Gangplank was the OP, still the OP

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Gankplank is moderately OP.

The real problem is the RUNES. Crit dmg runes are out of control. I thought they were nerfed when the Rune testing period ended. I thought it was supposed to be 30% max, but woah was I wrong.

It's the reason twitch can be op, yi, tryn, corki, ashe blah blah - Crit dmg ruens. I'm tired of seeing these 'physical carries are OP' or 'Yi is OP' threads. It's the crit dmg ruens, that's what puts them over the top.

I really wish they would have addressed this instead of nerfing cleanse, like that wasthe problem. It just made it so melee champs could get in on the fun. Now the ranged physical carries are still all the rage.