Legacy vs Limited

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Hello, Riot I hope you see this and if not maybe it starts a discussion that you do see.
So in the whole "LIMITED vs LEGACY" debate there are obviously those who think limited are bad and those who think they are good and hold rank.
Now, I want to be fair and say - bringing back Headless Hec, Zombie Ryze, Kitty Cat Kat, etc. that MAKES SENSE - they should only be available during halloween and those who buy them should be able to use them throughout the year. And if you happen to join the game and you see that skin that you desperately need, you can wait for it to be released again. this makes a lot of sense. Snowdown skins, Lunar Revel, etc. should also follow the same policy.

HOWEVER; SOME skins SHOULD be limited. For example the Championship Thresh skin, It is meant to COMMEMORATE the Season 3 World Championships. Thus, those who were around for the S3 Finals should be allowed to purchase the skin. however, if this game continues going for a while in season, say, 17 it doesn't really make sense to be able to purchase a Season 3 World Final skin, when you weren't even there to commemorate Season 3. Even if you DO like the skin, its a prestige, a token to show how long you have been around and how Riot rewarded you for your loyalty and commitment to the game. There are PLENTY of skins, those few - Championship, Victorious, SKT/TPA, PAX skins - those SHOULD be limited, because they commemorate an event that happend with the game. Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year - they happen every year, but those events that only happen once should be exclusive. If PAX TF were to start going on sale again, it would become worthless - because that skin, as badass as it looks, is more about prestige and rarity than it is about animations or graphics.

In my personal opinion, Legacy should be the norm for "rare" skins, but those few occasional skins, those which happen once in a life time - THOSE should be limited edition. This is just my opinion of course, feel free to leave yours, but it makes the most sense to me.

TL;DR - Most "rare" skins should be legacy, however some skins like Championship, Victorious, PAX, TPA/SKT, should be limited - as a reward to those who have been around. The harrowing/Snowdown comebacks are cool - but Championship Thresh should be Limited Edition.

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I agree with you completely, and going forward I think that is a good model. However, I do not think that it is O.K. for Riot to retrospectively change their policy on these limited edition skins.