Q with.

Item Build
Starting Item

  1. Amplifying Tome + 1 HP Pot
  2. Boots of Speed + 1 HP Pot + 1 Sight Ward

1 My standard starter regardless of Solo or Dual Laning. With Teleport, the HP Pot allows you to live just fine until around level 4 regardless of what happens. Using your Teleport for that hurts your Ganking potential, but it's better than dying or getting behind. Amplifying Tome itself builds into my next 2 possible items giving me a choice depending on how I feel the game is going.

2 For weak Junglers aka Akali, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Master Yi, Shaco and Trundle. I usually drop my ward at Lizard which is commonly scouted for now, but 90g early to weaken any ganking from Junglers is good to me even if it doesn't directly benefit me, it benefits the team.

First Item Decision

  1. Mejai's Soulstealer
  2. Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Currently I feel like LeBlanc just can't function well enough without it. Her skill kit doesn't really put you into any bad situations and honestly even getting mostly Assists will still make Mejai's worth it. You really don't need to suicide with LeBlanc for any reason so the only way you really lose stacks is if people start suiciding into you or you're just doing something stupid. You have all the tools in the world to stay safe or escape from a losing fight if you know what you're doing.

This is the safe way to go and usually what you get if you fall behind for any reason (if your mid is feeding too hard and your lane is difficult to kill). If you decide you're foregoing Mejai's, grab Blasting Wand and Boots of Speed before finishing off Rylai's. A lot of people do not get this item on LeBlanc and I do not understand why. 500 HP, Tons of AP and all your skills gain a 15% or 35% slow! This slow stacks with E amping it up to a 60% slow which makes it even more potent with just that 1 point in it. Unless people are immune to slows, can flash multiple times away from you or simply can tank enough damage to crawl away, they aren't going anywhere except back to the fountain in a body bag.

Second Item Decision

  1. Boots of Speed +
  2. Mejai's Soulstealer / Rylai's Crystal Scepter
  3. Zhonya's Hourglass / Rabadon's Deathcap

Unless you went Ward first, you will be getting Boots right after Mejai's or while you're working on your Rylai's. Just make sure you have Boots of Speed which should last you until after your next item. Continue on to 2.

2 Sometimes I will find if you or your team has recovered after Rylai's, Mejai's isn't a bad choice. At this point though, you'll probably have lost a few stacks due to kills you've gotten, but if you're gaining momentum, you should always try to take advantage. Mejai's really is super important on LeBlanc just you basically break even with 5 stacks and more is free AP. Of course if you've gotten Mejai's first, just get Rylai's because there's simply no real reason not to.

3 If you are just not really comfortable with getting Mejai's, your next item is either Zhonya's Hourglass or Rabadon's Deathcap. Simple enough to choose, Zhonya's Hourglass if the enemy's AD Carry is fed or if Yi has successful ganks or is being very annoying. The Active on Zhonya's isn't very important on LeBlanc out of very few isolated circumstances, but having a strong AP item with Armor is a Caster's wet dream if you actually need it. Rabadon's Deathcap is the alternative since after Rylai's you will want a good boost in damage if you don't need more survivability.

Third Item Decision

  1. Sorceress Shoes / Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  2. Mercury Treads

1 The choice really comes down to 2 factors, is the enemy team mobile or not? Sorceress Shoes is a mainstay, being your Boots upgrade of choice in most situations. Ionian Boots however have a very interesting effect on LeBlanc which really does make a difference.

2 I never really found a reason to get these, I just got other items to cover for me because I simply shouldn't be getting hit that much except from Turrets and Mercury Treads doesn't save me from Physical Damage. There are people who will argue otherwise, so if you feel like you actually need Mercury Treads, get them here.

Fourth Item Decision

  1. Banshee's Veil
  2. Haunting Guise / Abyssal Scepter
  3. Zhonya's Hourglass / Rabadon's Deathcap

1 By now you should know whether you need this or not. Incredibly effective against that annoying Rammus that just chases you every chance he gets or similar champions that can shut you down with CC. Also a strong choice if you took CDR over mana regen glyphs. Do not take this item if you don't need the survivability, what it provides comes at the cost of halting your ability to keep up with the opponent's items and health growth which in LeBlanc's case can totally screw you over if you make the wrong choice.

