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Soraka's Passive

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I made a NA account and got to level 5 just to post in this thread. Hopefully we will get a Soraka rework sometime.

Soraka was once a strong Support but after the nerfs to Healing, Soraka was not returned enough power to compensate. I believe that Soraka should be given more power outside of healing / Sustain without changing her kit too much.

What makes Soraka fun to play:
Starfall bush-checking
Starfall stealth detecting
Pushing minion waves like a boss
Defending the Nexus by yourself like a boss (just need alittle spellvamp)
unexpected damage after lots of Q-stacks
Healing at exactly the right moment and watch your ally take no damage
Flash-Heal to turn the tides of battle
Gibbing Nunu, Kat, Yi, Karthus, Caitlyn channels
Free global assists
Winning other lanes with your pentaheal

What makes Soraka not fun
Healing reduction affects her disproportionately
Mana costs are extremely high, appear to be tuned for a champion that can restore mana to herself
Silence is a poor CC in laning phase, need a anti-adc CC post-engage
When chasing, starcall makes you stop moving every 1.5-2.5s, which makes chasing impossible as you have no CC or movement speed to help you.
Related: unable to stick to a target for 25s to stack starcall
I want to max Q, but I cant do that and still be effective in lane.
Astral Blessing scales poorly into late game compared to the hard-cc on other supports
Using Astral Blessing gives opponents a bigger window to attack, more so than even Thresh
Cool-downs are extremely long.

What I want as a player:

I want to cast Starcall while moving
I want starcall to follow its target globally once cast. It now does no damage if the target moves out of range.

Starcall is one of the most visually satisfying skills in the game, yet it is often maxed last because it cannot be effectively used. Starcall causes Soraka to fall behind her team in chasing and disengaging due to its cast time, it is short ranged, takes 15-25s make use of its MR-shred and soraka has no way of sticking to her target to keep up the MR shred.

I want Astral Blessing to scale better into the late game perhaps by giving it damage reduction instead of bonus armour ( Damage Reduction: 20/30/40/45/50% )

Astral Blessing (350 + 45%, 200mana, 20s) is a strong clutch-heal but gives poor sustain compared to nidalee, sona, nami due to its relatively low heal/s and high mana costs. Astral Blessing also scales inversely with enemy damage and % penetration, making it fall off in the mid to late game compared to hard CC

Ideas I want to throw out, but probably have not thought about enough

Astral Blessing could have an on-enemy-cast active
- "Displacement Field" - target enemy is moved 2000 units away
- 3s Fear like effect

Infuse could have had an on-self-cast active
- Spellshield?
- Charge Stacks on next spell? (Gains 100ap per stack up to 10 stacks until next spellcast)
- Shrugs off all CC and increases movement speed for 5s
- Make it into a movement spell (Soraka teleports to the target location, restoring mana to allied champions and silencing enemies around her)

Starcall: Soraka gains 0.1 ap permanently every time Starcall hits an enemy champion
Starcall: "Starlight" - Reveals units hit by starcall for 3s (find the teemo!)

Soraka kinda needs higher base stats given her lack of an escape mechanism

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Swap her Ultimate for this ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCPTWpixVO4

then I wouldn't mind if her other skills are a bit lackluster