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[Guide] Amumu, A Fist Full Of Inadequacy

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Hi! You've chosen to play Amumu. The Saaaaad Mommy boy. Or some name along those lines.

With my vast qualification of some guy who like tried that a bunch with variable and questionable degrees of success I am now writing this exciting new guide to Amumu.

Since all the other ones make the rather unusual assumption that you are playing Amumu with the intention of winning.

Which is clearly insane because if you are playing Amumu, winning mustn't be very important to you.

Also all the other guides are written in dry and boring formats. And they appear to be from some mysterious ancient prehistoric patch era, or maybe an alternate dimension, or both, where Amumu didn't suck.

Three Steps to Amumu Success [A Fist Full Of Inadequacy, extra inadequately short version]
1) Don't do it, give up, don't use him, you cannot win with him, at anything, ever.
2) OK so you think you're smart, ignoring step 1, why are you even reading this, you clearly don't take good advice when it's given to you. Gee.
3) OK so now you made it all the way into a game with Amumu selected, assuming you bribed or seduced all the guys who tried to quit at character select when they saw you and your mommy tears. You've started to feel first hand the deep inadequacy of the Mommy Boy, you need real advice fast to save your teams sinking ship, so here it is !!!!!!RUN AWAY!!!!!

The Deeper Fist Full Of Inadequacy [A Fist Full Of Inadequacy, extra long version, now with more inadequacy]

Whats Amumu supposed to do again?
Well, according to LoL, basically everything, except perhaps DPS, which is probably your first hint that the real answer, is primarily nothing. Especially since if you aren't physical attack carry you ain't nobody in this town.

Still the general intention with Amumu seems to be he is a hard to kill little terror who runs and Tarzan bandage tosses into whole groups of with a bunch of big area nukes, radiating DoT effects and stunlocks and junk. Which seems sort of odd considering that is basically instant suicide and won't leave a scratch on even Janna's giant deformed behind. Or maybe it's undeadicide. Or whatever term applies to the suicide of juvenile mummies (wait, can you even BE a juvenile mummy?... I mean, you aren't going to be growing up...).

In reality Amumu is that over excited non-committal guy who hangs around running little hyperactive circles outside real fights involving real champions who maybe ropes in at the last minute and either steals Yi's kill or ensures it doesn't get away (so that Yi can then kill it).

If you are REALLY crash hot with Amumu and everyone else doesn't see Amumu running to imminent death as a good prompt to get the heck out of dodge and leave you to cop it alone you might just stun like 2 or 3 guys long enough for your team to get them. Not likely but certainly much, much, MUCH more likely than your, cough, “Nuke”, or DoT, or you, actually killing them.

The Key Principle Of Success With Amumu
Always remember that Amumu is made out of Black Holes, Vacuum Cleaners and Drinking Straws. And while for a second the black hole bit may sound cool you will soon realize the main thing those all have in common is they all suck, a lot.

Which is what Amumu primarily does as a class role. It should be on his list Right above “Stun”, indeed what with him having Stun at the top of his Attributes list and “Disabler” right under that I'm going to assume that “Stun” is actually a misprint and actually is INTENDED to read “Suck”.

Anyway now you know you suck you can get down to business. Which is occasionally trying to kill guys with 1 hit point left (but only if you have a friend, feel like taking risks, are hiding in the bushes, and are really sure the player has fallen asleep). And is MOSTLY trying to Run Away.

Running Away is very important to Amumu. So you want those pure speed move 3 boots. You know the ones. When everything goes to hell, which it generally does assuming your enemy has the tactical wherewithal to click on you occasionally, you should turn and run like a weak bladdered lily livered baby, or better yet an olympic sprinter because only one of those two things is actually going to escape and aren't you **** glad you bought those shoes like I told you to?

While running away don't forget to turn on Despair for the tears. They won't DO anything, other than drain your mana. But the visual effect is highly appropriate.

