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[Guide] Sion the high speed harvester

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I'm not sure how to comment on this as I play Sion SO very differently, while still being a DPS build. That being said, I think one thing you should consider is boots of mobility. I personally don't pick them up until after my 2nd or 3rd stat-modifying item, but it's very important to "be where you're needed." Those rock for that, and occasionally allow you an escape you wouldn't normally get.

Also, I use them to take advantage of the enrage passive and add on to my HP by dashing about and whacking things.

I also level stun before shield after I have 1 in each. Stun recharges really quickly and the extra damage it does per level can finish off an opponent trying to flee. If it doesn't finish them off, it stuns them long enough for you to get there and whack them with your axe.

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I personally think you need Frozen Mallet somewhere in your build.

you can attack 2000 times/minute, but if you have to chase your target, your attack speed is useless.

Attack speed only shines when you are always within the hitting range. Since your damage per hit is low, you need to make it up by throwing large quantity of chops.

I prefer Critical build on Sion more than Attack build, but I fully understand the potential of an Attack Speed based Sion.

As a fellow Melee Sion Player, I wish you luck in your games.

Keep up the good work!

Also, If you are playing Melee Sion

You -=*HAVE*=- to take cleanse.

You will totally understand what I mean when you reach lv 30 and fight against lv 30 x 5 premade.

Take heal off the summoner spell list, your ultimate heals for much more. You need a skill that can help you through out the game. (Cleanse, Ghost etc)

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IMOH I think sion doing damage is better off using ap he has a ratio of 1.1 plus and enrage and his ultimate do very good damage without damage items I got a triple kill yesterday and they were all at half health of course a sion in the defense tree early game is a monster with his ultimate plus heal and clarity. I never tried a ap sion build but u should if u like doing damage with him. I think it really matters who you are laning against before you call sion weak early game if you only use shield for guarding yourself from harassment mana isnt that bad of a issue and just farm with enrage. of course i still get atleast one point in gaze two second stun gotta have it but I make up with sions weakness with mana cuz of the way i build him as a tank. If you try ap sion make a post about it i would like to see how you do

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Really, I stopped reading when I noticed that Malady was the second item you bought. It is an extremely sub-par item overall. If you need life gain, start building towards Stark's (boosts allies and reduces enemy armor) or Executioner's Calling (auto-win vs. other melee DPS withough EC). If you need AS and damage, build Last Whisper (permanent DPS boost = 4 stacks of Malady, almost as much AS, and STILL pens 40% armor).

I'll also chime in and say that you are stacking too much attack speed. There are so many good items out there that have AS as an incidental addition that you don't really need to go out of your way for it. If I was to go for a Melee DPS Sion, I'd end up building:

Last Whisper
Executioner's Calling
Frozen Mallet
Mercury Treads
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge

I don't think I'd ever try for pure DPS. Also, the chances of you getting that much money are very, very low. I've been thinking about trying a Hybrid melee/AP/tank Sion, though. Going:

Warmogg's Armor
Nashor's Tooth
Atma's Impaler
Mercury Treads
Archangel's Staff
Void Staff.

Build the tears up first, then warmoggs and farm as much HP as possible. Get the other items as needed.