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LeaverBuster FAQ

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Player Someone

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I am just as bad. Sorry. I won't judge. I will forgive.

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Do queue dodges at champion select count against one's leaver level?

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think this got sidetracked, point being is since the devs dont seem to be trying to think of a solution...ive named one lol
IP Bans

leaverbuster even more broke,i finished a game....went afk, to come back to hit play button saying i have to leave the match im in b4 that and if i do i get a time penalty..

so now u dont even have to "leave" a match to get bad honor to
this system is broken and it is an ez fix,like the other guy said 20 leave points and ur banned type of thing is cool cuz people wouldnt wanna be banned if its ip...and if u can bring it up then it shouldnt be a problem considering ur only puttin in what you already took out...no more ill make another account or use so and so's

and if bans are longer, would deter people from leaving to go do other stuff, cuz when u get back ud still be banned for ruining 20mins of 5 other peoples time...omg 10 mins of not being able to play( chances are afk for the 10)..when 4 others gettin destroyed for 20mins b4 they can surrender yet

idk why its so hard of a concept, even make it 50 points...bet peeps smarten up when u start threatening their ability to be able to play.

just for icing on the cake,wonder how many times people left a game to go out or somethin mid match and are like....aint gonna be back for hours whats 10mins? lmao o god 1 day cuz i left 500 games...big punishment /logs onto another account

IP bans, and serious ones= prob fixed....if u dont then well, whats your idea besides nit pickin everyone elses and implementing nothing besides whats proven not to work?

helping or making it worse is the only 2 routes to take

"dont be that guy"

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Daniel Dragon



Yea i like the system but thing that sucks is that when i leave its only cause of my parents and i keep getting banned

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Can you lessen the penalty for leaves as the game drags on? Because it says somewhere that you should make sure you have 40 min of playing time before starting a 5v5, yet, some games end up lasting over an hour and I often have to leave because the game is double the length of time I had commited

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I for one think that if there was an option to surrender in the early game as well, there would be less leavers. Okay, maybe leaving at that time period isn't a nice thing to do, but if you are getting completely crushed, are 7 levels behind the enemy, and feel like smashing your computer into tiny little bits, at least having the option to surrender would give an alternative to just leaving.

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Obviously you can't IP ban when such a gigantic portion of people play from internet cafes... Makes no sense to do that.

EDIT: Also, people have rotating IP's and change physical addresses all the time. They could also just go from their home to an internet cafe if you ban their home IP.

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Q: This sucks. I just leave when my teammates are newbs.
A: Newbs hate it when people leave too.
and what about trolls? People that jump into lobbies with the full intention of feeding or griefing and when you try to surrender they just vote "no". If I get banned based on this I guess I'll just go to DOTA instead that has a better regulations with dealing with newbs and trolls.

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Then stop playing.

People in my clan that drop out a lot or get dc'ed a lot, don't get invited to games.

We might like them, but if they are ruining our games, they are not welcome.

Same should apply globally.

Agreed. No excuse should be made... It's both unfair to the losing and the winning teams... cause the winners don't even get a challenge... granted they abuse this... and in some cases I have won a 4 vs 5 game and even 3 vs 5... but It's not fun... It's actually humiliating for the losing team and even the winning team at times... when i see players say things like "thank god they dced..." i actually feel sad cause my team should not be resorting to these inconveniences...

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On December 14th, we launched our automated leaver banning system. The purpose of this system is to disuade players from leaving games. We do this first by giving a warning, and then banning in larger and larger increments when players leave games.

This system works a lot like a driver's license points system. Every time you leave, we consider you to be a bit more of a leaver. Eventually, we punish you. Conversely, not leaving a game for a long time, and just not leaving in general, both make us consider you in better standing.

Q: I just got disconnected from two games! Am I Going to get banned?
A: Probably not. The system will nail you only for a pattern of doing this. Two leaves may be sufficient to give you an automated warning, but it is not likely to ban you in MOST situations.

Q: This sucks. I just leave when my teammates are newbs.
A: Newbs hate it when people leave too.

Q: This sucks, my internet is terrible because [insert provider here] is horrible. Is there a God? This isn't fair.
A: You are ruining other people's experience if you are frequently leaving, regardless of the reason you are leaving. Riot games has a policy of not answering theological questions.

Q: How long can I get banned for?
A: The automated system can ban you for anywhere between 1 hour and 7 days for any particular issue. However, we will be sweeping the records, and will periodically perma-ban people that hit the 7 day ban too many times.

Q: How do I 'work off' leaves?
A: You can points either through time (having no penalties for several weeks), and through every game you complete in matchmaking that was not a leave.

Q: Are ranked, normal and practice games treated differently?
A: At present, we give double penalties on ranked game leaves, because like, it's a bigger deal. We don't track leaves for purpose of leave banning in practice games at present.

Q: Can I get a leave for quitting a co-op vs AI game?
A: Yes. You are also abandoning your fellow players there.

Q: I left a lot in the past. Does this mean I will find myself banned automatically?
A: No. This only applies to your future actions. If you have not already been banned for leaving, consider it a holiday gift from us to you, and a chance at redemption. Don't abuse it, because a ban will be coming quickly if you DO leave a significant amount in the future.

Q: I'm a paying user. Shouldn't I get a bit of leniency on this?
A: No, we are firmly against leaving, and we won't condone leaving in any way.

*Updated April 11th, 2011.
so whats you point here 1 ifu have to go make dinner thats idleing if u have the police knock on your thats idleing if u have a life and u do this dureing your free time thats idleing not in the mood for your screwed up systems riot fix em and change em