The Ultimate Mega Secret Combo Maneuver Amumu Secret Technique Secret
When your combined super powers has lead to your teams inevitable defeat remember to stand next to your final crumbling building and avoid being killed just as it blows up. Turn on Despair at the last second. This way you appear in the final frame crying at the game end. This is the coolest thing you can ever do with Amumu.

What Summoner Spells Should Amumu have?
Well, I'm a lazy sod who doesn't like changing his masteries around, so I just used what I use with everyone else with a reasonable amount of success. Exhaust and Ghost.

Exhaust is good because it reminds you how much you REALLY suck. Since with one point of Mastery available to even a first level summoner it is immediately better than your champions passive AND his bandage toss stun duration at the same time. You can also chain it with your other stuns and use it to bring your damage, slightly, onto par with those other guys who function. A pitty about the refresh and how much better it would be with the same spell on some other guy. But suck it up, you're playing Amumu, your dealing with far worse than this.

Ghost is really great because
A) You are supposed to run towards things crying and this will help you catch up.
B) Actually A is a lie, but we all know you are going to TRY it anyway, fools!
C) In order to have any hope of pulliing off a good Curse of The Sad Mummy ultimate you need to maneuver, and the more speed you have the less time you need to do that, which is good because it takes you about 2 seconds to die to anything with permission not to suck (ie “Physical Carries&#8221 and about 4 seconds to everyone else (other than your sad mommy boy mirror match).
D) When A and C Fail you will need to run away. Ghost will let you run away extra fast. But if you used it all up running INTO combat, AND used your Exhaust and Curse too, then SUCKS TO BE YOU! But that's basically Amumu's personal motto so you know...

Other spells Amumu Could have include all the other options. No really, why would I skimp on the advice budget here.

Amumu is in need of EVERYTHING so you know, there isn't anything that any spell that won't contribute something here.

Heal? Hell yeah, you need those HP while your standing their crying about how you aren't nearly as Tanky as the advert said you were.

Revive? Hell Yeah, you will have any number of opportunities to (ironically for an undead) to rise from the dead. What with being killed all the time.

Smite? OK why the hell would you take this ability with anyone. Sure, you are Amumu, you NEED the cash, but even YOU can do the whole wrap dancing routine for farming.

Teleport? OK I take it back, this one is useless. If anyone has even a tiny sparkle effect warning you are coming then you will achieve nothing. Except maybe cause them to fear that some other guy like maybe a Yi is teleporting in and make them run away before realizing it is only Amumu. Trust me, if Teleport effects had your champion name attached this tactic would not work.

Cleanse? OK I really do take it back, this is pretty useless too. I mean sure cancelling other guys powers totally kicks ass. But you know, if you aren't going to go on and DO something with all that fancy “survival”, which as Amumu you aren't, then what is the point? I suppose it helps you run away though...

Fortify? Since you can't fight you might as well make your friend Mr High Tower do it. Unlike the more famous Sargent High Tower from the Police Academies he is however significantly less intimidating and only for incredibly short periods of time spaced very widely apart.

Clarity? Since your highest damaging “ability”, at least early in the game, eats about half your Mana why WOULDN'T you have a whole summoner spell dedicated to letting you do it twice within standard ability refresh time without having to initiate a Tantrum abstinence policy during the intervening seconds? To heck with it, do this and you might have a like 3% chance of kill some noob in the first minute of the game before the scary mean old creeps turn up to humiliate you. NOTE: Make sure to arrange your Noob well in advance, you wouldn't want to go to all the trouble of selecting Bandage Toss as your first ability, buying an appropriate item and wasting a summoner slot on Clarity only to have no actual Noob, preferably a Narcoleptic Noob, turn up. Ideally you should also communicate in game with your Noob to ensure he arrives in the right lane and stands very still for a rather long time far away from towers and assistance.

Ignite? Hey you might actually DEAL SOME DAMAGE or something. On second thoughts you are Amumu, so it's probably going to be the “or something” option on that one...

