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High School Champions: Katarina's first Day!

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More coming soon sir...it's a little hard to write while working long hours but ill try to upload the next chapter soon.

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Chapter 4: Cutthoat Daggers

Talon and Kat watched intensly as the BATTLE ROYALE began. The majority of the school participated the ranged fighters such as Ashe, Vayne and Sivir had it easy as the cut their enemies down from a distance and barely got a scratch. Talon's eyes were fixed on Ashe as her silver hair sparkled like her Ice bow that dosen't seem to melt and Kat watched as their teacher Jarvan created and arena out of thin air around his opponents, defeating them one by one. As the fighters fell continously it only twenty fighters remained. They all stood in a circle staring at each other neither of them making a move. The crowd watches intensly at the scene about to unfold.

Then all as once the fighting started again. Jarvan opened with some kind of Flag throwing it at the PE Teacher Lee Sin. He then jabbed his weapon at the flag closing the distance between himself and Mr. Sin. Upon creating an arena around himself and Mr. Sin Vayne started attacking Ashe, firing two bolts at her. Ashe readied herself and realeased a volley of aroows at Vayne knocking the two bolts out of the air and logging an arrow into Vayne's clothes pinning her agaisn't a large pillar.
An ogre like beast with horns stampeded at a man with a scythe and a lantern. The scythe-man easily dodged the rampaging beast and lashed it across the chest with his scythe, pulling himself into the beast he hooked the beast with the chain's and flung him away from him slightly, into another slash on the chest and creating a box like prison. The walls on the box gave off a menacing glow as the Scythe man cackled maniacally.

The fighting continued for several minutes with only ten fighters standing announcing the end of the Battle Royale for the week. Katarina and Talon along with the crowd of spectators were on the edge of their seats awaiting the announcers call. After a few moments the announcer came back on stage. As the fighters left the "Virtual World". "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, THIS WEEKS BATTLE ROYALE IS NOW OVER. ALL REMAINING FIGHTERS PLEASE COME ONTO THE STAGE." The announcer said excitedly. The remaining fighters walked on to center stage upon the announcers order. They all still looked pretty beat up from being inside the "Virtual World". "ALRIGHT, THE FIGHTERS ARE DECIDED. AND NOW LET THE RANDOMIZATION BEGIN!" The announcer looked towards a gigantic screen just behind the fighters as their faces ran through it. Upon it's abrupted stop the announcer spoke again.

"WE HAVE OUR TEAM'S FOR THE FIRST ROUND OF THE CHAMPIONSHIPS. ON THE BLUE TEAM, WE HAVE JARVAN, THE FOURTH, THRESH, THE CHAIN WARDEN, ASHE, THE FROST ARCHER, LUX, THE LADY OF LUMOSITY AND FINALLY OLAF, THE BERSERKER. NOW FOR THE PURPLE TEAM, WE HAVE VAYNE, THE NIGHT HUNTER, ALISTAR, THE MINOTAUR, LEE SIN, THE BLIND MONK, MALPHITE, THE SHARD OF THE MONILITH AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST AHRI, THE NINE TAILED FOX." As the enormous crowd roared loudly at the team match up's Katarina and Talon was already hooked and anticipating the coming action. They wanted to participate as well and wondered if they could be just as good or better than the other students and fighters. Talon's eyes were fixated on both Katarina and Ashe, but as soon as Ashe looked up at Talon and winked at him he held his head down at looked away with a blush.

The announcer spoke up above the roaring crowd of fans and spectators. She announced two more teams to fight on the same day then said. "THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY FOLKS, THANK YOU ALL FOR ATTENDING AND DON'T FORGET TO PICK UP YOUR TICKET FOR NEXT WEEKS CHAMPIONSHIP BATTLES! REMEMBER FAMILY MEMBERS ENTER FREE OF CHARGE AND SPONSORS ARE TO REMAIN IN THE VIP ROOM. GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!" The fighter's walked off the stage with their respective team and headed to the canteen area. as school was almost over jarvan appeared behind Talon and Katarina.