2 There have been a lot of item combinations you could have gone through to get here. Basically what you should have is Upgraded Boots, 1 AP Survivability item and 1 Pure AP item. Next should be an item that increases your survivability while maintaining your early mid game strength. If you've been doing well, Abyssal Scepter is a good item to take, otherwise Haunting Guise is a cheaper alternative if farming is hard or you haven't been killing as much as you'd like to have.

3 My main build is Mejai's > Sorc Shoes > Rylai's meaning the next item will either be Zhonya's or Rabadon's. I would highly recommend Rabadon's Deathcap to make your long range game even more deadly and reduce the need to actually put yourself in danger. If however the enemy has a Master Yi or Ranged AD Carry that's doing really well, Zhonya's Hourglass will have to be your choice especially if you've been having close calls due to them.

Fifth Item Decision

  1. Void Staff
  2. Zhonya's Hourglass / Rabadon's Deathcap

1 At this point, you should have a good idea of what your enemies are building and if the enemy damage dealers are over 100 MR, you will want Void Staff. This is especially more important if the tanks are becoming increasingly more dangerous than the actual Carries (which in some weird instances can happen). Void Staff is a good item overall if you find your damage is just lacking and since that's really all you have, you really don't have a choice but to get this.

2 I would honestly just take the other half of Zhonya's babies. If you took Hourglass, get Deathcap and vice versa.

Other Items

  1. Rod of Ages
  2. Deathfire Grasp
  3. Archangel's Staff
  4. Will of the Ancients

1 I used to think this was a good item on all Casters, but what I found though was that it actually just slows down LeBlanc. Not by a little mind you, but by a lot. I don't need the extra mana and the health while good, isn't as important early on when it's hard for people to hit me before I kill them.

2 A lot of people have been trying DFG in their builds lately and I have mixed feelings about the item. I think it can provide enough damage to kill someone quicker, but it also requires that LeBlanc be a little bit closer to use it efficiently. However that tiny bit of range you need to move closer into is something I dislike a lot and I find it just puts her in a lot more danger and Ghost can make you miss part of your 3 shot combo and it's not uncommon already for LeBlanc to be able to Q, but not follow-up with an R already.

3 Pointless item on LeBlanc, don't need the amount of mana or mana regen on this item and there are better offensive AP items available.

5 The reason for this item is simply for the Spell Vamp, but LeBlanc really doesn't get into fights with no health and her range puts her right at the edge of pretty much any other champion's effective kill range. It's better to run and blue pill than to roll the dice on Spell Vamp making any situation more survivable for her.

How to play LeBlanc
Early Game (Level 1-5) Take a solo and play safe, don't harass with Q unless you have W or E guaranteed. It's just a waste of mana at this point if you can't get the full damage out of it. Don't force kills since LeBlanc wasn't really built with any real ability to finish people before 6. Knowing this, you will get kills when people overextend, but you shouldn't overextend to get kills because most likely you will fail and be worse off.

Early Game (Level 6-8) After getting your R, your damage sky rockets literally. You can drop those annoying stealthers from 80% unless they're setup like a tank outside of the game.

If you got a solo against 2 people, if they aren't double healers or double stunners, you can probably kill one of them if they aren't full health. Just harass a bit at level 6, waste some mana doing so, at level 7 you will blow them up unless they're turret hugging at this point.

If you got mid, if you can't kill your opponent there, don't bother. Find openings at Top or Bottom lanes to gank, level 3s or 4s are super easy kills so just go for it if you can. Teleport allows you to gank both side lanes consecutively while remaining a menace to mid which is why I continue to champion getting Teleport as one of your Summoner Spells.

Mid Game (Level 9-15) Your early game was important, but this is where a LeBlanc that isn't failing shines. Hitting level 9 opens up your poking game, just run up and Q, then run back. 10% Damage is amazing when you consider if you actually do 10% damage to your target, your full Q + R + W + E + Q combo guarantees a kill.

At level 11, you can drop DPS pretty quickly since you just got a bonus 15% damage attached to your R burst making Q + R even more potent. At this point and on, if you see anybody not building MR, you can typically kill them with just Q + R + E/W if they are even 1 level below you (if they're having a bad game and they're 3+ levels behind, Q + R kills people from almost full which is a bit ridiculous, but good to know if you're LeBlanc).

