Teemo Shrooms Randomly Gone!!!

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Hey Summoners I've been getting this problem in the N/A servers. So I thought you guys would give me some feedback on the whole "TEEMO SHROOM GONE WTF OP OP" thing lol :P so I was about to get a penta with Teemo because the enemy team were audily weird because they kept taking turret shots and have like 400 HP so I had alot of shrooms around the map and they kept timing off so I replaced them time to time... So I just replaced 1 out of my other 2 cause I just used 1 and then they dissapear and I'm like Waattt.... And I place another 1 same thing happen I then I gave 1 more try on another area thought this time at Red intead of the mid lane left bush and then they dissapear So then after like 2 minutes after recalling to buy my torments I walk over the same bush I get poisoned buy my own shrooms but they showed up though this time when I came back and I was like Hmm... "HEY TEEM I FOUND TEEMO BUG GET IT LOL" So there wasn't a enemy Teemo and I ended up to kill myself and getting the kill and the assist also the death and I LMAO So hard I fell off my chair and mu team was like watt... Hacker Teemo and I got reported buy the whole enemy team and my team and getting banned and I was like ok at least I helped RIOT find a bug Sweeet... Never have seen a Bug before BTW in league pretty rare but you usually don't notice them when you play a new champ or you watch a vid about it you know... So I never noticed it till now I thought it never let me place it on certain places so yeah....... Riot I hope YOU fix this Bug! TEEEEMMMMOOOOO OUT!!!!! WOOOOOO =Believe in the scouts code. +NINJA MAAZ+