Just lost 10 points

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I went into a ranked game, i was first ban. I first noticed when two bans suddenly showed up on my side of the screen that something must be wrong, my team said I had missed a ban when I was never prompted to select a second ban. 4 bans show up on my side of the screen, and then by the time I was prompted to make a selection of a champion, the chat had totally disappeared from the lobby. I could see what I wrote but nothing else. When I attempted to pick a champion, it said "error selecting champion / active game not found". When I log back in, I had lost 10 lp and now have a 30 minute wait to play another game , which means I cannot play another game before going to work. I would like to report this bug and to also request a restoration of the 10 points I lost due to some sort of server or client issue. Thanks!