At this point during team fights, you're just jumping in, taking out who you can. You have staying power to blow multiple people up so do so. Focus on annoying Casters (including Support champions) to completely take them out of the fight, followed by AD champs, with Tanky champs last. Life is really simple for you, just Tab and pay attention to items and hit the guys with the least MR (even "Tanks" who don't build MR can be dropped to nothing by LeBlanc, keep that in mind). Use E to finish people or snare annoying people attacking you or your key team mates.

Late Mid Game (16-18) Because of the recent patch, you're so much more of a threat here. I've found that I can literally R people twice in the same fight now since I can toss out my R during the poking phase of a fight and then finish with another R at the end of the fight. With my setup and just Blue Elixir, your R is on about a 14.5 second CD. Makes escaping lost fights or overextending late game a lot easier when your W is on an 7 second timer.

Late Game Unfortunately, because of her AP Ratios, her late game scaling isn't good. Even with the buff to her R, her problem is that she's still is only good at killing squishies and getting to them is the part that gets her killed. She can't initiate like some other Casters because she doesn't have a stun and she loses escape options when she decides to commit to a fight. Squishies only need to get a Banshee's Veil to make it really hard for LeBlanc to deal with them because it simply takes too much time to kill one of them safely at that point.

Currently if you hit level 18 and you're on your 5th or 6th item against a relatively tanky team, you're probably going to lose unless you're already winning because LeBlanc's control only lasts from level 6-17. If you're losing, there's not much you can do except play solidly and take advantage of mistakes the enemies make and hope your team does the same. Also if BV is making things difficult for you, assign another champion that can break BV to just do so which will keep you somewhat effective.

Consumables & Buffs

Sight and Vision Wards I get these often. I like to always have 2 Sight Wards on me at all times if possible, which I like to buy after getting my Mejai's and Boots of Speed or if I skip that, while I'm at home buying parts for my other items. Typically for Dragon/Baron, but if my team is good enough to cover those, I like to put those wards in the enemy's jungle so I have better Teleport nodes to gank with. However, I tend to not get Vision Wards as if I need to kill wards or spot stealthers, I just grab an Oracle.

Oracle Similar to the Mejai's mentality. It's not as beneficial on you as say an Initiator or a Tank, but your safety matters too and because of the health nerf on wards now, getting Oracle is cost efficient on everybody. I will get it when stealthers are being annoying or when I just want to hunt down stealthers and blow them up. You're already a target, Oracles just makes you a tastier one when you're almost dead which makes baiting a primary tool when you can't provide anything else to the fight.

Blue and Red Elixirs After the elixir nerf, there really isn't a reason to get either anymore.

Golem Buff Don't need it. I can steal it off my enemies just fine, but if I can get it, that means I can save some money on Blue Elixirs. There isn't a huge difference between LeBlanc with and without Blue Buff so don't worry too much about it.

Lizard Buff Funny enough, I find Red Buff to be more dangerous on LeBlanc than Blue Buff, but really you shouldn't ever be getting Red Buff except from those you kill or if you're just stealing it from enemy Junglers for laughs.

Tips, Tricks, Combos & Tactics
Skill Combos LeBlanc has a lot of things she can do with her skills and it might be confusing at first with what to do so I will outline them here:
  • Q, W ~ W Harass combo from level 1-5.
  • Q, R, W, E, Q Fastest post level 6 kill combo.
  • W, Q, R, E ~ W Snipe combo on targets that are squishy and low on HP (under 60%), can exclude E if target dies before you get to it.
  • Q, E, Q, R, W, Q Best 1v1 combo against full health enemy that can't auto-attack you to death.
  • Q, E, wait for snare, R, Q, W, Q Dangerous mobile champs like Tryndamere get put down by this combo or they are forced to run.
  • W, R to chase, Q, E, Q A new combo I found works if you get CDR (Ionian Boots), it comes out fast enough to be viable for LeBlanc and does quite good damage.

Mimic Just a little something in case you never noticed: Mimic's icon changes depending on the last ability you used so if you are unsure of what it is your next Mimic will be (never know, sometimes a situation might just fluster you so much you temporarily go blank), just feel free to glance at your Ultimate's icon.

Ganking If I am on the offensive, my favorite combo is to walk out or Flash in with Q + R + W. If the target immediately runs upon seeing me, E comes after W. If they commit to the fight Q comes next followed by E. They should be close to dead by this point and you really just need to follow up with a final Q if they aren't after your E's snare ends.

