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The Story of Snowdown Showdown

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How much time does this last? 3 weeks according to the first post?

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sounds about right, there will of course be warnings and updates telling us when to buy oru skins by etc. usually a week or bit less/more after the date- ie october 31st or december 25th.

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA: why not give all summoners a coupon for a skin of thier choice, under the maximum limit of 975rp, (so you cant snipe free legendaries, also dissallow teh buying of limited edition content with this "coupon of sorts&quot for christmas?

that would be the greatest gift of all riot, and i'm sure would just give us mroe incentive to give back to you!!

edit: so people can't use it to too much fo theri advantage if you put like a 2 week cap on it it ensures users need to buy somethign already out, and cant wait half a year for some amazing new skin you folks will no doubt create.

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gg christams