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Skarner Rework coming to PBE

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Honestly after playing him on the day or two he was out I felt pretty strong with him.
I played skarner since release and seeing him fall off pretty hard during season 3 was a big disappointment to me. The update feels right though. The major difference I feel is that he his much faster than he used to be and is more reliant on his speed than on his slow. The gameplay window for this is huge because its way easier to itemize around it than the previous skarner.
I like the work that's going in and want to figure out more of the new skarner!

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Stampede EU

Senior Member


Immediate kneejerk: 300 base at Rank 5 is WAY too high, especially after the 4s CDR and even considering the loss of the Fracture heal. I'd go for 80/130/180/230/280.

Translation: "I never played Skarner before, I will never play him again when he hits live, but in my expert opinion a 50 ****ty shield points and +0.2 extra ratio is totally overpowering for a champion that lost half his attack speed, his permaslow and his healing."

Your opinion has been noted. Feel free to gtfo now.