"So, how did you two like the kick start?" He asked in his usuall booming voice. Katarina and Talon looked at each other then looked back at their teacher and nooded heavily.

"Great!" Jarvan said in response. "Now let's get you too get home safe and please don't be late tommorrow." He said as he walked off and dissapeared through the crowd. As Talon and Katarina exited the extremly large gym they stopped when Ashe ran towards Talon. Talon looked at her sheepishly and Katarina looked at him childishly raising an eye brow.

"Hey, Talon and...Katarina was it?" Ashe asked.

"Sup?" Katarina said nonchalantly.

"Right! Did you see me fight? Pretty good for a girl huh?!" Ashe said excitingly.

"Uh, yeah you fight well!" Talon said shyly.

"Great!" Ashe said loudly and she instantly grabbed Talon's hand. Talon looked at her, questionably with a potent blush on his face as Ashe looked at him intently. "I'll be expecting your call! Please don't forget ok?"

"I...I won't thanks for reminding me!" Talon said shyly. The limo that Ashe came to school in earlier arrived to pick her up as she quickly landed a small kiss on Talon's cheek and quickly stroded ran off to the limo. Taking a quick look back at Talon she got in the limo and it drove off. As Talon touched the cheek that was kissed, Katarina looked at Talon witha childish grin on her face.

"Something you wanna tell me, Talon?" She said playfully.

Talon caught on and snapped back to reality as he looked at Katarina and answered sharply. "No!"

"Look who'se got a girlfriend!" Katarina teased him. "So when's the weeding?"

"I think you move to fast!" He said with a sheepishish tone.

"Ah so you'rte not denying that she's you're girlfriend, huh?" She teased him some more.

"Leave me alone, let's just get you home!" Talon said getting agitated.

After a few moment of them walking together, Katarina spoke up again. "Talon?"

"What is it?" He answered.

"I'm happy for you." She responded.

"Whatever." He said in response.

The night was settling in and Katarina finally made it home with the escort of Talon. She thanked Talon for walking her home and headed inside, while Talon walked to his home just around the block. She entered and found that her father wasn't home. Instead there was a note on the dining room table with some fried rice and scalloped potatos covered over.

"Hey sweet heart, it's your father. Look I got called back to work and I won't make it back until tommorrow night. Until then, take care of the house for me alright. So you could go ahead and have your boyfriend over or something I don't mind."

Love Dad!"

Katarina, balded up the letter violently at the last statement on the paper and flopped into the couch of the living room. Still wearing her uniform she sits with her legs open widely as she is home alone. She stares at the picture of her and her father mounted on the wall above the television and places on arm on her head. "Get back safe father. I don't know what would happen if I lost you too. Mother would've approve of you dieing. So you get home safe." She said to herself. She sat in the chair for a few moments then headed to her bedroom. Stirping off her School uniform as she walked through the house to her room. She enters her bedroom with just her underwear, looking at the soft bed she flops into it covering herself with her sheet's and as fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Talon had finished eating dinner in his appartment. Upon placing the fork on the side of the plate he thinks back about recent event's with the League matches and Ashe. He wanted to fight like that as well, it was like it was calling to him. He then though about Ashe, who kissed his cheek before getting into her limo. As he smiled brightly and blushed a little, the imagine of Katarina popped into his head. He quickly remember all the fun times they had together as the images flooded him mind. He soon found his mind wandering off to imagining how she would look when not wearing clothes. The image of her that he pictured quickly woke him up from his deep thoughts and he shook them off as he got up to head to the kitchen sink to wash the plate he ate out of.

'Why am I thinking about her...like...that?' He thought to himself. Sighing heavily another thought entered his head. 'Kat would never look at me like that, were friends and nothing more. Nothing more...' He continued with that though reluctanly making his way to his bedroom and taking Ashe's number out of his shirt. He striped off his clothes leaving only his pants on and sat down on the edge of his bed. Picking up the telephone he reluctunly dial's her number. As he ponders on what he should talk about, a woman answers.

