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Bots playing Dominion (advanced bots)

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Junior Member


More botz: CargAareGdq, Qiewro, Khoier

They seem to play in set of three. Encountered them twice in Dom, once on my team, once on enemy team.

They seems to be obvious bots. Ex, If you interrupt a capture they will stand there and be killed.

Gonna take a break from Dom, as I don't want to be on their team again.

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You can figure out who the bots are in the lobby because first of all they all run heal and ghost (as previously mentioned) and I don't know if anyone has said this yet but they pick a champ and then switch to another champ and auto lock. It's especially obvious when there are two because it'll happen at the exact same time.

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Scary Ferryman

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I am seeing many "bots" in the dominion PVP mode as well. I dont know what is going to be done about this, but I get paired with "bot" players around 10/10 of my dominion games. When I search their summoner names in websites like Lolking or na.op.gg, the summoner apparently doesn't exist, sort of confirming this "bot" conspiracy. They have similar names, build similar items, pick ghost and heal, and usually have the summoner icon that bots in the AI mode use. When the battle begins, they usually stay at spawn for a few seconds before departing. They stand around whenever their point is being taken or when they are interrupted getting a point. They also dive into enemy turrets all the time even when its an obvious suicide. They do not communicate during games. BTW I DONT MEAN CO-OP VS AI I MEAN PVP NORMAL BLIND PICK PVP