Rally? While the effect is nice and will make your life longer and slightly less sucky ultimately the whole “I draw the line here!” moment that it provides undermines your primary “EEEEEEEEEK, RUN AWAY!” strategy. On second thoughts it does good things for your companions and might make them less angry at you for being Amumu. So its got that.

Clairvoyance? Use it to determine where the action is at. Then don't go there. Or go there. Like anyone cares it won't make a difference. I suppose you could then use chat to tell Yi or Twisted Fate or Twitch or, hell, Janna, to go there. I mean, then you are at least saving the other guy a summoner spell slot and his own time.

Flash? There is some arguable value in this for running away. But its pretty much a toss up for Ghost, it might win the sprint but ghost will likely win the Marathon, and with all the time you will be spending running like a mummified failed junior track and field star with a wedgie...

Lets Elaborate on the Default Advice Riot Gives Us All
Playing As:
“Amumu is highly dependent on team mates...”
Translation : Amumu's primarily role is to stand next to some other guy and try and mooch spare change and minion kills off him. It doesn't work nearly as well as actually being a champion that actively does something by themselves, but there is a clear reason why this advice makes the TOP of the official Amumu advice list.

“Cool down reduction on Amumu is very strong but is often difficult to itemize for...”
Translation: Don't even TRY and make an effective item build. I mean its like we didn't even give this guy a good item to shoot for, HAH! In your face Amumu.

“...Grab The Golem Buff...”
Translation: What are you doing trying to fight in lanes with real champions? Get the heck out of here and sulk into the jungle until you come back with something that makes you suck less. I don't care how long it takes. Once again another “In Your Face Amumu” from his secret Nemesis who apparently works for riot.

“...Despair Is very effective against other Tanks...”
Translation: And now since there is no actual good advice for playing Amumu that the secret Amumu Nemesis on the Riot staff can give you he or she now spends their time seeing how many times they can lie to you in the remaining available text space. The above quoted text makes three by my count (1, it says despair is effective, 2 it says it is effective against tanks, 3, it implies Amumu functions as a Tank).

Playing Against:
“Avoid bunching up...”
Translation: If Amumu asks your team very nicely to carefully remove over three quarters of your hit points and then stand around him in a tight little circle holding hands and singing, ITS A TRAP. Fortunately it isn't much of a trap, if you take some time to kill him, even after taking the damage and standing in the circle everything will be fine. Its not like its hard or anything. You just all need to click him once, or less.

“Erratic Movement... blah blah... Bandage Toss sucks... blah blah...”
Translation: When Amumu keeps bandage tossing onto creeps for half his mana remember to point and laugh. If during the pointing and laughing you also click on Amumu he might die from it.

“Amumu's Despair makes stacking hit points a risky proposition”
Translation: The secret nemesis gets bored again and tries the “lie with remaining text” game again. But this time their heart isn't in it anymore.

Tell Me About Amumu's Actual Abilities Again, and this time for real
OK so I'm lead to believe after about 150 games of this that there are these thingies called “champion abilities” Amumu apparently has them, though it is rather hard to tell, especially if someone else has taken Cleanse (any version there of).

You need to know two things about the abilities “over all”.

1) They are intended to be used in a big fat sequence. Bandage Toss in, Bad Touch target, Curse Of The Sad Mummy you Momma, and then Tantrum and Bad Touch some more. It doesn't work but that seems to be the intention.

2) There is an annoying bug so that sometimes Tantrum, especially Tantrum 3, and Curse of the Sad Mummy, especially 2, tell you they are refreshed AGES before they are actually refreshed. This is to fill you with false confidence and lead to you running in circles within large groups of enemies smashing E and R yelling “WHY WON'T THIS WORK!!!! WHYYYYYYY!!!!!” so as to distract you from how much Amumu is sucking.

Now you know that, onto the individual abilities.

The Bad Touch
OK so I don't remember his “passive” ability name. But when amumu hits things, (assuming it actually HAPPENS) they lose MR, for a bit, certainly not for long, and not much, and it probably doesn't stack, and even if it did you aren't very good at that whole physical attack thing anyway.