"Good evening thank you for calling Hotel Freljord, how can I be of assistance?" Talon didn't know that the number was a Hotel's and so he responds to confirm.

"Good evening. Um, I was hoping to get through to Ashe? Is she there?"

"Certainly sir! I'll send you through to her room telephone." The woman said cheerfully and quickly. After a few rings the phone is answered again. This time Ashe picks it up.

"Hello!" She answers cheerfully.

"Hey, this is Talon." He answers back.

"Oh hey, Handsome! Did you get home alright?" She asked.

"Yes!" He replied.

"And Katarina? Did she get home safetly?"

"She did." He said in response.


End of Chapter 4. Now first of all I'm sorry for keeping you guys waiting so long for this. Honestly, I was EXTREMLY busy with work (Security Officer) and writing my Collab Fanfiction (Destroyed, then Improved). In between that I was spending time with my family and going out with my girlfriend. So yeah...I'm sorry once again. Also this chapter wasn't as funny as the first and second one. (Working on it) Yeah so...I hope you enjoyed it. Please note that this Fanfic is for laughs and fun. So please don't lambase lol. However if you feel like reading the first two chapters of my other Fanfiction please feel free to look it up. All corrections to my errors are appreciated. I want that Fanfiction to be PERFECT, so pls let me know if you spot an error. Thank you for reading.

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More parts please

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I'm trying...a little difficult to work on 2 different things and worry about my social life too. I'm working as fast as I can!

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Bump...chapter 5 coming as soon as I have the time to finish it. D:

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Please fix the numerous spelling and grammatical errors within your writing. They detract from the story and bring the reader out of focus.

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Chapter 5: Talon's New Friend/Katarina's Request

Talon casually made his way to Katarina's home. He knocked on the door three times but heard no answer. Dressed in his school uniform he takes the keys out of his Jacket pocket and unlocks the door.

"It's a good thing Mr. Du Couteau gave me the keys, just in case." He said to himself.

He opened the door and went inside. "Kat!" He called for her. "You're gonna be late for school!" He warned her. Upon not hearing her answer he decided to go up to her bedroom to see if she was still sleeping. Making his way up the stairs he hears the stair creek under his feet.

"Damn it. I'll let her dad know that these need to be repaired." Now at the top of the stairs he see's that her bedroom door is slightly open, being the protective friend that he is he approaches the door cautiously. "Kat, normally keeps her door shut or locked." He told himself. He eased it open and peeked inside but didn't see anyone. With a sigh of relief he approached her bed.

"Still sleeping, why am I not surprised." Katarina laid on the bed sprawled out and her sheet halfway off her body. Talon's eyes widened and immediately turned his back.

"Why is she naked...what the hell?!" Trying his best NOT to take a look at her body he creeps to her bedroom door but then he hears her voice.

"Hey, Hey, can you...rub this...sun lotion on me please." She said in her sleep. Talon trying his best to resist and turn away took another step to the door. "Hey, where are you going...hu...rry u..p." She said.

"Oh god damn it!" He turned around to face her. One of her legs hung of the bag and the sheet wasn't covering anything. Talon looked at her body with red cheeks. Moving slowly to cover her body with the sheet he slowly reaches for the top of the sheet but Katarina suddenly grabs him in her sleep, pulling him onto the bed with her.

"Oh! You're so cute." She said in her sleep as she buries Talon's head between her breast. Talon gasping for air between them tries to pull himself away but Katarina holds him firmly in place. "Ah." She moans in pleasure. "Don't move, you'll make me feel good." She said in her sleep as her body stiffens out. At the moment she stops moving and Katarina's grip loosens. Being quick on his feet he moves faster than a ninja and was downstairs before she could wake up fully. Katarina woke up and looks around the room.

"I could swear I could feel someone touching me in my sleep." She places her hand on her chest and feels saliva.

"What's this? Water? Saliva?" She then lies back down." I could swear that I was being touched. She then heard Talon's voice from down stairs.

"Hey, Kat. You're gonna be late for school." She then looks at the clock next to her bed.

