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l24G3 K1NG



Make a Q that opperates like so

- If someone dodges Q, instead of re-entering just put someone else of the same or close to the same ELO level ( within 50-100 would be nice )

- If someone Afk's for more than 5 minutes boot them, then put someone else of the same with in same 50-100 Elo level in to take there place.

How I believe it should work.

Make a selection under the " Play button " out of the 4 that are there add a 5th one called " Abandonned games " or somthing, have a list of games that shows the character they AFKED on, how long they have been afk, how long the game has been going for, as well the current champions who are in the game ( both your team and the opponents )

Doing this I have no clue weather more or less people will AFK in games or just Rage quit. But with your new Q dodgeing thingy you can kinda make these 2 things work together.

I am no computer person ( I just use them to game out :P not much I can do on them )

Just an Idea, woundering if anyone find's it interesting, let me know!

K thx


EDIT: I would also like to ask if riot could do this!!

Would you be able to make a "normal" verson of an aram?? I supose it would be a 6th selection... but only being able to play 2 or 3 ARAMS and getting 71 ip for it is pretty lame.... they can be longer than a normal game... they can also be shorter... but i like to play arams, they are very fun. It just makes it seem like a big waste of time getting no Ip...

Im not asking for like 150 ip, but 80+ would be nice, and to be able to play them in a " normal " mode you can play more than 2-3 and still get IP for it!!!

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