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Suggestion: Custom Game Timeout

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I'd like to see custom games where the host is 'afk' timeout after a set amount of time with the game no being launched. I have literally seen custom games sitting around in the listing for -days-. It doesn't take long and people browsing the custom games recognize the game-name or host and simply ignore that entry but theres always people who hop into them expecting them to fill up and launch only to waste their time.

I'd say put the time limit at 30 minutes. If a game has been created and hasn't filled and been launched by that point just have the client close it out and return anyone who might have been in that room to the custom games lobby. Its obviously nothing game-breaking but the change WOULD streamline things a bit for players I think.

(If this has been suggested before I apologize, didn't notice it in the last few pages and the search function errored out on me)