Distortion Juke If you are in a bad position, especially during a gank, if you feel like you can't make it back to a safe position, run the opposite way into brush. Upon entering the brush, you can use W to jump forward and exit the end of the brush. This should force your followers to try and cut you off instead of following your line through the brush. Right when W is about to drop into CD, hit W and run the opposite direction to safety.

Another method is to run into a brush that has multiple paths connected to it and wait for the chaser to enter it and immediately jump out and run. As they follow you out of the brush hit W at the last moment before it goes on CD and then pick a path to escape from. A lot of players have trouble coping with this type of tactic and tend to give up chasing you when they get turned around.

Distortion & Mimic W + R can be used to farm entire waves and sometimes multiple stacked waves. You don't really need to have R up all the time depending on your position so if you find a nice enough pile of minions to jump on, feel free. If you're pushing, don't use W to clear waves unless you know where every enemy is. Once you feel it's dangerous, just start walking back. If stealthers are on the field, W and R periodically while you walk back to make it hard for them to just catch you. Don't try to save your jumps either if you're being chased though. Usually Flashing + W + R right away is enough to ward people from continuing to chase you even if they have a good chance of actually getting you without dying. W + R is not enough in some instances unless you can go through 2 walls.

Also as a good habit to develop, always activate W twice to put it on CD unless doing so will kill you or put you in a bad position. W is already on a pretty long CD (long enough to make a difference) and not putting on CD actually extends the wait from 12 seconds to 15 seconds before you can use it again.

Assassinations Because of how LeBlanc's distortion works, when she has farmed up to her 3rd item item, she is capable of jumping very long distances, throwing out her Q + R and teleporting back to safety without any use of Flash and outright killing people. Especially useful to know if you see anybody wandering around below 80% HP and they aren't a tank (even if they are with their entire party). If they don't have a ranged stun, there's really nothing they can do to stop you from just blinking in and killing that one person safely and retreating as long as you can do enough damage from just your Q + R.

Specific Match-Ups
Miss Fortune Hard fight for the entire game, not much you can do against her really and it's better to switch lanes with someone who can if you're really having problems. I like using Q and W to last hit against her simply because she's like Twitch except 10x more dangerous and she never gets easy. Around level 11, if you are still equal level with her, she gets a bit easier, but it becomes more about mind games and reading the player behind her. Bait her into attacking you after poking her with Q a few times and when you have a feel for her damage (and before she gets an Infinity Edge) you can wipe her out with a Q + R + E, Q + W combo by using E's snare to walk out of her auto range for a bit, then coming back with Q + W to finish her.

Tryndamere If he initiates, run away, preferably to a tower. If he dives with anything less than 2 other champs (he's an idiot and you're about to drop him) Q + E, let him hit you so the tower will hit him, you want him to Ult around the time the snare ends. If he Ults and cleanses, R him and guess where he's going to run so he can't spin away. Finish him with Q + W. Always save that W against Tryndamere, it's the difference between winning the fight or just getting away alive. Personally, he's extremely easy once you get a handle on the fight and unless he's super fed, he should be more afraid of you than anything. From personal experience against at least a dozen non-first timer Tryndameres, If he doesn't build to survive, you can drop him from full health so fast he can't even react to Ult and save his own life.

Rammus You need, NEED, NEED, Rylai's to even bother surviving against Rammus. Basically if he decides to taunt you, there's nothing you can do except run and that might be a bit hard if nobody can make him switch targets and he starts spinning towards you. My advice really isn't about beating him, but making sure he doesn't get you killed and that's basically have Rylai's and make sure you create a situation where he must chase you in a straight line and proceed to make sure you Q + E him and make sure you watch when he flashes. It's super annoying that he can flash and taunt you so fast that even if you W away, he'll still have caught you. The other issue is don't try to W past or onto Rammus when he's Powerballing. You'll simply get hit, even if you try to Q + W him to silence him. Really if you ever see Rammus going for you, especially if he decides to Flash into you, don't try to escape with W, Flash first if it's available before you W. Just stay the hell away from him best you can.

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Junior Member


One of the best LeBlanc guides I've read. +1

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Looking forward to buying Leblanc now, thanks for the effort you put into this guide.

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Junior Member


Yesterday I was playing against a Leblanc using this guide. She killed me by herself in one second with her burst early game and could still do that late game. It was fearsome. I played some arranged with her afterwards.