Bandage Toss
Includes the word Toss in the title as a veiled insult to Amumu. This is probably its greatest power. It also has the massive power of having a not so great cooldown and using up a VAST chunk of Mana especially at low level.

As far as I can tell its primary purpose is to deliver Amumu into the jaws of his enemies while simultaneously draining most of his mana resources, disorienting the player controlling Amumu with well nigh random movement, and making him look silly in the process.

Fortunately it has the exploitable side effect of stunning its target long enough for them to blink, but probably not long enough for you to make a basic melee attack for Bad Touch benefits. But they will probably patch that since it doesn't appear to be part of the primary “deliver you into the jaws of your cackling enemies” design intent.

It also has the apparent bug of being the only reasonable damage and good AP ration ability on your list. But this is probably just a trap designed to encourage you to build an AP Amumu. Which in some circles might be considered an incredible elaborate means of feeding your opposing team considering you are just as good at bandage tossing into your own doom without the AP points.

Bandage Tossing is also hilariously inaccurate. It doesn't just hit intervening creeps it also has ridiculous aiming delay forces you to briefly stop pursuing your target (long enough for those 1 Hit point guys to get out of range, come back with 2 HP, and kick your ass) and it has the weird habit of sometimes just sort of magnetting onto nearby enemy minions BEHIND you if you stand to close to them while aiming THE OTHER DIRECTION.

Bandage Toss has the hilarious honour of being one of the few stuns in the game almost useless for running away. Which is sad because you will have any amount of time running away in which to think “why can't Bandage Toss Help me with this?”. Because bandage toss will actually stun an opponent for less time than it takes for you to make back the distance you lost roping yourself into their position, unless you were already AT their position, then it gives you a hilarious 15 pixel or so head start. Use those pixels to blow Ghost and burn a hole in your Movement 3 boots. That or use it to type in /dance to die with honor. Not that anyone will notice since your dance animation ALSO sucks.

The name here is also a hint. Because this ability sucks so much that it should make you feel the way it is titled.

If you put points in despair before the level you are forced to YOU ARE A FOOL. Its damage is based off target hit points*, and until your targets have some hit points that means it does like NO DAMAGE.

Also AP really really take a long time to visibly add to this ability, get like 100+ and bam, you get +1%. Who knows if the parts of a percent add when they don't register on the ability text. I'm guessing they don't, but really its unlikely anyone would notice either way.

Anyway, try doing some maths. If you max out despair you get what, 3.5%, + MAYBE 1% from AP. Lets be insanely generous and call that 5%. Thats the damage it deals every second. In a rather small range at a rather large Mana cost. So if your target is LUDICROUSLY beefy, with say, 3000 Hit Points, thats.... a sweet 150 damage a second. Yeah. 150. Woohoo. Almost certainly BEFORE magic resistance. And it takes like a whole second. You only need to stand next to your target for a whole 20 to 25 seconds or so to kill them. If they have zero MR. Kick Ass? You decide. I decided that by that sort of level everyone else regenerates that fast. By accident and without trying.

But “hey”, you might say, “you can stack your other damage onto that”. To which one might reply, “what other damage”. To which you would then in turn reply. “Oh yeah.”

Despair does however perform its primary role, of depriving you of mana fairly well. Not well enough that you can't manage to get enough mana to thwart its mana draining schemes, but really, what are you planning to do with all that mana anyway? You can't take it with you when you die. Try it. You'll have plenty of opportunities.

Despair also has a cool crying visual effect. So it has that going for it.

Say hello to your best ability by far. Say hello to it being called Tantrum, because it will be what you are going to throw when you realise that THIS is your best “ability”.

Tantrum passively reduces the damage you receive! At last you are a true Tank!

Only. Well. It only actually reduces direct physical damage.

But hey thats like the craziest damage in the game so hell yeah Amumu is indestructible right?

How much damage does level 1 tantrum knock off.


Well OK, 5%?



