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[Champ suggestion] Mimsey

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A very cute rusty-red kitten, with looong whiskers

TYPE: support, support, support!!! MY FAVOURITE


---- Passive ----
Mimsey gains 20/40/60/80/100/120 health regeneration per 5 seconds while hiding in bushes (for levels 1/3/6/9/12/15/18)

Mimic sprites: ability to change into a tower, bush, rock, or any other sprite from the scenery. When springing out of this ability, Mimsey stuns the opponent for 3 sec., debuffing but dealing no damage apart from normal dmg.

Whisker sense: Active: the ability to detect cloaked units for 5 secs, medium recharge time. Passive: Mimsey senses incoming ganking attempts and starts meowing terribly to alert all nearby players.

Feline revenge: PASSIVE: when Mimsey's health drops below 25%, it gains +100% attack speed; ACTIVE: when the ability shortcut is pressed, Mimsey teleports and ferociously attacks the nearest enemy, dealing 3 rapid blows to the first enemy, then teleports to another enemy, dealing 4 rapid blows, then to another, dealing 5 rapid blows, after that it meows as a cat scared out of a trash-can and runs away from the enemy with lightning speed (as Yi's ability)

ULTI: Kindred call: If Mimsey is around any bushes (within line of sight), it can summon a powerful tiger, which jumps out and attacks any enemy champion and/or creature closest to Mimsey.

What do you say? ;-)