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High School Champions: Katarina's first Day!

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Reina Kissryil

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Chapter 6: Day off from school

The next morning Talon awoke quietly after hearing the TV on down stairs, as he awoke he notice weight on him. He looked down and found Katarina halfway on top of him. He blushed slightly but realized that she was still asleep. Her head laid on his chest and her boy was halfway over him. Her left leg laid over his mid section as her hands still gripped his shirt. The bed sheet was almost off the bed due to Katarina's restless sleeping. Talon gently put his hand on her shoulder and realized that her skin was cold. He quickly put the covers back over both of them and he stroked her hair. Still feeling sleepy from the on and off rain he feel asleep again, holding her close to him.

(In the living room)
Mr. Du Couteau sat in the living room watching TV on the couch not noticing that it's missing some pillows. As he watched the his morning shows he decided to put in a DVD to watch that he picked up on the way home. Putting it in he felt for a pillow to put by his neck as he would usually lay down while watching TV. Finally realizing that the pillows were gone he pondered as to if Katarina had took them to the wash. Then as he looked around the room he found Talon's shoes by the door, his bag by the TV, slightly damp and the wet clothes of both his daughter and Talons in the basket with a label on it "To be washed". He them put two and two together. "Talon must have slept here due to the sudden rain." He said to himself.

He immediately checked his bedroom and was relieved that he wasn't in the room. He then sighed and figured he must have slept in his daughters room. A grin came over his face, then a tear feeel out of his eye.

"Oh! My daughter has finally accepted womanhood...Talon, I applaud you youthful desires. Good going my boy!" He said out loud. "Opps! I hope that didn't wake them up, oh well I guess I'll make a big breakfast for them huehuehue."

He then made breakfast as he watched the movie he brought home. As he masterfully handled the knife he chopped up the fruit and made some side sandwiches. After about on hour into the movie Katarina silently awoke. Realizing that she was "All over Talon" she smiled. Upon feeling his arm around her waist and hips she gently removed his hand and opened the bedroom curtains. Looking for clean clothes to put on she grabs some fresh underwear from the drawer and started to put them on starting with her bra.

Talon then awoke quietly and couldn't feel Katarina on him anymore. After looking around to find her he caught her dressing and got another eye full. He then sighed. "Aren't you tired of doing that?" He asked her sleepily. Katarina turned around to him and smiled at him with her lips folded in.

"What are you so happy about?" Talon asked nonchalantly.

Katarina looked at him with soft eyes. "You're really warm and I slept surprisingly well. Thank you." She said. Talon turned and sit on the bed still were all his clothes.

"I only did what you asked. No need to thank me." He said embarrassed. Katarina put on her underwear and approached him. He looked up at her.

"What..." He said looking at her.

"Did you like it last night?" She asked with her cheeks red.

"Kat?" He asked.


"You're blushing!"

"So are you."

Talon knew he was blushing, how couldn't he? She stood there wearing underwear any man would be a little aroused. "Why Kat?" He asked her as her looked her in her eyes.

"Why what?"

"Why did you ask me to do that last night?"

Katarina paused at the question. Why? She didn't know how to answer it.


"Kat, Talon, breakfast is ready!" Mr. Du Couteau said from the kitchen as he interrupted Katarina.

"Dad, probably knows you slept in here."

"If it's your father there is nothing you can hide from him. The guy's like a hawk." Talon said.

"He'll misunderstand."



"Put some clothes on?"

"Yeah! Sure..."

Talon washed his face and headed down stairs. He then saw Mr. Du Couteau standing in the kitchen preparing the plates. He then sees Talon.

"Yo!" He said casually.

"Since was "Yo" a way to greet people in the morning?!" Talon replied.

He then approached Talon as he presented him with his breakfast. "Hehehe, so how was it huh? Did you enjoy it? huh huh?"

Talon looked up at the man. "Huh..." he then caught on. "Wait what...no sir you got it all wrong I slept on the floor!" Talon defended.

"Hehe, on the floor huh...then why are you blushing?"

"It's because of the question, you asked. I-I C-Could never d-do that to Kat!" He stuttered.

He moved in closer slowly. "Ehhh, you are stuttering. Something did happen...eh, eh?"

Talon sighed. "I give up!"

"YES!" Du Couteau yelled out in victory with a fist pump.

Katarina came down the stairs afterward. "So much noise in the morning as usual father."

"Ah! My lovely daughter, you appear to have glow this morning."

Katarina glared at Talon and Talon nodded his head and waved his hands in defense. She blushed Slightly.

"Typical father, always jumping to conclusions."

Du Couteau then smiled at her. "I'm happy for you."

"NOTHING HAPPENED!" She yelled back in defense.

"Anyway, looks like the school is closed due to the city being under flood watch. I guess the two of you have all day together." He said.

"Yeah! That's what I heard on the news yesterday too." Katarina said.

"Talon, someone called you on your cell phone this morning. I told her you were sleeping." Du Couteau said casually.

"Ah! I see, thank you." Talon thanked him.

"Well look who's popular." Katarina teased.

Talon ignored her and immediately went for his cell phone to call her. Going outside the house he dialed her number. "Must be someone important." Du Couteau said.

"Yeah! I bet it is..." Katarina said under her breath as she grabbed the plate of Breakfast and sat in on the couch to watch TV. Mr. Du Couteau looked at Katarina with a clueless look on his face.

(On the phone)

"Hey handsome, did you sleep well?" Ashe asked.

Talon smiled. "Yes. What about you?"

"I slept ok. But it was unusually chilly last night. I wish you were there to hold me." She said.