Well level 5 would knock off like easily 25% right?



How about 1 single point of damage per attack per level of tantrum.


You won't be writing home to your Mummy Mommy about that any time soon will you? If you even manage to notice it.

Fortunately even Amumus secret nemesis felt bad for the tantrum damage reduction, or something, so Tantrum ALSO actually does something.

It actually damages things in a reasonable radius around Amumu.

Well I SAY damage its barely enough to scratch a hero. But it kills minions.

Well, I say it kills minions, and in a reasonable radius, but only really once you put 4 or 5 points in it.

WELL I SAY it does all that but the cool down kind of sucks.

WEEEEEELLLL it sucks but it speeds up when you get hit.

WWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEELLLLL OK the whole “get hit to reduce cooldown” thing only really kicks in effectively at level 5, and at level 3 there is that whole icon refresh bug that pretty much puts the kabosh on the whole thing in general...

And the AP contribution on this is basically worthless, so as to mock you if you spent big on AP to deal real damage with your 1 Bandage Toss a millenia and your whole “Despair +1% tick over already gosh darn it” strategy.

Anyway. The key thing here is that this ability actually encourages you to get hit by things. Which is bad because you aren't really good at that in any meaningful way.

But at least it farms minions rather nicely. Which is good because you want LOTS of cash to try and buy your way out of inadequacy. It won't work but while money can't buy Amumu love, or effectiveness, it can buy him an abstract sense of achievement. I recommend never spending it so you can gloat about your vast savings account more effectively when you lose the game.

Curse Of The Sad Mummy
Yes, this ability actually in the title uses the word sad. It also refers to itself as being a curse, and not a curse of some unlucky dude you target with it, but actually a curse ON YOU. Which it pretty much is.

Level 1 Curse of the Sad Mummy enables you to accidentally slam R and get confused by a brief apparently meaningless flash of an orange circle while trying to make the bugged level 3 Tantrum go off with increasingly angry strikes of the E key.

Level 2 Curse of the Sad Mummy enables you to run into the enemy and slam the R key only to find that due to the icon refresh bug you didn't actually have the ability available and then you die while slamming the R key and crying (either with Despair or with your own real eyes).

Level 3 Curse of the Sad Mummy enables you to like MAYBE get away from that guy chasing you. Or maybe maybe you might kill one guy with it. Two if you are lucky and Yi is hitting them in the head repeatedly with his vast array of physical attack boosting items.

Curse of the Sad Mummy enables you to do each of those things approximately once since it has a cool down so long that by the time you can next activate it (assuming the icon refresh bug lets you know when that is) you will have leveled it up another point.

Indeed the Curse has a cool down SOOOO long as to sometimes make you wonder if you even really are meant to use it at all. You probably aren't. It is after all FAR too good for Amumu.

It deals like, hell maybe a couple of hundred damage! Per second! Almost certainly before MR. For like 1 to 3 seconds or something. And we all know by now that there is an Amumu's chance in LoL (similar to ice cube's chance in hell) that this damage somehow meaningfully stacks enough with Despair to actually put a scratch in anyone.

The AP contribution on this is far from good, and no you don't get to times it by three because like anyone sticks around for that.

Oh and it ties guys down while it lasts. If they don't have Cleanse. Or if they aren't Yi. And lets face it. “they” are Yi.

Anyway. If you build your Amumu around this 100% sacrifice all survivability for crazy AP and movement speed. Have crash hot reflexes and arrange a team of guys to run in and do the real killing work for you you might get ONE or heck, TWO nice pops of like 2 point 5 opponents per game with this. I hope you like that because if you go to that effort you will have likely lost the game due to your ineffectiveness for the remaining 45 minutes minus the the six seconds you actually spend using that ability like that.

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Items Amumu Needs
All of them.

Amumu does basically nothing effectively so he needs a big boost in all departments.

More mana early for bandage toss, late for Despair.

More health and regen for the whole “I Think I can Tank, I Think I Can Tank” thing.

Armour and MR for the same.