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Senior Member


Awesome stuff I have been owning lately with le blanc and this guide helps fine tune a bit.

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Senior Member


Yeah i love LeBlanc, although I go mejais right into Zhonyas.

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Senior Member


While I won't comment on the rest of the guide, one thing I will say is that E does more damage than W. It hits for more base and has a higher AP ratio than W, so no, it's damage is not "total ****".

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Yeah i love LeBlanc, although I go mejais right into Zhonyas.

You can definitely get Zhonya's after Mejai's, but I think a lot of people make the mistake of not getting Rylai's at all in their build (which is common when you open Zhonya's). There are a lot of extensive reasoning behind the benefits of Rylai's first and delaying Zhonya's, but because it's quite a read, I decided to just shorten it to this:

Rylai's offers you a solid 500 HP and a slow that activates on all of your abilities as well as stacks on your E's slow. This gives you the opportunity to slow people with your Q and follow-up with your R in situations where they are at max range and only your Q or R will land.

Zhonya's doesn't offer this one benefit and the damage to me is really negligible when you get Zhonya's early on. Zhonya's passive only gets better as you get more AP so why not get it when you have more AP so your damage jumps up higher, possibly catching DPS champs off-guard. People tend to not preemptively build MR against a strong LeBlanc which is a major mistake, they build after she starts devastating them and by then it's way too late.

While I won't comment on the rest of the guide, one thing I will say is that E does more damage than W. It hits for more base and has a higher AP ratio than W, so no, it's damage is not "total ****".

You're correct, however E is a 2 parter for damage. In order for it to do more damage, you must snare the target after hitting them meaning you will probably not deal the full damage guaranteed every time it hits.

I will change the wording as I was incorrect in naming E as terrible damage though when compared to W.

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Good guide

I like getting Boots of Mobility, If the opponents have no magic defense. So I can move quickly to Gank. To rack up Mejai's stacks.

Generally I think LeBlanc should be played selfishly, kill steal, run away at the first sign of trouble and never help a ganked friend, never try to protect a tower surrounded by four opponents. But I think anyone using Mejai's really would have to play this way. I does mean having competent teammates is important. I have a lot of losing games with 9:0:5 sort of stats because my team was not up to the task.

Morgana is your nemesis avoid her if you can. Her magic shield ruins everything. Ranged snares are also not fun.

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Good guide

I like getting Boots of Mobility, If the opponents have no magic defense. So I can move quickly to Gank. To rack up Mejai's stacks.

Generally I think LeBlanc should be played selfishly, kill steal, run away at the first sign of trouble and never help a ganked friend, never try to protect a tower surrounded by four opponents. But I think anyone using Mejai's really would have to play this way. I does mean having competent teammates is important. I have a lot of losing games with 9:0:5 sort of stats because my team was not up to the task.

Morgana is your nemesis avoid her if you can. Her magic shield ruins everything. Ranged snares are also not fun.

I don't actually even upgrade boots until very late because I just don't find I really need to. I play a very mobile game and I like to be all over the map, but I find simply walking around with boots of speed and saving teleports for ganks is enough. That means if I'm ahead, I'm willing to walk back to my lane instead of teleporting to it early on so I can teleport to a ward near Top/Bot to gank whenever there's an opportunity I can't take advantage of by simply walking there.

When I eventually do upgrade my boots, typically for Sorc Shoes, it's because 30 MPen (20 from shoes, 10 from runes, oh and 15% from masteries) is just so good considering how many times you make use of it in one standard combo (count at least 8 times). That's a lot of mileage for 1 stat and I love it.

Also Morgana isn't actually all that hard to me really. From my experience, she's only tough until level 9 for LeBlanc, then you start rapidly owning her. She's a Caster, you're LeBlanc. Her Q kills Black Shield and without Black Shield, Morgana can't stop you unless you let her snare and ult you. If she Black Shields, break it with Q immediately. 1 Q will blow up Black Shield and you can wait for your next Q to attack with. Remember that your Q is on at most a 5 sec CD, Black Shield is at around 12-13 secs without any items or blue elixir that reduces CD further than 15%. If you can't kill her in 6 seconds, I see a big problem. You can Q her twice before her Black Shield is off CD is your full combo and there's really nothing she can do about it except cleanse, ghost and pray.

LeBlanc > Casters.