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Over heating quick fix's

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To assist me in addressing these issues please post specs of MacBook laptops or the Mac you are using thank you!

First certain software platforms for mac dont support the Automatic graphic switching fix.

A few things that might help however are as follows

1. Verify and repair disk permissions using Disk Utility
2. If you have bootcamp installed and have partioned your main drive you should unpartion it. that is if you can do with out it
3. there are some very handy programs to help improve your computers performance. Download IDefrag it is amazing and free. use this to defragment your hard drive. When updates from League happen sometimes there is inconsistencies in the files being replaced. Defragmenting will help make your hard drive run smoother and lower the processing required to runt he game.
4. If your using an older mac book replace the battery as a faulty battery can cause many problems including over heating.
5. Clean up extraneous files from your desktop and your applications folder. Believe it or not the more you have on your desktop requires the slightest extra processing by your mac.
6. If these problems continue after you have followed these steps and reduced your graphics in-game to a playable point there is one ultimate solution that works 100%! Buy an elevated cooling fan for your laptop. if usb ports are a problem get a usb splitter for your keyboard and the fan. In all this costs only 15 dollars and will greatly reduce over heating your laptop.
7. also this seems trivial but placing your metal laptop on a hardwood surface greatly increases the heat of the mother board. Try elevating the corners of the laptop via mcguyver methods so the heat doesnt get absorbed and reflected back to the underside of your laptop. I hope this helps as i too have had this problem many times!

Best of luck if i think of any other methods i will repost but i highly recommend downloading IDefrag and defragmenting your hard drive it works wonders!

Let me know if this help

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I have been looking into this issue with other Mac users utilizing the older series of Mac book pros.

There is one problem with utilizing the energy saver fix

System preferences-> energy saver

You are presented with two options for certain Mac book bros

Higher performance or energy saver option where you can select to turn of auto graphic switching.

Warning by utilizing the energy saving option you will experience lower fops and performance In game regardless of graphic settings!

Higher performance option however result in the over heating issue.

To counter this either max out smc fan control or utilize a cooling device for your laptop aka a fan

I point of interest is that all have told me this overheating issue is a result of the last patches that have taken place.

I am still investigating possible fixes please let me have your input on this matter

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Associate Software Engineer


All good tips