"SHI* IT'S 8:30!" She yelled out. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME!" She yelled at him as she immediately enters the bathroom.


Katarina looked at herself in the mirror. "My hair is a mess." Entering the shower she gets ready for school. By that time Talon started to make some waffles for her for when she leaves the bedroom with clothes on.

'Why didn't she have clothes on?' He asked himself. 'And what was she dreaming about? And why the hell am I still thinking about her being naked?!' He yelled at himself in his head. He breathed out as we thought. 'Calm down Talon, it's Kat. That's all it is, plus you have a Date with Ashe tonight, be happy. But why can't I stop thinking about her being...'

"Talon you still there?" Katarina called to him.

"Yes! I have waffles on the table for you." He responded.

"I'll be down in a minute!" She said.

After she got dressed and came down stairs Talon tried NOT to look at he in hopes that, that would stop his thoughts from thinking about her body. At least she doesn't know right? Right? Anyway, as they made their way to school Katarina realized that Talon wasn't looking at her.

"Hey, what wrong with you?" She asked him in her usual tone.

"Nothing." He answered quietly. Katarina winced her eyes and stood in front of him, leaning forward to him slightly.

"Something is definitely up. You haven't spoken a word to me since we left my place. Speak up!" She commanded.

Talon looked at her with a blush on his face, he had a clear view of her breast when she leaned towards him. "You're not wearing an inside shirt today." He said softly.

She then caught on and pulled away from him. "I didn't feel like wearing one. It's pretty hot outside."

"Tell me about it." He said.

"What do you mean by that?" She snapped at him.

"Nothing important." He retorted. Katarina winced at him again.

"So...what's up? Spill it." She said to him.

Talon decided he would tell her, he looked around to make sure no one was around to hear, then he spoke. "I..." He paused. "I saw you naked." He told her. "I went into your room to wake you up for school. Your door was open so I figured you had clothes on. When I got inside the sheet wasn't on your body and I...kinda...saw...everything." She said getting softer.

Katarina was shocked for a moment then she snapped. "YOU WHAT!" Talon made a run for it and Katarina chased him. "HOW DARE YOU LOOK UPON MY BODY WHILE I'M ASLEEP! WHAT KIND OF PERV ARE YOU." She Yelled at him.

"I'M SORRY ALRIGHT! YOU SHOULD'VE LOCKED YOUR DOOR!" He yelled back as he ran from the flaming hot red demon behind him.

"GRRRRRRR!!!" She screamed at him like a beast. Talon whimpered like a puppy and kept running from her till they got to school. "I'LL GET YOU AFTER SCHOOL!" She yelled at him as she calmed down.

Finally at his class Katarina and Talon stood at the door. She stared at him with a look that could instantly incinerate ones soul. He opened the door and the teacher let him in.

"You're late, both of you. What happened?" Jarvan asked.

"We got a little...held down." Talon said.

"Held down, more like touching things." Katarina said under her breath.

"Alright you too take your seats." Said Jarvan. Talon and Katarina sat down and Ashe looked at Talon who was right next to him.

"Say, what's wrong with you and Kat? You didn't get along well this morning?" She asked him in whisper.

"You could say that." He replied.

"Well, what happened?" She pushed.

"I'll tell you at lunch." He responded.

Jarvan put down the chalk and took up two weapon bags a really large one at and a fairly large one. Walking to Talon he placed the fairly large bag on his desk and placed the really large bag on Katarina's. "Take a look inside both of you. A gift from the Games Master." Jarvan said.

They both opened the bags Talon took out 2 boxes Katarina did the same. Talon opened his first. Taking out the first box he placed the weapons bag on the ground and oped the largest box he saw first. Placing it on the desk he was marveled by the weapon inside of it.

"Twin arm mounted Blades specially designed for quick kills and assassinations. With an assortment of finely sharpened Shurikens and knives." Jarvan explained in his booming voice. Talon took up one of the arm mounted blades and held it up for a clearer view for all to see. It brightly shone and glistened in the sunlight that shone through the window.

