FPS drop and Laggy Mouse

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I'm not sure if this has happened to other Mac users, but ever since patch 3.10 hit, my fps dropped to about 10-20 on Summoners Rift and 5-10 on Aram (use to be 45-60 on Summoners Rift and 30 on ARAM and it gets worst if i play on windowed mode so im forced to play fullscreen all the time) and the movement on the screen is really laggy as well. Not only did the fps drop but also, the mouse got really laggy, runs much slower and quite often stops moving and suddenly reappears on a random spot of the screen which really messes up skill shots. On top of that, the game will get random ping spikes as well which then leads to a disconnect of game and when i try to load back in it'll give me bug splats on loading screen so i have to reboot my comp to get LoL to work again. I have tried lowering the settings all the way down and the game stays the same and also reinstalling/repairing game. Riot, if you know of any ways to fix these issues, i would really appreciate a reply.