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[Guide] Twitch -- AKA John J. Rambo, the Rage-Inducing Steamloller

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Action Jonny:
So I finally got enough IP on my alt account to buy Twitch today. Ive been playing around 3 months and hes never been on free rotation in that time so ive only ever seen others play him and they usually did bad.

The removal of crit rate now requires you to have somewhat crit rate runes to be decent as Twitch early on, but its not that much important (I row 15% crit rate from runes and 2% from masteries so its a 17% start.)

Anyways you should be fine with atleast 7% crit rate from Runes and masteries as a starting point but i would suggest going for 14~15% like me.

For newbies Twitch would appear somewhat difficult at first but as you savor the game further with him , you get a better gasp and understanding.
In reality, i found Twitch to be one of the most effective early game champions and to be honest - one of the strongest. (The lot of people that claim that Twitch is a weak mid just haven't experienced playing against a good one, which is rare nowadays)
The game interval that Twitch usually shines is around level 1~5 and level 10~15 (If your fed) , 15~18 regardless (since you should be fully geared up by now)
As you can see, from lv6 to 10 is pretty much your blank spot, at this time most champions start getting chunky and you still haven't spinned up enough AD to take them out quickly so you lag behind a bit, and your ultimate is rather useless until you have a better amount of AD.

Lets first talk about your summoner spells, alot of things changed so Cleanse isn't viable anymore , so the only real spell you can count on is Flash today, Ghost is also a choice but its not as effective since slows can negate it pretty badly.

What is your main objective with Twitch?
Thats right, its ganking and trying to get fed early!
So Ignite is your best bet on being more successful with it.
Ignite is generally a early game spell that gets a bit less useful towards the end since its:
1. Single target
2. Doesn't deal enough damage to really matter when your geared up
But it surely increases your potential gank success by alot and i mean it.
If you can micro manage your champion well and can estimate the success rate of a kill, then its a easy play for Twitch.

Let me give you a example, for instance your playing against Ez or Miss Fortune, both are level 4 and you both have 700 HP. The reason your going to win this fight if everything is fair is because:
1. Ambush provides you with a element of surprise, allowing you to get 1-2 first hits in.
2. It gives you increased AS and a advantage over them.
3. You have ignite and explunge which are huge damage bursts early.

Ignite hits for 225 at level 4.
Your explunge hits for 60+30 each stack.
Your attack should be around 60 by the time.
The enemy should have around 20% dmg reduction and 25% MR reduction.

With these stats, you have to ignite him and he/she loses health down to 475, after that you have to get in 5-6 extra shots to kill them off.
Since you do 50 dmg per hit and explunge is a extra 25 dmg per poison stack plus its a base 48 damage burst.

In total as you can see, out of 5-6 shots you get him down by 400~470 damage, and that pretty much kills them, but if you have crit runes, theres also a chance for double damage and it can hasten the process even more.

Whilst MF and Ez can't overpower you with their early busts since both MF and Ez have their lowest cooldowns at 5 seconds so Ez can burst out about 150 damage then fight the rest of the fight with auto attacks and MF can do about the same amount.

The only way you can fail is if he decides to run and not give you enough time to get in 5-6 shots, but often that doesn't happen since everyone underestimates Twitch, also don't land your ignite as soon as you ambush them, at first fight them off a bit so you can be sure that they are going to stay for the fight, or you'll just waste it and also be sure your plenty of distance away from their caster creeps since those land 15 damage per hit and can screw up your gank quite a bit.

Generally as you can see, Twitch can pretty much overpower any champion on mid at early levels if they don't have a escape mechanism or exhaust, so you should need to only gasp the opportunity and think with your head a bit and estimate your chances.

Twitch is also considered to have one of the best AD ratios early on, so his seaming weak attack is just your imagination.

These ganks are even more successful if your target is lower on health since it takes little to no time to kill someone with explunge + ignite, i've had plentiful events even when i would kill someone near a tower since they decided to let their guard down while having 200-300 health.

You should also always remember and consider that Twitch with r5 explunge has a burst of 200~250 damage (1 shot + e after) after one hit, so you can pretty much tower dive and finish someone off if he is that low, or even if he has more health if you can land ignite on too.

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So, i didnt go through all 13 pages but, I seem to do pretty successful starting with a dorans blade+redpot, soloing, and building up to brown boots and a total of 3 dorans blades. Ive only played twitch several times. I use flash and teleport for summoner spells.
I then rush IE and usually finish it extremely early, and soon after this, the game usually ends, so i havent been able to build much farther..

Rydog, can you tell me why you prefer your build, over this one?

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I can't speak for rydog, but I prefer doran's shield over blade for the simple fact that if you're running a blade, you're attacking for your hp regen. Twitch is a MONSTER at zoning if he gets the chance, and if you have to be autoattacking constantly to regen your health, you're just going to push your creeps against the enemy tower.

I'm wondering if it's worth it to keep the arpen marks now that they've been nerfed. Would it be smarter to go a different direction with that now?

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TA DA!!!

last whisper got NERFED

now does +40 dmg instead of 40% attack speed

( awesome build is not awesome

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At last, I have utilized this guide to carry a hopeless team of normal solo queue scrubs to victory. The whole game their Amumu was talking **** about how bad myself and Tryndamere were (Trynd was bad though, he and Fiddles almost fed the enemy to victory) and my teammates were running in too far and dying like idiots. But, I stuck to the adage that John J Rambo only gets into fights he can win and managed to carry them somehow.

Attached screenshot of awesome! Was even planning on a Madred's Bloodrazor if the game lasted long enough.

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Doctor Unity



I get Yoomu's Ghostblade, Soto if i am with friends, then infinity edge.... then whatever

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