FPS Issues with LoL..

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Recently I've been getting allot of FPS drops while playing LoL which is more then frustrating as you can probably imagine. I did some testing with a friend of mine who plays on a Dell Laptop while we were both playing at the same time in the same room hooked up to the same wifi and everything I was getting massive fps drops while he was sitting there with absolutely no issues. I adjusted my visual settings and everything to try and reduce the problem and still nothing has worked.

Going to hold out on LoL for a while until there is a confirmation on whether or not this is a bug or my computer.

Thanks guys.

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Hey there my friend!

Luckily there are a few ways to fix this problem.

First go to system preferences and then go to the [B]ENERGY SAVER[B] options.

Depending on the make and model of your MacBook your are presented with two options

Higher performance and better battery life ( something along those lines)

If you are not worried about over heating your mother board or you have a fairly new Mac make sure you have selected the higher performance option

This will make you have to relog into your computer but you should see your FPS in a game rise about 10-30 frames.

Let me know if this helps and post your specs and graphic settings in game thanks and best of luck!