"Yeah, tell me about it." He responded.

"So, was that Katarina's dad that answered your phone this morning?"


(A few minutes later)
Talon came back inside and Katarina and her father was playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. "Yes! Looks like I win again hun." Du Couteau shouted out.

"Immposible!" Katarina said in shock as she looked at the game screen with her defeat. "That was my perfect team. My Vergil didn't even get a hit on you."

"Ofcourse! Vergil can't beat my awesome Sentinel, Hulk, Haggar team of pure awesomeness! Muahahahahahahaha!" He laughed loudly.

"I need more practice!" Kataraina she to herself.

Talon passed by to see the score. "3 to 0" He smirked. "Wow, looks like Kat can't handle the big ones huh?!"

"You hush! Why don't you give it a shot "Big guy!"" She defended.

"Well of course! Don't mind if I do." Talon then took the controller from Katarina who sat and watched her dad fight Talon.

(3 matches later)


Du Couteau looked at the screen with a horrified look. "Looks like I won again." Talon returned to him. Katarina looked at the screen.

"I didn't know C.Viper, Wesker and Spencer made that great of a team." She commented.

"Ofcourse! With a mixture of Wesker's several counters and C.Vipers massive high damage combp's with Spencer, who is arguably one of the best anchors in the game my team is the perfect fit for me." He responded.

"I see...so it's not who is strong. It's who works best for you!" She said.

"Oh! I gotta get ready soon. Ashe is coming for me." He said as he walked away.

"Going out?" Du Couteau asked.

"Yeah...a friends house." He said.

"I see." He said.

Talon put his wet school clothes in the washing machine then looked for his casual out clothes he left there before a couple days ago. After finding them in Katarina's closet he quickly pressed them and headed for the bath.

(In the living room)

"Dad?" Katarina said catching his attention.

"What is it hun?"

"Talon and I aren't like what you think we are you know and nothing happened last night. And besides, he's got a girlfriend now." She said.

"Ah! I see...but how do you feel about Talon Kat?" He asked her.


"The two of you have gotten closer together, and this morning you seemed to have a glow. I'm not gonna ask you what happened last night because it's non of my business. But I you really like him, then you need to let him know how you feel or he will slip away from you." He said in a serious tone.

Katarina looked at her father with a curious yet attentive expression. "Take it from me hun." He proceeded. "I learnt that the hard way with your mother and I'm not gonna try to be her either. But Talon, I believe he'll be a really great man for you. You shouldn't be afraid to express your feelings to him. After all...at least it will put your heart and uneasiness to rest." He told her. "Love is not something to keep inside. Let it out."

Talon was ready to leave as he waited on Ashe's driver. To come for him, it was now evening time and the rain seemed to cease.

(1 hour later)
There was knocking on the door.

"Talon I think your ride is here." Du Couteau said. Katarina answered the door only to be greeted by a middle aged man dressed in a tux. The man bowed to her, removing his hat in the process.

"Good evening madam! I've come to pick up Talon. Is he here?" He man asked politely.

"Yes, he'll be down now." She answered him.

"Than you very much, young lady Du Couteau."

"How do you know me?"

"I'm sure everyone knows the Du Couteau's that name is rather famous from the acheivement of your father of course. One day in sure your name will be plastered on the buildings of the city as well." He commented.

"Well...thank you for that. I hope so too." She responded.

Talon then came down stairs and went to the door. "Thank you Kat." He said with a smile.

"Shall we go young master Talon?" The man asked.

"Yes, please. And it's just "Talon"." He said.

"Of course Master Talon."

"Master Talon huh...is that what she calls you?" Katarina teased.

"You hush!" He then sighed. "I'll be seeing you later Kat. Take care of your dad." And with that the driver opened the door for Talon and they drove off.

Upon Talon's leave Katarina's expression changed to a slightly sad one. She never liked it when Talon would leave her even if it was only a little, but she would never admit that. Talon was really the only person that understood her fully and would never betray her. But after listening to what her father told her, she may have to make her move on him soon. Before he slips away from her forever.

Katarina's thoughts drifted to when the embraced each other last night. She then shook her head. As she watched the car leave over the horizon.

((A/O: I wanted to make this chapter a bit more "Down to eaerth" and less over the top and more of a character development chapter for the characters especially for Katarina and her father. I especially like the conflict of both Katarina's mind and Talon's. I've yet to fully decided what happens in the next chapter but I'll think of something.))

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Big Matt G

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this is really good i couldn't stop reading, cant wait for the next part!

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Footie 117



Best Varus KR:
MMMMMMMM This is good!

But nitpicking is also fun.

You're supposed to spell the last name of Katarina as "Couteau" and not "Couteou."

"Talon smiled from ear to ear. "Yes, she should be getting ready now, if not already in the bath." He said grinning evily."
I don't think "evily" is a fitting word, let alone if it's a real word at all. ^_^ You could use "devilishly" or something.

I'm so lazy and I have to leave for school soon so I'm not going to edit anything else.

Otherwise, this is a good start! I'm enjoying it. ^_^

Perhaps Smirking would work better? just a thought, loving it so far! keep going!
and btw just caught up to where you are, must say exquisite writing good sir! keep it up!

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Reina Kissryil

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Thank you all for reading and commenting. It's a little hard for me to write now since I'm working 12 hours 6 days a week.

But I'll try to have the next one out soon.

((I'm Zerichan btw!))

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I've been browsing the forums for at least five years and this is the first time I've posted on something, i believe the term i am looking for is


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More please

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Plz more