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[Suggestion] A good tool against ELO Hell

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Al Hatal

Senior Member


Ok, now that i have come into the forums to report a bug (?) i decided to kill to birds with one strike.

Ever since season one started ive been floating around bad ELO scores (between 1200 and 700 (!!!!!!)), no matter how hard i try or how well i develope with certain characters (Malzahar, Veigar, Gragas) i keep losing more that winning and so my ELO keeps going down and down.

Now im tired of this because i have to say, i usually end up being the best player on my team but in the end (and after those, i dont know, 4 or 5 months that have gone since Season 1 started), all my efforts seem useless.

And so i though... why is Riot being so unfair? why should the good players of the losing team be "punished" the same way feeders and afkrs? whats in for me to keep playing a game where im like 12-2 but all my team feeds, why dont i just quit?

I think, and im sure most of the guys here will think the same, that good players of each game/team should be rewarded somehow.


I was thinking on something like this:
1-The base points earned and lost should stay like it has been up to now but...
2-Players with more kills on each team are awarded with, lets say, 3 extra ELO points (if u have lost you would lose less points than those who fed and or failed)
3-Players with most assistances on each team are awarded with 2 extra ELO points
4-Players with less deaths on each team are awared with 1 extra ELO points, not counting of course leavers. This one is harder to aply beacuse may cause people to go afk near the end in order to not die or something if the game has already been lost but still... there might be a way to avoid that.

Anyway, i think this might be a good adding because even when u lose, u still have something to try to play well until the end.

PS: The reward points can obviously be canged, those are number i just thought and placed to make an example.

The points system may also work the other way around, players with the worst stats might have a penalty.

For example, the guy that dies more has 2 extro ELO points reduced and so

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Al Hatal

Senior Member


So... as someone suggested, im going to post this on the PvP Discussion forum.

This thread can be closed now and i apologize for the trouble

Im just new here