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Ao shin

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Hi riot, i can't express how excited i am for the still in-develop champion Ao Shin. Here is a little back ground about me, i am Chinese, i am heavily influenced by my culture, and dragons are what we believed to be the thing that defines us, that explains my obsession with this new champion. Here are little tips that might be helpful for the developments:
1.The original dragon from Asia have 5 toes.
2.horns looks like dear horns
3.A friendly face (Asia dragons are believe to bring good luck, would't make sense if it look evil)
4.Asia dragons are believe to have the power for controlling rain and thunder.
5.This one is a personal concern, in the Spirit Guard Udyr comic, Ao Shin seemed to have a BEARD?
i personal didn't like that, but please do do what you guys believe what ever is the best.