"They are very sharp, so be careful when handling them. Now it's your turn." Jarvan said.

Katarina opened hers and was beheld by two massive daggers shaped in the most crude yet beautiful way. Followed by an assortment on Kunai's and other throwing projectiles. "A lovely assortment of Kunai's followed by two twin daggers designed for quick easy slashes. You can thank the Games Master later."

They both put away their new weapons and Jarvan continued with the class.

Most of the students normally rushed for the canteen line first in order to get quick-fast service. The teachers were always served first. This wasn't the case with Talon or Ashe, both of them always packed their own lunch. As Ashe and Talon headed to the roof of the school to have their lunch Katarina normally headed to the garden. She enjoyed the beauty of it.

"So, that's what happened." Ashe said in surprise after hearing Talon's explanation of the earlier event.

"Thank goodness you believe me." Talon said relieved.

"Well of course. She had no reason to be angry at you. She DID have her bedroom door open and she DID sleep like that." She said in agreement.

"That's what I was saying. She gets mad at me because I saw her complete exposed when It wasn't even my fault." He said. 'I wonder what she would say if I told her that my head was between her chest. I probably shouldn't' He told himself in his head.

Ashe then looked at him playfully. "You know Talon..." She placed her hand on his hand. "If that were me...I wouldn't mind you looking at my body." She told him. Talon, in total shock was not expecting that from her. Especially someone of noble blood.

"What do you mean?" He asked in suspicion.

"Oh! Nothing!" She retorted. "You are so innocent Talon."

"Really you think so?" He asked.

"Yup!" She said as she winked at him. "I like the weapon you got today. It looks really hard to use though."

"I'll get the hang of it." He said confidently. He then took a few bites of his burger.

"Hey, Talon?" Ashe called him quietly.

"What is it?" He replied.

"You still have the image of Katarina's body in your head right?" She asked.

"It's really hard to forget..." He said nonchalantly.

"So...if I show you mine...would you forget?" She asked in the same quiet tone.

Talon was starring at the clouds as she asked. "Yeah sure I guess." He said distracted by the clouds. He then caught himself. "Wait what?"

By the time he caught himself Ashe had already had her shirt halfway open and her tie off exposing the top of her breast. "Does this help?" She asked as she drew herself closer to him.

Talon looked at her like he was in a trance. Captivated by her beauty. "Um..." He said as he caught himself. "Shouldn't we take this a little slower?" He asked her.

"Why?" She questioned.

"Because I really like you, and I don't wanna ruin it by taking advantage." He said. Ashe pulled back a little.

"Not even a kiss?" She asked. He then rethought his words.

"If it's a kiss you want, I can do that. But lets not go with the...other thing for now." He said.

Ashe closed in on his lips for the kiss but she left her shirt open. Letting her body weight fall forward she fell on his chest while he fell on his back. Ashe was now lying down on him. Talon tried to push her away but his hand ended up touching her chest, Ashe gives a slight moan.

"I thought you weren't ready for that?" She teased.

"That was accidental...I'm sorry." He apologized.

"It's ok...shut up and kiss me more." She commanded.

Talon obliged. As school ended 3 hours later Katarina waited for Talon by the school gate. Both him and Ashe came up to her at the gate. "I guess this is where we part till later, see you later Talon." She said as Talon escorted her to her limo. "She you tonight." She said as she landed another kiss on him.

Katarina saw the kiss and had a playful grin on her face. The limo then drove off. "Nice boy Lady Ashe, I hope he's good for you." Said the driver as they drove off.

"Yup...I hope so too." She responded as she looked at him from through the limo window.

Katarina then walked next to Talon as he casually walked pass her. Grining playfully at him.

"Aren't you going to kill me from earlier?" He asked her.

"I've decided to let you off...after all I did leave the door open." She responded. Katarina looked at the setting sun. "The two of you are getting along really well it seems, day one and she's already all over you." She teased.

"You shut up." He said in defense.

"Next thing you know she gonna be all like. "Oh, Talon please take me now. I want you." She teased more.