AP and MR bypass out the ying yang to try and get that whole number bonus to tick over on your Despair or add up to more than bubkiss on your two effective uses of Curse Of the Sad Mummy per game.

And hell a bunch of physical attack enhancers because we all know that the only item builds that don't suck on pretty much EVERYONE right now are physical attack based. Not that those are going to help Amumu much, but it works for Janna of all people so clearly EVERYONE is supposed to buy those blasted bows and mallets and junk.

For a brief time before the patch I had some effectiveness by investing exclusively in a vast expenditure on purely defensive items. I'm pretty sure they worked by enabling Amumu to actually survive (barely) long enough for opponents to actually NOTICE I was running towards them with Despair turned on. A feat which apparently has enough (basically false) propaganda going for it that it could make many a noob actually break and run in fear.

Sadly it seems about the only single casualty of the anti tank HP and Armour item micro nerf was poor little Tank Lite Amumu. As that seems to work somewhat less now. You might think the MR micro nerf would then also help AP Amumu, but that was clearly all lies spread by his secret Nemesis who writes the mocking text in his ability titles and official “advice” page.

Amumu, Inventor of Anti-Synergy
Amumu is supposed to Tank. But his abilities discourage people from going near him and he lacks survivability.

Amumu is supposed to poor out Mana over time to deal damage over time with despair and with spamming of Tantrum, but BOTH his “initiating” bandage toss is mana expensive AND his “finishing” Curse is mana expensive. Considering how the refresh rates basically suck on those that is pretty **** onerous all things considered.

Amumu's bandage toss stun doesn't really stun anyone long enough to actually do anything other than MAKE them wait for you to arrive in time for a beating (Amumu on the receiving end of that beating of course) and at that price could shoot through minions with no time delay (or at least at whatever the heck you clicked on!) and still not do what it intends to do.

Wait. This isn't funny anymore. This guide is over. Get out. You don't have to go home BUT YOU CAN'T STAY HERE.

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This is the largest Wall of Fire I have ever seen cast before. You sir, are a master troll mage.....

Friend me one day and invite me to a game. I'll play as Amumu and we can wreck some face together, if you supply some backup dps. He's really versitile and while I understand you had entertainment as a goal for this guide, it doesn't give correct perspective on really any point that you made. There are MANY more champions that need some extra lovin more that Amumu...

Besides...hes a mummy...what would he do with lovin anyways?

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Ultimately when selecting a "support" champion one must ask oneself the question.

"Am I providing the equivalent effectiveness as a guy who just kills stuff?"

If the answer is no, you are Amumu.

As for the friend you so you can show me your Amumu skills, I think the qualifier of needing me to play some guy who actually kills stuff in order to help you out with that says a lot.

But in all seriousness. I played Amumu for nearly a week. I got the general idea and with insane practice and skill and any amount of luck you can manage to achieve stuff with him.

But again it comes back to the question, is it enough stuff?

Sure I contributed, but I contributed less than a Yi. I contributed less than a Janna. That's Amumu for you all over.

And yes the goal is entertainment rather than "flame", but beyond the tiniest bit of hyperbole I don't see any gaping inaccuracies.

Amumu really is made from Black Holes, Vacuum Cleaners and Drinking Straws.

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Woo, another amumu win!

Whats going on guys? Amumu sucks? aw, shucks.


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k0b3 CleoFairy

Senior Member


"I don't know how to properly play this character, so he obviously sucks."

It took you two posts to just type that?

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There is always going to be that guy hey. Three replies is all it took hey.

"You clearly are just stoopid because of reasons I won't go into yeah... secret L2P reasons, yeah..."

You can't handle reading or replying properly to my dreaded two posts, and yet you post something that makes me wonder why you wrote anything at all.

Or maybe your intention was to deliberately embarrass yourself, as part of some complex strategy to win with Amumu.

