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Dark binding now prevents auto attacks for the duration

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Riot Morgageddon:
Morgageddon chirps in on his name sake.

The main reason Morgana isn't that viable is the fact she CANNOT farm after 25 minutes. When the teams group, or attempt fast side pushing before grouping again, her main farming tool relies on motionless creep, and slow damage over time. Any other lane can use their skills/abilities to farm the lane and unless Morgana is willing to waste her Q to scrape up one CS per wave, she can't get any farm easily.

Add in the fact she's one of the slowest moving mages, has very high cooldowns, and can be easily punished if you miss that Q on an assassin, and it's a difficult proposition to play her in upper ranked play as is.

Long cooldowns in combination with over-reliance on her Q. If they have BVeil, you're just screwed. You can't build CDR, MPen, AP and three defense stats all at the same time (which she requires in order to use her ult since it's a point-blank AoE tether that you have to run in, activate and then remain in "too dangerous for a long-range mage" territory to even be useful). BVeil crushes Morgana more than most mages (only champion it might affect more would be Swain or an attack-support Zilean). Her scaling isn't all that fantastic, either, considering how expensive AP items are in combination with how many stats she needs.

She used to be such a well-rounded, solid, reliable mage. Now she just... is overshadowed. Her graphics are hideous, her scaling is trivially easy to shut down too hard, her toolkit is awkward to use in an era of hyper-mobility, and her gameplay is thereby rendered into an outdated one-trick pony trying to compete with kitted-out monsters that can flash multiple times, outdamage her by an order of magnitude, outfarm her, out tank her, and laugh at her bubble and puddle (which only gets one or two ticks anyway if you're lucky due to Tenacity in combination with aforementioned ultra-mobile champ kits).

A few bandaids until she gets serious design efforts:

Front-load the damage from puddle. Deal half the total damage of the spell with the first tick. This will help her farm much easier, she will be slightly more bursty even though a lot of her damage will still be spread out over several seconds, and it will allow her at least a measure of harass in lane rather than relying on her opponent to be stupid.

Slightly increase projectile speed on Q. Dark Binding is slow. It's really slow. Some of the benefits of boots were made intrinsic to all champions, but her projectile's base speed remained the same? With how mobile champions are these days, it's almost guaranteed that they can simply outrun your glowing ball if they have a modest head start, no dodging required.

Increase stun duration on her ult. The risk vs. reward of this spell is just not in Morgana's favor. It's a difficult ult to pull off in the first place, but for a relatively squishy champion? The stun simply does not last long enough if they have any Tenacity at all (god help you if you're fighting someone like Irelia).

Nerf the slow duration on Frozen Mallet. If you get hit with the Mallet, you cannot get away because you can't gain enough distance over the course of the duration of her Q. The Mallet's slow is so strong, lasts so long, and your Q's duration is so "short", that it's pretty much guaranteed that they can catch back up with you before your Q is off cooldown (and her Q has a cast animation that halts your escape in the first place!). If Morgana gets tackled by someone like Irelia, Olaf, Tryndamere or Lee Sin, she just dies with no recourse. This is a problem that plagues many other characters, so the obvious fix is to nerf this item so that it's not an automatic win for champions that build it. The HP alone is already a hard counter to burst-dependent champions.

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I don't understand why farming after midgame is hard. If you build tanky and proxy, bunching the minions up, especially a big farm, you can clear them so fast.