"Katarina...keep your mind out of the gutter." He said.

"Oh come on. As if you weren't thinking it." She paused for a minute. "Hey, Talon?"


"When you saw me naked, did you get a *****?" Talon stopped walking suddenly.

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ASKING THAT?" He yelled at her in embarrassment.

"Oh! So you did get a *****. I gotta watch my back while I sleep then. You might try something." She teased.

"Why you! COME HERE!" He chased after her. Katarina ran a little bit away from him. Then hid around a corner. The moment Talon came around the corner she jumped him.

"Hi!" She said as she jumped him. She always enjoyed teasing him.

"Forget it! Lets just get you home." He said. After a few moment Katarina clung to him.

"Hey, Talon?"

"What is it Kat?"

"I'm glad we're friends." She said quietly.

"Whatever..." He responded.

Halfway home the rain starts to pour. Neither of them had an umbrella and had to run the rest of the way. Determined to get home Talon grabbed Katarina's hand and ran to her home. Two minutes later they arrived, clothes wet from head to toe and hair soaked. Katarina quickly opened the door and headed inside with Talon.

"I'll just shelter here until the rain stops." Talon said. Katarina quickly took off her shoes and turned on the weather channel.

"Hey, Talon?"


"I don't think this rain will let up soon." She said.

"What do you mean?"

"Come look at the TV." She said.

(On the TV)
"The sudden rain is the cause of a storm that quickly came over us. The winds are high and could quickly turn into a hurricane. We urge all citizens to remain in door until the storm passes." She then mutes the TV.

"I guess you better call off whatever you had planned with that girl, if you really did plan anything." Katarina said nonchalantly.

"How did you know?" He asked.

"Just a guess..." She responded. Talon pulled out his cellphone and called Ashe directly. Recognizing the number she immediately picks up.

"Hey, Talon." She answered. "Did you hear the news?"

"Yeah I heard." He said.

"I really wanted to see you too, I had clothes picked out and everything." She said sadly.

"Don't be sad. We still have tomorrow, and the day after that and so on." He said to cheer her up.

"Yeah, I guess. So did you get home before the rain fell?" She asked.

"Not exactly, I'm taking shelter by Katarina's until the storm passes. Plus my clothes are a mess." He said.

"Oh! I see...well keep safe. My father needs me. I'll try to call you later okay?" She said.

"Alright, no problem." He said. Talon hung up the phone then turned around to see Katarina with her shirt off. "What the...what are you doing?"

"I'm taking off my wet clothes to avoid catching a cold. You should too." She said casually.

He quickly turned back around to avoid looking at her. "Please do that in your room?" He said in embarrassment.

"You are too modest Talon. She's gonna leave you if you keep being like that." She said.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked turning back around in the spur of the conversation. He then caught himself and turned back around.

"I mean that. You shouldn't be afraid to look at a girl's body."

"I'm not afraid, I just think about your feelings and such. It would be rude and very perverted of me." He then felt Katarina's hands on his shoulder.

"You shouldn't be afraid to look if they willingly show you." She said as she turned him around to see her. As he looked at her his face turned red with embarrassment.

"You are just in underwear. It's a little difficult to relax since I saw you like this twice now." He said.

"It should be easier since you saw me naked already. I told you I'm not angry anymore." She said reassuring him.

"Alright...if you say so."

"Take off your clothes before you catch a cold. Since your gonna be staying here I suggest you make yourself comfortable. I'm going to my room to change." She said as she walked away from him.

"Phew! Lucky thing I have a fresh pair of clothes in my bag." Talon said as he took out a T-Shirt and a short pants.

Heading to the bathroom to change he saw that Katarina's bedroom door was opened once again. 'She's just really trying to tempt me is she?!' He thought to himself. Turning his head so he would see in her room he changed his clothes in the bathroom. Katarina, upon seeing that he passed her room peeked at him in the bathroom.

