Taric re-work idea

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I think Riot should re-work taric because though his combat animations are good ,but his walking animation isn't, his feet are to big. They should do a re-work or just a new animation for him. I like it how they are starting to re-work old champs and i think taric needs one. Also, his armor is not to great. Its alright but i think riot can do a better job. His passive is pretty much useless thats why he is being less and less under played.

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May want to specify that you wanted a visual update rather than a rework. Came here thinking you had an idea to change his kit.

When I look at Taric, I think that he's a champ with just enough bulky pieces on him to cover up any real visual issues aside from spasms which never happen. Personally I think that in the art-upgrading department, Riot should put more effort into adjusting the splash arts rather than the in-game models (I'm looking at you Shadow Evelynn).

Coming to this site just makes me sad at a handful of the NA artwork: http://leaguecraft.com/lol-splash-art/