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OK, my thoughts on Amumu, which I play quite often (first hero I bought...):

For early to mid game, I kind of agree with you - the little guycan't do that much there apart from being all passive and trying to farm some money with his passive + Tantrum (which he does fairly well if you go for the caster creeps). If you have some kind of DPS ally on your lane, you can try to help getting a kill with Bandage Toss + Tantrum + Waiting for stun to be over + ult.

The point where Amumu really shines is lategame. As all other (real) Amumu guides recommend, stacking Sunfire capes is the way to go. With two (or more) Sunfire capes + Despair, he dishes out large amount of damage JUST BY STANDING NEXT TO ENEMIES. He's maybe one of the best initiators with Bandage Toss + ult (the stun time allowing him to deal quite some aoe damage with Despair + Sunfires) and if the 5on5 fight is really going, you are the true definition of a tank - the others have to attack you. Because you are too much of a pain to ALL OF THEM to be ignored. And the cool thing is, you actually CAN take that damage because Sunfires not only deal damage, but also give you huge amounts of health (3000+ overall is normal). And don't forget that you can spam Tantrum by being hit all the time...

So with a lategame Amumu you have the choice - either start some team fights that you will either win or make the enemies run (which is basically winning ), or pick your enemies 1on1 or even 1on2 with Bandage Toss - always a pleasure to AOE damage ****ing Ashe to oblivion

Of course, getting the first Sunfire cape is painful, but after that the money keeps coming. I also like going for a Soul Shroud before the first Sunfire - reduced cooldowns really work great on Amumu, but you delay becoming a threat. Depends on the game...

OK, I'm more a noob than anything else, but this is what works for me. At least if my mates are not uber morons, which happens from time to time. But I've also read somewhere that the little guy is a favorite among pros as well. So maybe I'm not that wrong

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The point where Amumu really shines is lategame. As all other (real) Amumu guides recommend, stacking Sunfire capes is the way to go.

You know there is a lot of talk about that.

But really it's 40 damage a second. Before MR. That isn't much. And you pay a FORTUNE for those things. In large chunks. That give you what? MR and Hit Points before you finish the item? If the enemy are all squishy slow moving casters specializing in AP then hey, you win.

But against any sort of physical DPS opposition at all, you lose. Against tanks, you lose, against guys with MR, you lose, against guys who had a smoother item build than your clunky "not till I get 2x Sunfire capes!" build, you lose. Your 3000 HP are worth squat without some armor, and you can't afford the armor because of the sunfire cape expenses.

Worse still sunfire capes do nothing directly to boost your despair, tantrum, bandage or curse abilities. For similar costs to a sunfire cape you can pick up some cool AP boost or MR bypass items that will increase damage on each, or ALL of those abilities by amounts comparable to the sunfire cape OR GREATER.

The sunfire cape Amumu build, like most of Amumu is a trap. All it does is waste cash and make jungle creeps angry at you while you are busy running away from real champions.

Just to recap. 40 damage a second. I called despair weak when it was dealing 150 per second. Despair didn't cost you all your gold ever. By the time you can buy two you have either won or lost the game already.

Oh and as to the "shines late game" plan in general. "Lets lose for 2/3rds of the game, then using all the piles of cash and levels we earned from that I will be nearly on par with other casters (but not physical DPS carries)" is not a sensible plan. (or a sensible game mechanic)

But I've also read somewhere that the little guy is a favorite among pros as well. So maybe I'm not that wrong

I strongly suspect that information is either prehistoric or from an alternate universe. Somewhere with very very different patch versions anyway.

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But against any sort of physical DPS opposition at all, you lose. Against tanks, you lose, against guys with MR, you lose, against guys who had a smoother item build than your clunky "not till I get 2x Sunfire capes!" build, you lose. Your 3000 HP are worth squat without some armor, and you can't afford the armor because of the sunfire cape expenses.

I can't tell if you're being serious or not. Sunfire capes give +500 HP and +50 Armor, +40 dmg / sec. I sometimes get them on champs that need health and armor even if I don't care about the aura of fire. The armor on them rocks--where did you get this idea that they add magic resistance?