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EDIT : in hindsight, sorry for wall of text, but this is my story :P. Since it's not a technical difficulty, most people can skip over.

Hello fellow summoners,

As is common courtesy when asking for extra-ordinary boons, I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Ploki122, been an NA summoner since my very first day of LoL, back around Graves or Xerath release (just got past my 2nd "cake day"). I started off, like mostly everybody playing the champions I like. I must say I really loved Nidalee, because of how she could turn to cougar and jump around, and poppy because she looks awesome(even though she'll have to undergo VU eventually T.T). Then, by the time I started ranked, I had to settle for a role I was excelling at. I started rankeds as a top laner and jungler, using mainly Jarvan 4 and sometimes Alistar, and ended up discovering I was pretty bad. Played a littel bit discovered spport and I became a support main.

So, season 2 I ended a few victories short of Gold (~50 pts iirc, down to 20-30 in my peaks), playing support and mid. Missing Victorious Janna wasa sad day. Until then, I grinded a few cheesy strats like OP champions and unnerfed things (like Zed and AP Tryn, respectively) to no avail. So basically, I played most of Season 3 in Silver 2-4. Oftentimes, when I reached Silver 2, I ended up losing 1-2 games because of misplays, and 2-3 games because of AFKs and terribad players, which got me a few in-game warnings (yeah, they are totally at fault). I didn't care, I kept playing (although I dropped out a few times, kudos to RiotDudeBro for keeping my hopes up).

I ended up playing mostly Karma and Poppy as my mains, still a support main, with a fallback plan on top (Karma/Poppy) and mid (Karma). Now, everything's fine and dandy, I get flamed 1 game out of 2 for playing those "trash" picks, I was ok with that since I knew what I was getting into. As I rose a bit higher, people started stealing support away from me, after I picked, and after they called something else. Playing ranked was getting sadder and sadder. From times to times I got teams that accepted my picks (and even sometimes encouraged). From times to times I had victories. The correlation wasn't 1:1, but extremely close. As I got used to playing those picks (I already had a fair background of Karma pre- and post-rework, and watched a Zekent and Diamond play Poppy extensively, so it didn't take too long), I started carrying more and more, and I managed to break the Silver 2 barrier of AFKs. the correlation isn't inexistant, but very close to that.

In the end, I pulled off something like a 17-4 Poppy streak and 4-1 Karma (with maybe 1 jungle gragas loss and 1 support fidd win in there) to reach Gold 5. So here is where my quest starts. I filed a support ticket (#8404314) to get more information on my lucky streak, but he answered me that they didnT' have the information I required or didn't have the rights to diffuse it. What I asked was pretty simple, a kind of log of my reports (I'm probably even in tribunal and would deserve a warning/temp ban... I was pretty toxic at times after being demoted 4 times in a row, 3 of that being caused by AFKs). even if it's not an exact log, I would've love to know trends. How much more toxic was I before swapping champions and winning. how many honors/reports were given to my team while I was playing Poppy/Karma... I know for a fact that some of those were duos , and they chose from Champion Select that picking poppy was a reportable offense, and like the dickhead I am, I gave them fodder for reports (flamed a little bit). I also know that I honored every single ADC that didn't complain about my picks, and the whole team if I didn't get flamed once during the game even if I sometimes lost lane.

My other inquiry was to get an extended match history/log of that streak. Nothing big, in order from most important to least, I would love to have : my pick, game result (win/loss), my score, both teams' picks, their scores.

Basically, I'm trying to get a proof of my succes to Gold 5, since I believe it was quite the turn around, where I managed to finally get out of my ELO hell, thanks to "****ty" picks. So please based Riot, hear my plea, and allow your baseborn poppy player some memento.

TL;DR : I got to gold 5 playing mainly support poppy, I would love to get a "trendy" log of my reports, and a log of my matches during that poppy/karma streak.

EDIT2: If you liked my wall of text, and want a more detailed and/or better formatted one, I wrote a post in the community the day after I hit gold

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First and last bump, I've sown the seeds, now I hope to reap.