Elise Human Form W Bug

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When elise (human form) use W into a wall, the spider doesn't appears.
Here is a video of it.
Also a link to a reddit thread about it: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflege..._w_human_form/
In "human" form whenever i would W near an obstacle instead of popping on you and walking the path u aimed her to be, the spider don't appear at all.
I have had this glitch happen so many times now when elise jungling I am surprised and a little shocked it hasn't been fixed.

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actually this has been happening to me alot, iv noticed on multiple occasions i cast W and nothing happns it makes the activation noise but no spiderling and no damage either, its not into a wall for me its on minions or champs, i dint know if i needed to make a thread on this or just tag onto this this one but for know ill leave it here hope this helps