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High Gold adc/mid main, LF both team and mentor.

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I am currently a Gold 1-2 player(I was gold1 with 99lp and dropped the ball) and I would like to have a high platinum, possibly diamond, to practice and theorycraft with. I have nearly every type of voice comms, and play rigorously. The goal of this is to attempt to make platinum before the season ends.

Also, I would like to play for any teams that are semi-serious and are actually looking for an adc main, even if it is for a B-string, I would like to get some practice in against a regular group, I would also like to see some level of tournament play eventually, but I know that road is much farther ahead.

You can contact me by my IGN which, obviously, is alcapwn187.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on the rift!