'Wow, I never knew he had physique like that.' She said. She then went back into her room. Talon came out of the bathroom fully clothed and headed to the kitchen, again without looking into her bedroom. He started to prepare some dinner for himself and Katarina being that he dad should be coming home soon, he'll want something to eat as well. After making some sub's he decided to look for a place to sleep for the night as the rain still poured outside. Katarina had finished her sub and Talon hadn't eaten.

"Aren't you gonna eat something?" She asked him.

"I'm not really hungry." He responded as he searched the house.

Katarina raised an eyebrow. "What are you walking around searching for?" She asked him.

"I'm looking for a guest room to sleep in." He said.

"The only bedrooms in the house are my fathers and my own. And fatherhates went people sleep or even enter his room since mom died so I would suggest you not go in there." She said casually.

"Then where do you want me to sleep? The couch is to small because I'm tall." He complained.

"Then sleep in my room." She said.

Talon looked at her with a weary and confused eyes. "huh?"

"Sleep in my room tonight...you might like it." She said playfully.

"What's that suppose to mean? I might like it." He said.

"Just what I said. It's the only room that you can sleep in so you don't have a choice." She said.

"Fine then. But I'm sleeping on the floor!" He said.

"Whatever suit yourself." She said as she finished her sub. "You always make such good sandwiches and food. She complimented him.

"Um...Thanks my mother taught me." He said.

"Well, I'm going to bed. I'll leave the door open for you, please lock it when you come in." She said as she went up the stairs.

After a few minutes of the conversation Talon tuned on the news to hear any progress of the storm. he then sighed after hearing the bad news. "I guess this is all night rain. No luck to see Ashe at school tomorrow either it'll probably be closed due to the storm. Kat's dad is probably by some random woman's house again doing what most adults do." He said to himself.

He then decided to get some rest for the night. He questioned having to sleep in Katarina's room but she was right. It was the only place for him to sleep. He took a few pillows from the couch and headed up the stairs and into her room. 'Already in bed. As predicted.' He said to himself in his head.

Katarina wasn't sleeping yet though, she couldn't sleep because she was cold and the rain outside was making it worse. Talon spread the pillows down on the ground next to Katarina's bed and lay down. It really was cold, the floor was chilly. He tried to huddle himself in a ball to negate some of the cold. He then heard Katarina's voice.

"Hey, Talon?"

"What is it?" He replied.

"It's cold, like really cold." She said.

"You have a sheet." He pointed out.

"It's not enough and it's still cold." She said.

"What do you want me to do about it?" He asked.

"Come hold me." She said quietly.

"What?" He said in shock.

"Please? Come hold me? Just for tonight? I really can't sleep with this cold." She said.

Talon then feeling sorry for his childhood friend decided to get in the bed with her to keep her warm. She lifted the sheet so he could get in with her. He laid next to her and Katarina pulled herself closer to him, gripping his shirt and huddling her body on his. Talon, doing as she asked to keep her warm put his arms around her.

"Just for tonight, alright?" He confirmed.

"Thank you...and yes only for tonight." She said. Katarina voice was quiet and content almost like a different persons. The moon shone through the curtains, subtly illuminating the room with its light. Then Talon soon realize that Katarina felt different, through her blush and his own she felt bare. He then realized as he moved his hand a little lower down her back her then touched her buttocks quickly moving his hand back up to met his own he asked.

"You aren't wearing any clothes...why?" He asked her.

"Just warm me up and be quiet. Say nothing of this night to father or anyone for that matter." She warned him. "And besides I find it hard to sleep with clothes sometimes."

"This is awkward." he said. Katarina then put her legs around Talon.

"It's only for tonight, don't worry about it." She said as she looked at him with soft eyes.

'What going on with her today? I don't get it...yeah It's cold as hell no doubt but...that look.' He told himself. To oblige to her request her squeezed her into him hoping that it will keep her warm enough so she could rest.

((ALRIGHT! So That concludes chapter 5. I hope that was as funny as it was SPICY HAWT! lol. I really tried to make it more funny this time. And for the fact that I was LMAOing the whole time I was writing this, I'd say I was successful. I hope you enjoyed it.))

((P.S. I watch too much Harem Anime))

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