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Suggestion: Ward Counter

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Wards are awesome. Wards win games. I think something like this would encourage and teach newer players to buy them more often early on, rather than trying to get a lot of kills.

In reference to the most recent patch [v1.0.0.107]. The ward duration was significantly nerfed. Phreak reasoned that "if you're good enough to buy wards, you're good enough to keep buying them."

I completely agree with this sentiment, but when we're not paired up with equally aware players, it only hinders those of us who do buy wards. I'm sure many of you have suffered through games where your team is constantly ganked that could have been prevented with some wards and you constantly request your teammates to help you buy more wards, but to no avail. Lowering the duration increases the amount of gold you spend on wards in these situations.

I'm trailing a bit, but I think a good counter to this is a counter (heh... counter to counter).

I can see the main flaw being if one just keeps buying wards to keep their ward number high. But that's just silly.

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The Soraka

Senior Member


so like a not visible by wards/seethrough potion?
if it had a short duration, say only a minute for like 200 gold, it wouldnt over power stealth characters, mainly twitch and evelyn, but still allow them to counter the oracles and wards temporarily to get a kill, but forcing them to spend money to do it.
it would actually really balance things out, because certain hard to kill characters who buy oracle potions (chogath, mundo) basically turn fights into 4v5s if your team has a stealth character because they cant initiate anymore.

stealth characters main benefit to the team is they hurt the enemy teams gold amounts by forcing them to buy potions/wards or suffering dying from stealth ganks.