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1 vs 5 and still Winning with Shaco

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Sorry guys I didn't checked this thread for sometime.

Its not about just winning its about strategies I used during the game. Maybe it will not help the pros like all of you but noobs who get squashed day in and out, will learn something. Most people buy few items and keep clinging to them every game. They need to use items according to the game, like I was 27 kills for 1 death and then Karth started raping me I became 33/6, so I had to sell my ghostblade, and sword of occult to get bloodthirster and angel, so I could survive.

Moreover you people are forgetting, I had 14 fps, with a movie downloading in background, with that lag try winning even a 5 vs 5 and u will get raped.

Wild that is fine, kids here are a bit like that, they will focus on the their winning more than learning from someone. I have no problem with what they say. Matter of fact this is the reason I do not write a lot on the forums, because people here know only either to disrespect others or abuse them.

Not going to comment anymore here, do not have time for all this.

Thanks to all who commented.